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Social Networking - Ises Presentation
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Social Networking - Ises Presentation


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Presentation given at ISE-OCC on Social Networking by Wendy Dahl and Allison Howell

Presentation given at ISE-OCC on Social Networking by Wendy Dahl and Allison Howell

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Jumpstart Your Social Media Buzz Wendy Dahl – Dahl Wedding Company Allison Howell – The Innovations Company Prepared for ISES-Orange County, CA June 11, 2009
  • 2. Why use Social Media? • An easy way to establish relationships with others • You stay on top of industry trends • Sets you apart as an expert if you are focused • Builds a “fan” base
  • 3. Go for the Top 4! • Twitter • Blogs • Linked-In • Facebook
  • 4. Twitter • Free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. • Answer the simple question of, “What are you doing?” • 140 characters or less • Least restrictive interface of the top 4 Social Media Networks
  • 5. Top 5 Reasons to use Twitter • Drive traffic to your website and blog • Networking • Conduct Research • Generate immediate buzz/ Creates a fan base • Shared information
  • 6. Setting up Twitter • Visit and register for an account. • Update your profile and settings to link to your blog or website (THIS IS KEY) • Set up your cell phone to be able to Tweet when away from the computer
  • 7. Twitter Tools • Hootsuite or • TopTweet: Shows TweetLater: Schedule Twitter’s top profiles. Find future tweets key influencers • HelloTxt or Splitweet: • Tweetmeme: Shows One click updates all social important topics and who is networking sites discusssing them • LinkBunch: Allows you to • TweetDeck or Twhirl: put several links into one Allows you to work with tweet both Twitter & Facebook • TweetBeep: Twitter alerts • Twittai: Cell phone • TwitsLikeMe: Find people application to Tweet from with the same common your phone interest as you
  • 8. Blogs • Free online journal where you can write about anything • Typical blogs contain text, photos, videos and links to other blogs • Content is written by the blog author, a guest poster or “borrowed” from another blog • Comments can be made to blog posts and blogs can be followed
  • 9. Top 5 Reasons to Blog • To establish yourself as an expert • To build your brand • To reach people all over the world • Archival Marketing • To stay active or knowledgeable in a field or topic
  • 10. Setting up a Blog • Decide which blog service you want to use (Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad) • Update your profile and add widgets • Link it to your website and other social media sites • Post frequently and regularly • Comment frequently
  • 11. Blog Tools • Technorati: Search • Delicious: Social Media engine and popularity Bookmarking Service index for blogs • Podcast: Digital audio • Feedburner/RSS or video files that are on Feed: Web feeds allow demand. people to follow your blog • BloggerLinkUp: Write • Bloglines: Allows you to or request guest bloggers keep up with your for your blog favorite blogs or • Wordpress Twitter newsfeeds Plugin: Tweets are • Digg: A place to discover posted in your blog and share information on the net
  • 12. LinkedIn • Social network for professionals • Uses resume and past business experience to tell others who you are • Allows you to link to people you already know and find contacts you want to get to know • Allows recommendations, blog feed and activity updates to round out your profile
  • 13. Top 5 Reasons to use LinkedIn • Demonstrate your experience in the industry to prospective leads and connections • Build your brand through demonstrating how connected you are in the industry • Expand your network beyond the local market • Build credibility by getting recommendations • Educate yourself about people and companies you want to do business with
  • 14. Setting up LinkedIn • Join at • Update your profile, picture, past positions, and add widgets • Import your contacts and send invitations • Join Groups and Associations to make more contacts • Give and receive recommendations
  • 15. LinkedIn Tools • Job Posting: Post a job position, find a job • Questions & Answers: Ask a question of your network and groups • Groups: Participate in online discussions, ask questions, recommend people. • Applications: Create a feed from your blog, track twitter buzz, share your reading list, take a poll, show where you are traveling, and share slideshows • Upgraded Account: Allows direct messaging, increased profile searches, and search alerts • Outlook and Browser Toolbars: Allow you to search for and connect with contacts from within other applications • Allows you to update all of your social networking sites at once.
  • 16. Facebook • Social utility that connects people • Largest networking site • Several different levels of privacy • Writing prompt, “Jane Doe is….”
  • 17. Top 5 Reasons to use Facebook • Meet your peers. • Find business contacts. Build relationships. • Raise visibility. • Develop your personal brand. • Target your niche.
  • 18. Setting up Facebook • Join at • Update your profile, picture, past positions, and add applications • Import your contacts and send invitations • Join Groups and Associations to make more contacts
  • 19. Facebook Tools • Over 54,000 applications you can add to your profile • Make a Fan Page/ become a fan • Friends Organizer • Datebooks • Mobile Facebook • AsSeenOn: Shows people where they can find you in Social Media on your Facebook profile
  • 20. Be a Pro at Web 2.0 • Be first - Find a gap and fill it • Staying power - Stick with your blog • Show off your best stuff – Frontload • Community counts – Content + community = success • Test and research – Keep up with the web • Privacy – Don’t reveal too much personal information • Stay positive – Foster Goodwill Source: ProBlogger
  • 21. Questions? Thank you from Wendy and Allison