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Nokchawon seoul food 2013

  1. 1. Company Overview Nokchawon was founded in 1992 to increase the presence of tea culture in Korea. Inspired by a pure passion of tea, Nokchawon has become a pioneer producer, marketer and exporter of tea in Korea. Nokcha is translated as “Green tea” itself and symbolizes nature. Combined word of “Green tea” with “One” signifies the best and togetherness. Starting with green tea, we swiftly expanded our product line to combine both modern and traditional teas and other custom-made products. Our endeavor is to provide superior quality to our customers across the globe. Thus, Nokchawon provides complete satisfaction for customers at the level of high quality, product assurance, competitive price and packing customization. Mile Stones 1992 Established Nokchawon 1997 Incorporated Nokchawon Co.,Ltd. 2001 Operation of 1st Geumsan factory 2003 Started organic green tea farm complex 2006 Established T-STYLE (specialty tea franchise) Acquired ISO22000(FSMS), HACCP certificate 2007 Operation of 2nd Sachoen factory World vision donation campaign 2008 Acquired USDA-NOP / EU2092/91 Organic 2010 Operation of 3rd Anseong factory 2011 Established local branch in Vietnam Location HEADQUARTER in Seoul FACTORY 1 in Geumsan FACTORY 2 in Sachon FACTORY 3 in Anseong TEA FARM in Bosung & Sachonl02l
  2. 2. Facility LineCertificate As a renowned organic tea manufacturer and supplier, we acquired USDA-NOP and Organic EU as well as Korean organic certification(OK-EFAPA). With the finest raw material from optimal environment, all production process is managed by SGS HACCP and ISO22000. We always strive to maintain the highest sanitary standard to offer the best quality tea for our clients. l03l
  3. 3. Distribution Channel Throughout many years of business, Nokchawon have secured nationwide distribution channels such as Hyper markets, CVS, Department store, etc in Korea. Moreover, we have expanded our distribution networks to meet worldwide customers of more than 20 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe etc. Domestic Overseasl04l
  4. 4. Nokchawon has operated a tea specialty store T-STYLE since 2006.T-STYLE provides domestic and overseas customers witha large range of tea including High quality green tea,Blended black tea, Fruit tea, Tea wares and over 320 SKUs.T-STYLE pleasantly offers a variety of options duringshopping and inspires vitality to customer’s life. l05l
  5. 5. Loose teas are whole leaves organic green tea and not broken up. Whole leaves give the richer, fuller flavor and delicate fragrance. Organic Green tea 有机茶|Органичесие зеленые чаи They are made from organic green tealeaves cultivated in Korea without any use of harmful chemicals. Teas in Pyramid teabag have a greater surface area and steep quickly and efficiently. They offer the added convenience besides a feeling of harmony Our tea is strictly selected and 100% certified. They are available in between the taste and the scent of the tea. either loose leaf or convenient pyramid/standard tea bag. Along with the clean taste and outstanding aroma, it offers a major benefit of immune system and metabolism. Leaves [ Woojeon / Jungjak / Jaksul ] Organic green tea, crushed in standard teabag, is convenient to drink. It has a deep and thick taste that may help our diet on health functions. Pyramid teabag [ Woojeon / Jungjak / Jaksul ] Powdered green tea can be absorbed into our body 100% and applied to various usages of B2B area which include normal water, bakery, beverages, milky products and cosmetics. This is available in either 50g portable size or any customized bulk packs. Standard teabag Matchal06l
