the best place to dine in uitm dungun


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the best place to dine in uitm dungun

  2. 2. The Best Place to Dine InDungun For UiTMT Students.
  3. 3. Problem StatementToo many choices of dine places in Dungun
  4. 4. Objective Research
  5. 5. Surveyabout the Valuable location Conclusion and Provide of the about the priceless Gaining additional students knowledge new knowledge for places and perception experience students and that for their experience conducting lecturers for student places to to the research future usually dine. research reference visit in process. Dungun.
  6. 6. Limitation Of Study
  7. 7. • Research limitation• sampling frame for this research was limited to students in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Dungun only.• The students who are living in residental area or collage.• The convenience sampling method may have lead to biases in selection respondents due to time and resource constraints
  8. 8. • Availability of the secondary data• difficulty to get additional information from the websites and lack of journals related to the places that best fit the student to dine.
  9. 9. • Lack of experience• does not have experience conducting thesis besides lack of knowledge.
  10. 10. • Time constraints• time given was very limited and constraints.• has to manage time carefully in order to avoid time wasting.• needs to spend more time in collecting data and information from outside.• to the it will affect the process of constructing solution for this problem
  11. 11. Methodology Of Research
  12. 12. In meaningful Method of and simpledata analysis form -primary Questionnaire sources
  13. 13. Data Analysis Result
  14. 14. PERCENTAGES OF STUDENTS VOTE FOR THEIR CHOICES others teluk 6% gadung 10% KFC kopitiam 40% 8% dining collage 16% Pizza Hut 20%
  15. 15. • The figure shows the percentage of students who vote for their choices according to place. A total of 70% of the respondents are female while 30% were male.• Kfc have a highest percentage than other places. The percentages of the students who vote for their choices according to the place is 40%.• The lowest percentages of the students who vote for their choices according to the place is 6%.
  16. 16. The frequency data of studentsno.of data25201510 no.of data50 KFC Pizza Hut Dining Kopitiam Ria Tom Others collage Yam
  17. 17. • From the figure, the number of students that in the highest ranking is 20. The students prefer KFC than other. The charge of food price is affordable that why almost the student like it.• The lowest ranking is 3 number of students that is the others place in dungun.
  18. 18. Figure 1.3 The student vote for their choices.25201510 places 5 0 kfc pizza hut dining kopitiam teluk others collage gadung
  19. 19. The level of cleaness at dine place 60 50 40no. of data 30 20 10 0 strongly agree agree average disagree strongly disagree opinions Figure 1.4 the bar chart of the level of cleaness at dine place
  20. 20. Figure 1.5 The chart tile of the level of various type of menu and the level of quality of food ingredient 60 50students answer 40 various type of menu 30 20 level of quality of food ingredient 10 0 strongly agree average disagree strongly agree disagree
  21. 21. Figure 1.6 The factor that effect the choice of place to dinethe level of quality food agree service average disagree environment 0 20 40 60 80 100 no.of data
  22. 22. Recommendations
  23. 23. • Choose the healthier food to dine.• The cleaness of the place also have its important.• The places to dine that have beautiful environment.• The simple places to dine. (fast food restaurant)
  24. 24. Conclusions
  25. 25. • As a conclusion,we can seen that almost the students in UiTMT Dungun prefer to dine at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Dungun than other places that were have been recommended.• From the result that obtained we can seen that KFC is a fast food restaurant that single located in Dungun. We can conclude that almost the students prefer to choose fast food as their meal for their dine.
  26. 26. Thank You For Your Attention.