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New company profile(august 2010)
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New company profile(august 2010)


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Company Profile
  • 2. Welcome to SeparationsSEPARATIONS specializes in the supply of an extensive range of laboratory and process scale consumablesand equipment for use in biological, pharmaceutical, water and research laboratories throughout Southern Africa.Through our passion in offering our customers only the finest in products for their specific applications – and onlycomplete solutions; you will find exactly what you are looking for from one of our 5 Divisions catering to yourneeds:● Biotechniques: Customers doing Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology and Protein Biochemistry are at home with Biotechniques!● ChromTechniques: If you are doing Chromatography of any sort such as HPLC, GC, TLC and Solid Phase Extraction; Chromtechniques has all of your bases covered!● WaterTechniques: If you are into Water and Waste Water Analysis, Microbiology and Wet Chemistry let Watertechniques be Spectacular for your applications!● BiopharmTechniques: Customers who are involved with Process Scale Filtration and who are in the fields of Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology Production Plants can be sure to get what they need!● Robotiques: If you are looking for Laboratory Automation and Laboratory or Process Scale Water Purification, Robotiques has the solution for you!Through our concept of redefining customer service and striving to be Simply Spectacular we would like to setthe benchmark by which customer care is defined. Get ready to delight in Spectacular Customer Care when itcomes to your specific requirements!
  • 3. A Short HistoryPromolab (Pty) Limited was founded by Paul Queisser and started trading as SEPARATIONS on the 1stSeptember 1989 to serve South African scientists with a highly focused, innovative and synergistic line ofchromatographic supplies. The need for this service was clearly identified by him during his previous involvementas founder and director of Saarchem (Pty) Limited, South Africa’s first comprehensive laboratory chemicalmanufacturer since 1977.So with chromatography in his head and passion for his customers in his heart he set out to collect the mostcomplete and spectacular synergy of chromatography agencies attainable, all to the benefit of his customers.Since then, this concept of customer-centric products and support has expanded to the development of 5 separatedivisions: Chromtechniques, Biotechniques, Watertechniques Biopharmtechniques and RobotiquesWhat can you expect from SEPARATIONSOver the past 20 years Separations has established itself in the laboratory market to supply world-class productsat fair prices, with support and commercial services that are second to none. You can be sure that you will bereceiving not only the finest products science has to offer, but the people to support your application too!.We work from a central office in Johannesburg utilizing telesales techniques as our major day-to-daycommunication tool in combination with personal visits; thereby maximizing efficiency and customer support withregular visits leading to better personal relationships.Expect fast, friendly and efficient service with experts to advise you on your applications!SEPARATIONS is a leading supplier to numerous businesses in an ever expanding sub Saharan region. Weserve South Africa (completely), Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria,Tanzania, Mauritius and the DRC.
  • 4. Our Vision, Values and MissionOur VisionThe SEPARATIONS vision lies in making South African Scientists and Laboratory Technicians moresuccessful by● Supplying Spectacular Products● Providing Spectacular Technical Support● Delivering Spectacular Commercial Services.Our MissionTo create raving fan customers who delight in the fact that they can rely on receiving the finest products sciencehas to offer; with support and commercial services that are unparalleled in the market for speed, efficiency,knowledge and kindness.Our ValuesWe believe in great and mutually beneficial relationships between customers, employees, suppliers andshareholders. This requires the highest standards of ethics, which for us are● Honesty● Responsiveness● Reliability● Empathy
  • 5. Corporate CultureWe are committed to develop the full potential of all corporate team players and pledge to respect their rights tosuccess and self esteem. Our conduct will always be guided by these principles:● Everyone’s work in our organization is worthwhile! We aim to motivate and explain why everyone working for Separations is a positive contributor to the organization as well as to our society as a whole.● Every individual is in control of achieving their goals! Through training and sharing of responsibilities Separations creates an environment, in which each individual has all the tools and training to fully achieve and exceed their goals.● We work as a team and motivate each other! All team players cheer each other on and compliment sincere efforts, thus motivating each other to reach our worthy mutual goals.Directors and Managers work for their teams to achieve great results together and grow the rewards for allemployees and stake holders in an enthusiastic environment.