  6. 6. Organic green tea with organic brown rice has unusual fragrance with flavor and combines benefits of the two. Brown rice that consists of iron, fiber, niacin and thiamin reduces heart disease and constipation. Green tea may help lose weight and it becomes more effective when used with brown rice.Organic tea有机茶|Органичесие чаи This is a well-known diet herbal tea in South Africa and delivers much energy including antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It has an excellent effect of decreasing appetite and as- sists weight loss by making the feeling of fullness sooner and longer. Organic green tea with brown rice [ 有机茶 | Органичесикй зеленый чай с коричневым рисом ] Citron tea is one of the most famous Korean traditional teas. Organic citron tea goes along with the current well-being trend. It is only made from organic ingredients, citron and sugar without any food additives, and certified by USDA-NOP and Organic EU and JAS. Organic mate tea [ 有机马黛茶 | Органический чай Матэ ] Organic citron tea [ 有机柚子茶 | Органический медово-цитронный чай ] l07l
  7. 7. Corn silk, the white and brown tipped tassels, it may help in the treatment of urinary tract infections, cystitis, prostatitis and help lower blood pressure. And it assists weight-loss by flushing out accumulated toxins in the body. Health functional tea 机能性 – 茶包|Функциональные чаи для здоровья Health functional tea consists of mixed herbs or multiple grains which contain nutritive components, minerals and vitamins. Green tea with brown rice combines benefits of the two. It is an excellent source The numerous beneficial properties of tea contribute to health and physical well-being. of fiber and vitamins which reduce risk of heart disease and prevent constipa- tion. Corn silk tea It is naturally caffeine free and a marvelous source of fiber so it keeps our body [ 玉米绿茶 | Чай из кукурузных рылец ] disease-free. Drinking barley tea is a great addition to a diet regime. It contains a variety of minerals and nutrients that can help fulfill recommended daily re- quirements. Drinking barley tea an hour or so before bedtime can facilitate a healthful, relaxing and uninterrupted sleep. Green tea with brown rice [ 玄米绿茶 | Зеленый чай с коричневым рисом ] Buckwheat tea, also known as soba tea, has a rich nutty aroma and unique fla- vor. Buckwheat tea helps regulate water balance in the body and keeps the di- gestive tract running smoothly. Its high protein and mineral content helps curb appetite by making you feel fuller, longer so, it is used as a part of weight loss plan. Barley tea [ 大麦茶 | Чай из ячменя ] Buckwheat tea [ 荞麦茶 | Чай из гречки ]l08l
  8. 8. Persimmon leaves have a higher level of health and nutritional benefits. It is rich in Vitamin C and contains flavonoid, rutin, amino acids and etc., which are effective for removing of toxins from the body.Health functional tea机能性 – 茶包|Функциональные чаи для здоровья Mulberry leaves have been used as a herbal treatment for removing excessive heat and toxins from the body. Mulberry leaves tea also has an ability to block the absorption of sugars, which is helpful for diabetes and blood pressure. Persimmon leaves tea [ 柿叶茶 | Чай из листьев хрумы ] Solomons seal is one of Korean traditional medicinal roots and has smooth grain flavor as a tea. Solomons seal tea offers other benefits beyond its power to relieve injuries with wounds, reduce inflammation and clear up lungs. It helps lower blood pressure, increase mental clarity, concentration and stamina. Mulberry leaves tea [ 桑叶茶 | Чай из листьев тутового дерева ] Oriental raisin tea is basically known for protecting and relieving alcoholic hep- atitis, fatty liver, diabetes and internal functions. With active chemical process, it prevents the liver being damaged from the alcohol and helps recover from the hangover. So it is well known tea by people who take it before or after drink. It is scientifically proven by human testing in university hospital. Solomons seal tea [ 玉竹茶 | Чай из купены ] Oriental raisin tree tea [ 枳椇子茶 | Чай из листьев конфетного дерева ] l09l
