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Serdon Company Presentation

  1. 1. Company Presentation 2011
  2. 2. 1 Introduction2 Focus Areas3 Main Projects4 Networking Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 2 / 13)
  3. 3. What is BC Serdon?BC Serdon is a business consultancy that providescomprehensive business development and projectmanagement services, including:• Market Entry Services - Market research and analysis, competition and market evaluation, trade missions, individual matchmaking programs.• Project Management Services – Planning, developing, and implementation of competitive projects for private businesses, NGOs, and municipalities.• Business Development Services – Set of multidisciplinary consulting services aimed to create and grow businesses, to identify research, analyze and bring new opportunities, new products, and new markets. Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 3 / 13)
  4. 4. BC Serdon – Focus AreasFocus 1: Market Integration Entry Services of three types of servicesFocus:2 Project Management into a single comprehensiveFocus 3: Business development package Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 4 / 13)
  5. 5. Focus 1: Market Entry Services • Market research and analysis • Competition and market evaluation Essential activity • Individual business matchmaking programs • Trade Missions • Intimate knowledge of local market Value Added • International experience and quality standards • Large database of contacts and information • Foreign and local private companies • Foreign and local professional associations Client Types • Foreign diplomatic missions in Bulgaria • Foreign governmental agencies Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 5 / 13)
  6. 6. Market Research Experience and Clients• BC Serdon has conducted business matchmaking services and/or market research for clients in the following sectors:  Industrial fluids (Cimcool, Netherlands)  Hydro-electric power (Hydro Quebec, Canada)  Pharmaceutical instruments (Egmo, Israel)  In-store communication devices (Tchai International, Netherlands)  Insulation Materials (Kuwait)  Stainless Steel Housewares (ABITAC, Brazil)  Printed circuit boards (Rommens, Netherlands)  Ceramic Tiles (Hungary)  Watches and jewelry (PMR, Poland)  Translation services (PMR, Poland)  Telecommunications (PMR, Poland)  Mining (PMR, Poland)  Jam, fruit preserves, and honey (USA)  Housing and real estate (Spain)  Floricultural and Ornamental Plants Sector (EVD, Holland)  USAID Competitiveness Projects In SEE (USA) Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 6 / 13)
  7. 7. Business Match Making and Trade Missions Experienceand Clients• BC Serdon Market Entry Services provide foreign enterprises and investors with accurate information about the Bulgarian market, searching for and identifying potential business partners, as well as offering full logistical support.• We also offer the following services to enhance the client’s matchmaking experience: – Follow-up contacts with matchmaking partners to gauge level of interest; – Individual or group visits to businesses or other sites of interest in Bulgaria; – Business representation on the Bulgarian market.• Among our clients are:• Royal Netherlands Embassy - traditional partners for multi-sectorial trade missions• United States Embassy – a trade mission in waste and waste water trade mission• Embassy of Canada – a trade mission in information and communication technology• Enterprise Ireland – officially represented in Bulgaria by BC Serdon• Extenda, Spain – officially represented in Bulgaria by BC Serdon• Private companies from Romania, Croatia, USA, Ireland, Brazil, Hungary and others. Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 7 / 13)
  8. 8. Focus 2: Project Management Services • Planning, implementation, and evaluation of projects • Financial match-making and consultancy Essential activity • Business development and marketing service • Database of financial programs • Idea pool of potential projects Value Added • Pool of experts in variety of sectors • – The first Bulgarian SME Financial Clearinghouse Website • Foreign and local private companies Client Types • Municipalities • NGOs • Professional associations Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 8 / 13)
  9. 9. The SME Financial Clearing House in Bulgaria• Provides improved access to financing and business/technical expertise for SMEs in Bulgaria• Database of financing products enabling real-time access to current and detailed financing programs• Pool of experts, providing comprehensive consulting and business start-up services;• A knowledge center and a library provides links to definitions of various business and finance terminology, best-practices business templates, key business information and relevant news;• A forum for the exchange of ideas between portal users. Informoney is administrated and managed by BC Serdon. Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 9 / 13)
  10. 10. Focus 3: Business Development Services • Assessment of a company status – human resources Essential activity capacity and potential, financial analysis, company positions on the market, client relations structure • Development of marketing strategies • Strategic planning and sales • Corporate social responsibility • In-depth knowledge of business development in the Value Added Bulgarian environment • Experience in adoption of successful international practices • Custom tailored approach and creative solutions • Bulgarian private companies in expansion Client Types • Starting Bulgarian private companies • Foreign companies, planning to establish business in Bulgaria Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 10 / 13)
  11. 11. Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI)BC Serdon is the Regional Coordinator for the USAID-sponsoredRegional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI), a program that designs andsupports multi-country and region-wide competitiveness projects inSoutheastern Europe.Sectors of activity:• Agriculture• ICT• Entrepreneurship• Investment• Cross-border trade facilitationThis project is a combination of BC Serdon project management,business development, research and event management capabilities. Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 11 / 13)
  12. 12. Networking with other organizations in the SEE region and beyond BC Serdon is a co-founder of FSN: FSN is a consortium of organizations and individuals jointly implementing local and international programs and initiatives. Core competencies: – Cluster initiatives support ( local and regional) – SME sector development – Market entrance assistance and support for business start-up – Design and carry out trainings tailored to the specific needs and interests of the clients – Project management – developing projects from initial funding search to realization to follow-up and evaluation – Cost Benefit Analysis Countries where we operate: Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, United States, Canada, Korea, Kuwait, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 12 / 13)
  13. 13. BC Serdon23A Angel Kanchev St.Sofia, BulgariaTel/fax: (+359 2) 981 3081, 9813077, Company Presentation – May 2011 (Page 13 / 13)