  • 6. The SEPARATIONS BiopharmTechniques Division renders products and services to Pharmaceutical,Biotechnology and Cosmetic Manufacturing facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Filtration Technology is theabsolute core of the division and Separations are proud to be the exclusive distributors for PALLBiopharmaceutical Filtration Products.Whether starting small scale with research and development in the laboratory, or manufacturing on anIndustrial Scale, BiopharmTechniques has a wide range of filters, related consumables and equipmentto cater to your needs, always ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements. : HyClone Products
  • 7. Chromtechniques was the first division, when in 1989, SEPARATIONS commenced operations. Thisdivision provides services and products to all chromatographers in the pharmaceutical and research laboratories.Chromtechniques offers consumables for GC, HPLC, TLC, SPE and all other forms of chromatography, Water Technology : Pierce Products
  • 8. The SEPARATIONS Biotechniques division caters a wide variety of products to the biotechnology, biochemistryand molecular and cell biology industry.With products ranging from DNA and RNA extraction kits, Sterile Filtration Products, Cell Culture Media, PCREnzymes and Sequencing Kits, Proteomics Products and Plasticware as well as liquid handling products.Biotechniques is truly a one-stop shop for the discerning biotechnologist. : Pierce Products : HyClone Products : Dharmacon
  • 9. Robotiques is the newest division to be integrated into the SEPARATIONS family of application-specificsales units.Continuing with our principle of customer-centric sales, support and service to all fields of our business,Robotiques was a natural evolution for our organization when introducing cutting-edge, fully automatedlaboratory Instrumentation into our product range.Robotiques is dedicated to sell, support and service instrumentation that is at the forefront of currenttechnology and we are proud to boast world leaders on every product we represent. Water Technology
  • 10. The Watertechniques division offers excellent technical support and includes experienced representatives withhigh levels of qualifications who can assist with the needs for ● Water Analysis ● Microbiology ● Filtration ● AAS & ICP ● General Wet Chemistry Water Technology
  • 11. Supplier Directory● Flexible film, available in several different lengths and widths for sealing and protecting flasks and cuvettes. Stretchable, moldable, waterproof, odorless, thermoplastic, semi-transparent and self adhering● Most Comprehensive range of cleaning products available● Tips and filtered Tips.● Bulk Packaging of tips in “No Spill” bags● Complete Validated Kits for diagnostics by HPLC as well as LC-MS/MS● Sample Preparation and HPLC Columns, Controls, Calibrators and Mobile Phase● Ferrules and Septa for GC.● Injection Port Liners● Gas Traps and Purification Systems for GC● Vials , Caps and Seals● EPA Vials and Closures● Certified Pesticide Standards.● Organic Standards● Gastight Syringes for GC and HPLC● Auto-sampler syringes directly from the manufacturer for HPLC columns● Diluters and Dispensers for high throughput sample preparation● SoftGrip micropipettes
  • 12. Supplier Directory● Custom manufacturing of any certified reference material for Ion Chromatography, ICP, ICP-MS, atomic absorption, wet chemistry and QC applications● Manufacturer of life science reagents such as nucleotide analogs, PCR products, protein crystallization accessories, recombinant proteins and the LEXSY,. (Leishmania Expression System) is based on an S1-classified unicellular organism that combines easy handling with a full eukaryotic protein folding and modification machinery including mammalian-like glycosylation. LEXSY is primarily used for the expression of proteins that are expressed at low yields or are inactive in the established expression systems, and expression levels of up to 300 mg/L of culture were achieved. ..● Vials made from 1st Hydrolytic class borisilicate glass for HPLC and GC, ready to fit any Auto- sampler● Pre-assembled closures for all applications● Inserts for GC, HPLC● Nucleodur and Nucleosil HPLC columns● Nucleodur UHPLC Columns● Optima GC Columns● TLC Plates and Sheets● Bulk Silica● Chromabond Solid Phase Extraction tubes● Kinetex – world leader in column particle technology for UHPLC● Luna, Gemini and Synergi HPLC columns● SecurityGuard Guard Columns and Cartridge System● Zebron GC columns with Engineered Self Cross-Linking● Strata and Strata X Solid Phase Extraction tubes and on-line cartridges