  9. 9. Pearl Jasmine is the most popular type of jasmine tea and is matched up with Oolong Tea. Jasmine Pearl tea gets its name from the visual characteristic because the leaves have been rolled into tight little balls like a pearl. Once put in the cup, the flowers open and release aroma into the tea with a light, floral, refreshing and natural jasmine taste. Herbal tea Hydrangea tea is a medicinal herb that produces a naturally sweet taste. The natural sweetness is effective for diabetes and also can be used as a natural sweetening alternative for sugar. It also may help lose weight by fighting constipation 花茶 | Травяные чаи and irritable bowel syndrome. It has a uniquely tantalizing aroma and a pleasantly sweet flavor that lingers in your mouth for a few minutes after your last sip. Herbal tea has been considered as a medical plant which has effectiveness Chrysanthemum tea has long been used in traditional medicine to treat various internal and external health issues. on health treatment for a long time. Chrysanthemum tea has a delicate, slightly floral aroma and a light, refreshing taste and when taken with lunch or dinner especially with oily foods helps ease digestion. Once put in the cup, chrysanthemum flowers blossom in pyramid All part of plants, flower, leaf, stem, root, is used for tea. teabag. Pearl Jasmine | Hydrangea | Chrysanthemum [ 茉莉花茶 | 水菊 | 菊花 | Жасмин | Гортензия | Хризантема ] Chamomile tea is a herb that comes from a flowering plant from the daisy family. This naturally caffeine free tea is an excellent refresher with soothing and calming effects. The best known is its ability to relieve insomnia and help you relax. Rooibos tea is from South African and also known as Red tea, Bush tea or Red-bush tea. Rooibos is popular for clinical purpose in the case of nervous tension, allergies, dermatitis and various digestive problems. And it is a rich source of antioxidants. Peppermint tea has been enjoyed for its refreshing flavor as well as used medicinally. The aroma of peppermint can help relieve the symptoms of colds or headaches such as aromatherapy. And it is known to have antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, so can be effectively used as a cleansing agent on the skin and to help fight bacterial infections. Chamomile | Rooibos | Peppermint [ 甘菊 | 洛依柏丝 | 薄荷| Ромашка аптечная | Ройбос | Мята перечная ]l10l
  10. 10. Green tea latte is made from milk and matcha. A combination of those two helps feel full and gives sweetness and rich taste. It has a different taste from others and can be served with cake or cookies.Latte拿铁 | ЛаттеBesides the real green tea latte with matcha, there is a very unique and special typeof latte which is mixed with roasted grains or cereals. It is plentiful in nutrients suchas fiber, protein and vitamins and served in steamed milk or ice milk.As easily digested, it became an alternative to a regular meal andpopular diet food among women. Grains are important sources of many nutrients such as dietary fiber, some of vitamins and minerals. Grains play an important role in lowering the risk of chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Grain latte has the soft taste of latte coming from 15 various ground grains and also can be used as a meal replacement because of its rich nutrients. Green tea latte [ 绿茶拿铁 | Зеленый чай Латте ] It is made from the mixture of 15 ground grains and provides an experience of various nutty tastes spreading out in our mouth. Whole grains reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer by decreasing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Grain latte with cereal is slow to digest so you may feel less hungry and can support weight control. Grain latte with cereal has a very soft taste but crispy texture by corn flakes. It is available in hot or iced water and even better with milk. Grain latte [ 谷物拿铁 | Напиток из злаков ] Grain latte with cereal [ 谷物麦片拿铁 | Латте из злаков с хлопьями ] l11l
  11. 11. It is made of various nuts such as almond, walnut and adlai that make you feel full as its rich nutrition. Nuts contain a lot of fatty acid that help to reduce the amount of cholesterol and control blood pressure. Also it has effectiveness for bowel movement, prevention of diabetes as adult diseases. Meal replacements 代餐 | Пищезаменитель Because of convenient packing and enough nutrition, people who live a busy life and skip meals often can have those for breakfast or refreshment. Pumpkin is loaded with vitamin A, fiber, antioxidants and minerals which are essential for a strong immune system. Yam provides better protection against overweight and diabetes. They both are low in calorie and consumed as a meal replacement. Almond, walnut, adlai drink [ 坚果谷物茶 | Ореховый напиток ] Sweet pumpkin yam drink [ 南瓜山药茶 | Напиток из дикого ямса с тыквой ]l12l
