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An instrument whose music is ideas
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An instrument whose music is ideas



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  • Constructivism is a psychological theory of knowledge which argues that humans generate knowledge and meaning from their experiences.
    Le constructivisme est une théorie psychologique de la connaissance qui établit que les personnes génèrent de la connaissance et du sens à partir de leur expérience.


  • 1. An instrument whose music is ideas Smalltalk, EToys, OLPC and the idea of the Children’s Machine
  • 2. Music is not inside the piano. Alan Kay
  • 3. ... and education is not inside the computer ...
  • 4. In the 60’s Jean Piaget is the great pioneer of constructivism Human generate knowledge and meaning from their experiences.
  • 5. 1967 : Seymourt Paper invent the Logo langage and the constructionism Learning should be connected to real world
  • 6. The Dynabook Vision Alan Kay, 1968
  • 7. The Dynabook Vision SpaceWar! Alan Kay, 1968
  • 8. The Dynabook Vision Collaborative Wireless Alan Kay, 1968
  • 9. The Dynabook Vision Programmers of the game Alan Kay, 1968
  • 10. Moores Law: Hardware is no Problem! (ca. 1980 it will be good enough) 10 years to do the software
  • 11. Xerox PARC, Alto 1973 Bitmap Display: ca. 600x800 4Mips Microcode performance 128-512KB RAM, 2.5MB Disk Ethernet LAN, Laser printer Chuck Thacker
  • 12. Smalltalk 72-80
  • 13. Object- oriented Programming Smalltalk-80 Graphical User Interface
  • 14. 2005
  • 15. "It's an education project, not a laptop project." Nicholas negroponte te
  • 16. 100 $
  • 17. Experiments with the real world
  • 18. Warranty applied only if you disassemble the machine, Nicolas Negroponte.
  • 19. Squeak EToys, 1996-now Children’s programming and Media Environment
  • 20. EToys Demo
  • 21. Squeak EToys: http://www.squeakland.org/
  • 22. ?
  • 23. Links • Alan Kay’s research group: http:// www.vpri.org/ • Etoys in french: http://community.ofset.org/ index.php/Etoys • OLPC : http://laptop.org/ • Thanks you to Marcus Denker & Séverin Lemaignan
  • 24. «The best way to predict the future is to invent it», Alan Kay