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Film315 pres 1


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. The TransientMobile Worldby Serena Zheng
  • 2. Remember this?It is safe to say that telephone booths are becoming obsolete.Image by doug88888
  • 3. In 2010, there were more than 5 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide….that’s 70% of the world’s population!Image by Anders LjungbergSource: Ray DeRenzo: CMO, MobiTV, Inc.
  • 4. Image by tengtan
    Smartphones- it goes beyond accessibility and convenience- it’s all about personalization.
  • 5. What do these apps tell you about the person?Image by tengtan
  • 6. Compared to this one?Image by McCarron
  • 7. The apps that one collects represents their interests, hobbies, and often, their profession.
    Image by beyondramen
  • 8. Some are useful….
    Image by beyondramen
  • 9. And some are just plain SILLY...
    The Whoopie App
    Image:, Catherinecgray
  • 10. Ultimately, mobile phones have become our life-organizer and a handy all-in-one tool ….
    Image by Leeks
  • 11. It replaces our photo albums.While tangible photo albums can be stored for centuries, the same cannot be said for digital photos as we are constantly upgrading our mobile phones.Image by MichelKerr
  • 12. As digital storage capacity increases, we entrust more of our valuable files with our mobile phones.
    Mine is bigger!
    But I thought size didn’t matter!
    Image by rick020200
  • 13. Iphone4 users can video call friends and family directly through their phone. Say goodbye to PC video calls!
    Image by rick020200
  • 14. “In the next five years, more people will connect to the internet via a mobile vs a PC” –Morgan Stanley
    Image by Jeegbot
  • 15. “Mobile has already changed the way we live” – SybaseIncAlmost everything is made available at our fingertips.
  • 16. However, no one seems to call each other anymore.
    Image by Rev Dan Catt
  • 17. SMS seems to be the most personal method of communication used.
    Image by Switthoft
  • 18. In 2010, more than 6 trillion text messages were sent.
    Image by Jeff Werner
    Source: Ray DeRenzo: CMO, MobiTV, Inc.
  • 19. Phew! You need to take a break
    Image by Iro
  • 20. In the world of mobility, we often forget to relax……..
    So Breathe,Relax,& Turn off your phone
    Image by Jeegbot
  • 21. Changes in mobile phones are continuous. How will it effect our lives and the way we work in five years?
    Image by Jeegbot