  12. 12. Black colored foods possess greater antioxidant levels as compared to the lighter colored ones due to their rich pigment contents. Black soybean is rich in proteins and vitamin E as well as good for the skin elasticity. Black sesame is known for reducing rheumatic pains and lowering blood cholesterol. It is a marvelously special drink with numerous health benefits and deeply nutty aroma of black soybean, black sesame.Meal replacements代餐 | Пищезаменитель Wild yam is used to treat hypertension in Asia. It is known to improve circulation and can help decrease headaches and dizziness. Because of rice, the formation is much thicker than normal powdered drink. So it is perfect to provide enough nutrition and balance as a light meal for your hunger. Black soybean, black sesame drink [ 黑豆黑芝麻茶 |Напиток из черных бобов и черных сезамовых семян ] Yam supplies nutrients essential for optimal glandular function and also benefits the urinary, nervous system. Being with corn flakes, it provides enough nutrition of daily intake as a substantial meal with only low calories. Wild yam drink [ 山药茶 | Напиток из дикого ямса ] Wild yam with cereal drink [ 山药麦片茶 | Напиток из дикого ямса с хлебными злаками ] l13l
  13. 13. Ginger root is known for its medicinal properties and it is used in many traditional medicines as its verified benefits. The main benefit of ginger tea is that it helps in the digestion process, remedy for flu and cold. Also the combination with red ginseng gives more effectiveness for health. Health functional – powdered tea 机能性 – 粉末 | Фунгциональные чаи - растворимые Jujube tea is a herbal tea made from sweet, olive shaped fruits of jujube tree. Jujube Health functional tea is made with (red) ginseng or fruits that are known for their health beneficial properties. fruits, containing saponins, has been used for various medicinal purposes as a stress It is a healthy alternative beverage as an energy booster or home remedy. buster, treating common cold, flu and removing toxins. It is also considered to be useful in treating as well as avoiding possibilities of having insomnia, arthritis, body chill and skin aging. Ginger tea with red ginseng [ 红参生姜茶 | Напиток из имбиря с красным женьшенем ] As named, this tea makes 3 flavors of ginger, jujube and pear at once. It is made with pears that are excellent source of water-soluble fiber. With rich fiber, it has a fair amount of vitamins that may help keep cholesterol down, prevent cancer and cure the common cold. Jujube tea with red ginseng [ 红参大枣茶 | Напиток из фиников с красным женьшенем ] Schizandra is a famous healthy fruit which has 5 taste of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent. It is highly prized as a sexual enhancer and youth tonic and effective against the bacteria related to lung disorder. This herb also improves physical and mental performance, relieves fatigue and builds strength by providing more oxygen for the cells. Ginger, jujube, pear tea [ 生姜‚ 大枣‚ 梨茶 | Напиток из имбиря, фиников, груши ] Vita Schizandra tea [ 五味子茶 | Напиток из лимонника ]l14l
  14. 14. Ginseng is one of the Korean traditional plants and it has various benefits as divided into medicine plant. It helps strengthen immunity, control cholesterol, blood pressure and recover liver and lung function. It is granule type in sachet for one serving.Korean ginseng人参 | ЖеньшеньGinseng is the proud specialty of South Korea. While white ginseng’s skin is peeled off to be dried in the sun,red ginseng is just dried and steamed 7 times without skin peeling. Nokchawon ginseng tea possesses theoriginal taste and fragrance of real ginseng. It is highly prized as an excellent energy booster and designedfor customer’s convenience. Red ginseng is made out of ginseng only after 7 times of steam process is done. Red ginseng is the proud specialty of the Republic of Korea and excellent for stamina. As preventing fatigue and circulating blood, it is considered as a great alternative med- icine. Korean ginseng tea (granule type) [ 人参茶 | Женьшеневый чай ] This red ginseng tea is made from 100% Korean red ginseng itself without any additives. Although red ginseng tea is hard to be produced as a tea, this red ginseng tea is natural herbal tea packed in pyramid teabag to maximize its unique tasted and fragrance. Korean red ginseng tea (granule type) [ 红参茶 | Чай из красного женьшеня ] Korean red ginseng tea (pyramid teabag) [ 红参茶 | Корейский красный женьшень ] l15l
