Open Data for Digital Activism and Civic Engegament


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e-Society: Youth and Media Conference" in Skopje, Macedonia on February 7th and 8th 2014. It is a two-day conference organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation and the Youth Educational Forum, exploring media from a youth perspective, youth led media, media literacy, information quality, digital media activism, music and movements.
I represented Open Knowledge Foundation as Ambassador of Sweden and his topic was " Open Data for Digital Activism and Civic Engagement".

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Open Data for Digital Activism and Civic Engegament

  1. 1. Open Data: Digital Activism and Civic Engagement Serdar Temiz OKFN Ambassador-Sweden
  2. 2. We need Freedom To Distribute Information
  3. 3. How Much Information is Dump On You Every Day?
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. To view all content you need to spend 12 HOURS A DAY!
  7. 7. How can you tell compelling, convincing stories? How can you differentiate? How can you create new knowledge?
  8. 8. We need Freedom To Discover Answers (even Questions!)
  9. 9. Data Data Data Data Data Data
  10. 10. Information vs Data Serdar Temiz is OKFN Ambassador of Sweden, his twitter Is @serdar_temiz
  11. 11. Now it is Data Name Last Name Twitter Organisation Country Serdar Temiz Serdar_temiz OKFN Sweden Elena Ignatova ieli Metamorphosi s Macedonia SREĆKO ŠEKELJIĆ skeljic Balkanist Serbia
  12. 12. Problem Friction Friction Friction
  13. 13. Empowering through Open Knowledge
  14. 14. What is open data/ open knowledge? Open Data is information which can be freely used, reused, and redistributed, in machine readable format, by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose Open Knowledge is what Open Data becomes when it is made useful - accessible, understandable, meaningful and able to help someone solve a real problem
  15. 15. How we work • We are a global network which believes in the power of open to empower individuals through creating and sharing open knowledge and insight. • We connect diverse communities, individuals and projects, around specific domains of openness and also in local groups, all with community governance • We bring people together at events, including major international conferences, workshops, and local meetups - and online • Campaigns focus the energy of the network around specific goals and activities to achieve positive change
  16. 16. How we work • The network combines talking (advocacy) and making (creating software, handbooks, and working with data) • We support community projects around open knowledge, amplifying their impact and providing admin and IT infrastructure to non-profit activities • We also commission fixed term, high impact projects to fill key gaps in the open knowledge ecosystem (these may be open source software, data, training and handbooks, policy or other work - whatever is needed to best move the space forward)
  17. 17. Opening Data to was not enough We need to do more to show how Open Data can be used by activists. We need to distill data into facts that are simple, precise and easy to understand
  18. 18. Evidence is Power
  19. 19. Mission School of Data works to empower civil society organizations, journalists and citizens with the skills they need to use data effectively – in their effort to create better societies.
  20. 20. School of Data is a critical component of the open data ecosystem: • provides tools and training to empower people to use open data for good - especially to people new to open data; • supports outreach and engagement by creating a supportive community of learners and mentors - working with Open Knowledge Foundation Local Groups; • creates opportunities for people and communities to use open data to make an impact; • works both with governments to open up data and data users such as journalists and NGOs.
  21. 21. Target We work mostly with change makers: NGOs and journalists. We empower them to use data effectively to advance their cause and mission through a combination of training and long terms support.
  22. 22. Method Data expeditions - online and offline short gatherings where a group of people with different backgrounds tackle a data related problem Data clinics - hands on support working directly with people’s data Mentoring - local mentors working with local communities Online content - tutorial and walkthroughs Offline resources e.g. Data Journalism Handbook
  23. 23. Where we work • We work globally, with a focus on the following regions: • Latin America, Sub Saharan Africa and Middle East, Europe • School of Data is translated in Spanish and Portuguese • Future: French, Greek and Italian • Over 10 mentors working in countries like: Egypt, Lebanon, Uganda, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, etc.
  24. 24. President’s food budget was 1 billion Naira ($6.2 million) per annum and yet he was calling for fuel subsidies to be cut.
  25. 25. Ali Rebaie #RIPNelsonMandela 250,000 tweets
  26. 26. Why Spain and Indonesia? Nelson Mandela wore batik shirts on formal occasions; the South Africans call it a Madiba shirt. In 2010, Nelson Mandela was present in the stadium when Spain's international football team won their first ever World Cup Football trophy
  27. 27. Open Spending
  28. 28. Our Impact 1 million open datasets published with our tools 400 datasets, 15 million transactions in our open database of public finances 40 Countries with Open Knowledge Foundation groups actively working for openness 45,000 downloads of our open source CKAN data portal software 70+ countries being tracked on their open data status by our Open Data Index More than 1000 people trained in data skills by School of Data in 2013 20+ countries where “Where Does My Money Go” sites are making Government finances understandable and visible 2 million people introduced to the importance and beauty of the Public Domain via the Public Domain Review Dozens of innovative technical tools developed and supported by our Open Knowledge Foundation Labs
  29. 29. As OKFN Ambassador of Sweden I am proud of to be this community, to be one of you.
  30. 30. @serdar_temiz