  • 13. Supplier Description● Water and Liquid Filters● Air and Gas Filters● Sheet Filters● Membrane Disc Filters● Manifold and Funnels for Membrane Disc Filters Vacuum Pumps● Housings (Stainless Steel and Plastic) (Single and Multi-round)● Custom Designed Systems and large scale production, concentrating and dia-filtering● Filter Integrity Testing Instruments● Homogenizers● Vortex Mixers● Laboratory Rockers and Orbital Shakers● Radleys is the ultimate specialist in supplying innovative tools for chemical synthesis, process development, work-up and purification. Products are designed to improve the productivity of today’s busy chemist, giving them more time to focus on their research.● For all those odds and ends in the lab such as protective clothing , lab brushes, cleaning systems, test tube racks and just about anything you can think of.● Zeta Series the virtually indestructible Analytical Balance● Series 12000 A complete selection of balances for every application● HC Series high capacity balances
  • 14. Supplier Directory ● Deioniser Units and Mixed Bed Resins for general applications ● Reverse osmosis Water Systems for general applications and feed water to Ultra-Pure systems ● Electro-deionization technology Water Technology ● Ultra Pure Water Purification systems for critical applications ● TaKaRa Ex Taq and TakaRa Taq DNA polymerase for PCR ● PCR Kits for RT-PCR, Real Time PCR, High Speed PCR ● Restriction Enzymes ● DNA Ligation Kits ● Vectors ● Pierce Protein Research Products ● HyClone – For Cell Culture: Pierce Products ● Dharmacon – World leading products for RNAi: HyClone: Dharmacon ● Size exclusion and Ion Exchange Columns ● Chromatographic Media especially for low-pressure chromatography ● Laboratory Plastics ● Culture Plates and dishes ● Sterile flasks
  • 15. Company DetailsName of Company Promolab (Pty) LimitedTrading As SEPARATIONSTelephone Number 011 919 1000Fax Number 011 919 1200Physical Address 227 Main Avenue Ferndale Randburg 2188Postal Address PO Box 4181 Randburg 2125Banking Details First National Bank Randburg Branch Account Number: 622 1944 7465 Branch Code: 25 40 05Registration Number 1988/002149/07 VAT Number 452 010 5083Income Tax Number 948 612 4846 UIF Number U180721393 Skills Development Number L180721393 Compensation Fund 07843351400 PAYE Number 718 072 1393 Directors: Paul Queisser, Hans Queisser and Nicolas Queisser
  • 16. Our Market CoverageOur market listed is a representation of some of Separation’s customers and the industry segments that we serve. The list is by no meansinclusive of all our point-of-sale but gives a good indication of our market coverage. It is important to note that each point-of-sale served by oneof our divisions will be a likely target for another division. Academic Biotechnology Chemical Pathology Durban University of Technology Natal Bioproducts Institute Ampath University Johannesburg – RAU Campus SA Bioproducts, AECI Pathcare Rhodes University Lancet University Cape Town Niehaus & Ungerer University KwaZulu-Natal University North West University Pretoria University Stellenbosch University Western Cape University Witwatersrand
  • 17. Our Market CoverageConsulting Laboratories Environmental Food and BeverageCSIR Adcock Ingram Healthcare Tongaat Hulett StarchConsulting Chemical Laboratory Bayer Cadbury South AfricaChemtaur Technologies – Inspectorate M&L Plant and Quality Control Ceres Fruit ProcessingIntertek Testing Services Food Safety and Quality Assurance NestleProtechnik Laboratory PPECBSABS SAB-MillerSGS S.A. WoolworthsForensic Fragrance Household ChemicalsForensic Chemicstry Cape AECI Aroma & Fine Chemicals Fine ChemicalsForensic Chemistry Jhb Haarmer & Reimer Lever Pond’s – DurbanForensic Chemistry PE Internation Flavours & Fragrances Reckett & BenckiserPolice Forensic Chemistry
  • 18. Our Market CoveragePetrochemical / Mining Pharmaceutical PolymersAnglo American Adcock Ingram / Tiger Brands PratleyCaltex Oil SA Aspen-Pharmacare Sasol PolymersImpala Platimum Farmovs Parexel Zeta ResinsPetroSA GlaxoSmithKlineSasol Chemical Industry NovartisSasol Synthetic Fuel Roche Johnson and Johnson Expected growth in sales per division is between 10 to 20% per annum. The size of the total market in South Africa Can best be quantified as a third of Israel or a sixth of Australia, with SEPARATIONS products in market-leading positions.