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Serac aseptic filling experience and expertise

Serac aseptic filling experience and expertise

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  • 1. Serac Aseptic Filling Expertise and experience May 2011FC/ MKG 24/05/11
  • 2. - 30 years experience - 1st machine in 1978- 4th generation filling & capping system- World leader for the aseptic filling of UHT milk in bottles- 100+ systems installed in more than 20 countries- First to install an aseptic system in: UHT milk in HDPE Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Argentina,Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Iran UHT whipped cream in spray cans France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Italy & Holland Beverage in PET Japan, Taiwan, Slovenia, Portugal, Mexico, UK, France
  • 3. Aseptic expertise Serac Aseptic SolutionsHDPE (open neck or non-sterile bottles with closed neck) - Low acid productsSAS 4 HP standard (H202 decontamination)SAS 4 HP (H202 decontamination)HDPE (sterile blow-moulded closed neck bottles) - Low acid productsSAS 4 SB (PAA external decontamination)PET (open neck bottles) - Low acid productsSAS 4 TF15 (PAA decontamination)SAS 4 HP (H202 decontamination) : bottle validation is neededPET (open neck bottles) - High acid productsSAS 4 TF5 (PAA decontamination)
  • 4. Aseptic experience Serac Aseptic Solutions 25 millions bottles packaged daily on the world on Serac’s 82 aseptic machines in production Europe 55 Asia 12,5 millions/day Slovenia Slovakia 13 5,5 millions/day 1 1 Canada 2 Belgium Croatia UK 13 Germany 1 Americas 3 1 France 13 6 millions/day USA 7 Spain 3 25 Italia 4 Switzerland 1 China 1 Taïwan Japan 10 Portugual 1 2 Turkey Mexico 1 3 Thailande Middle East 1 Argentina 1 1 0.45 millions/day75 % of machines fillingLow Acid Products
  • 5. Aseptic experience Serac Aseptic SolutionsLow Acid 67High Acid 18ContainersPET 38HDPE 37Glass 2Aerosol can 13 Products UHT milk 35 ESL milk/flavoured milk 7 Infant milk 3 Sports drinks 3 Fruit juice/fruits drinks 17 Tea 13 Coffee 2 Mineral water 2 Whipped cream 13
  • 6. Aseptic expertise Serac Aseptic SolutionsA WIDE RANGE OF VERY SENSITIVE & SPECIFIC DRINKS ARE FILLED WITH THE Serac ASEPTIC TECHNOLOGY. Very sensitive Very sensitive products Very sensitive Very sensitive Very sensitive product & very & very demanding products & very product product & very strict food standards for consumer demanding food at low pH specific fruit juices standards healthcare standards in JapanWELLKNOWN BRANDS FROM INTERNATIONAL GROUPS ARE FILLED BY THE Serac ASEPTIC TECHNOLOGY.
  • 7. LACTALIS Group Brand : LACTEL, PRESIDENT Brand of Lactalis group in UHT milks and UHT creams CANDIA Group Brand : CANDIA Leading french brand in UHT milk PARMALAT Group Brand : PARMALAT NESTLE Group Brand : NESQUIK UHT flavoured milk in PET bottlesVery strict food standards for low pH products
  • 8. DANONE Group Brand : BLEDINA French leader brand . 50% of market share in baby food market. Range of product with supplemented baby milks. From 9 months to 3 years DANONE Group Brand : GALLIA Range of baby milks product sold in pharmacy. DANONE Group Brand : NUTRICIA MILUPA Brand of Danone group in baby food sector. From 10 months to 2 years From 2 years to 3 years LACTALIS Group Brand : EVEIL Brand milk with supplemented baby milks rangeFrom 6 months From 10 monthsto 1 year to 3 years Very strict food standards for baby
  • 9. NESTLE Group Brand : RESOURCE (ex Novartis brand) Hyperproteinic drink with medical purposes. Medical nutrition brand . LACTALIS Group LABORATOIRES DHN (Domi Hospital Nutrition) Brand : DELICAL Pharmaceutical laboratory . Drink for special medical purpose. Oral clinical nutritionVery demanding standards for consumer healthcare
  • 10. OTSUKA PHARMACEUTICAL Co LTDBrand : POCARI SWEATVery popular brand in Japan.Sport drinks brand with electrolytesNumerous Flavors.COCA COLA GroupBrand : AQUARIUSCompetitive brand of Pocari in Japan .Famous sports brand . Official drink of the 1992 SummerOlympicsSport drinks brand with electrolytesNumerous Flavors.GLAXOSMITHKLINE GroupBrand : LUCOZADEGlucose energy drinks with nutrientsBrand : RIBENALine of juice drinks rich in vitamin C Very demanding standards for consumer healthcare
  • 11. NESTLE GroupBrand : NESQUIKRange of chocolate milk guaranteed in vitamins.Brand : COFFEE MATERange of flavored coffee cream Brand : NESCAFE Range of Nescafe coffe . Very senstive products
  • 12. COCA COLA Group Brand : SOKENBI CHA Blended tea drink with macrobiotic ingredients .Sokenbicha KIRIN BEVERAGE Group Brand : GOGO no KOCHA Number one selling black tea beverage in Japan with milk tea version.Gogo no Kocha ASAHI SOFT DRINKS Co Ltd Brand : JUROKUCHA Blend of sixteen teas (from leaves, grains, and fruits). Contain also diettary fiber (mostly indigestible dextrin) .Jurokucha SUNTORY Group Brand : SUNTORY OOLONG TEA Suntory Oolong Tea, a brand known for its long-term popularity. Very sensitive products & very demanding food standards
  • 13. ORANGINA SCHWEPPES Group Brand : PAMPRYL European leader in soft drinks with national brands High quality and innovative fruit juice brand . Third place in fruit drinks in France Feshly squeeze fruit juice , fruit juice with pulp Range of product : fruit juice with pulp, new product and with added vitamins. launched in 2009 with added vitamins. ECKES GRANINI Group Brand : JOKER, GRANINI European leader in fruit juice and fruit beverage company, based on strong Number 1 / Number 2 brands, with successful innovations.Range of product : freshly squeeze fruit juice ,fruit juice with pulp.Authentic products , noadditives. POM WONDERFULL Company Brand : POM WONDERFULL POM Wonderful is a global brand committed to innovation and wellness. The company grows and markets pomegranates and pomegranate-based products 100% pomegranate juice and pomegranate tea Very sensitive juice with added value
  • 14. FC/ MKG 24/05/11