  15. 15. Citron tea is one of the most well-known liquid teas and represents Korean traditional tea at the same time. Citron is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber that are effective to prevent from flu and recover fatigue. Ginger tea is especially good for an initial cold; it soothes coughing and removes phlegm. Ginger also helps generate heat in the body; it facilitates blood circulation and warms our hands and legs. The taste Honey fruits tea is not bitter as widely known, because it is made with sweet honey. 蜂蜜水果茶 | Медово-фруктовые чаи Jujube tea the most commonly used is for anxiety and stress. Jujube contains saponins, which have a soothing effect on the nervous system and create sedative. Drinking honey jujube tea creates a sense of Honey fruits tea is Korean traditional liquid tea soaked in sugar and sweet honey well being or promotes a more restful sleep. with the real flesh of fruits. They are easily mixed in hot & cool water. Schizandra berries from East Asia make 5 flavors of salty, sweet, sour, bitter and pungent at once. So it is literally translated ‘five flavors fruit’ into Korean. It has been used medicinally as a remedy for many ailments and skin health. Pomegranate tea is a healthy alternative beverage with benefits of improving heart health, increasing Bottle type – Citron ⅼ Ginger ⅼ Jujube ⅼ Schizandra ⅼ Pomegranate immune system functioning and preserving mental-health balance. Pomegranates are rich in antioxi- [ 瓶装 - 柚子 ⅼ 生姜 ⅼ 大枣 ⅼ 五味子 ⅼ 石榴 | dants, substances that help the body fight and prevent our cells from aging. The natural estrogenic prop- в банках - Цитрон с медом ⅼ Имбирь с медом ⅼ Финики с медом ⅼ Лимонник с медом ⅼ Гранат с медом ] erties of pomegranate are beneficial for women in terms of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. They are individual pouch type packed in sachet for the convenience use. They dissolve well in both hot and cold water. Enjoy pulpy fruit tea with real fruit taste anytime. Pouch type – Citron ⅼ Schizandra ⅼ Pomegranate [ 袋装 – 柚子 ⅼ 五味子 ⅼ 石榴|в пачках - Цитрон с медом ⅼ Лимонник с медом ⅼ Гранат с медом ]l16l
  16. 16. The combination of real peach juice extract and black tea gives you a purely delicious and satisfying taste. Peach is one of juicy fruits which supplies moisture to body, makes skin healthy and adds color to the complexion.TEAFFLE (Iced tea)Teaffle is a compound word of Tea and Shuffle as a brand new iced tea.Powdered type in stick dissolves easily in iced water and the real fruit juicebased component is thirst quenching with pure coolness. For the delicioustaste of summer in a glass any time of the year, drink up Teaffle and kick off Citron iced tea has tangy citrus flavors with the uniquely refreshing taste.summer season with sweet, fresh and cool flavor. Citron reduces freckles and discoloration because it contains abundant vitamin A, B, C. Citron also helps recover from fatigue and colds. Peach [ 桃子 | Айс ти Персик ] Lemon iced tea is made from lemon extract powder and its sour flavor of lemon is thirst-quenching and cool. Lemon acts as a blood purifier and cures throat infections. It is also known for relieving digestion problems and removing wrinkles and blackheads. Citron [ 柚子 | Айс ти Лимонник ] Blueberry iced tea has become popular because of the natural medicinal properties. There is growing evidence that blueberries are powerful disease fighters and they aid in reducing belly fat. Satisfy your taste buds with a zesty, thirst-quenching flavor of Teaffle blueberry iced tea. Lemon [ 柠檬 | Айс ти Лимон ] Blueberry [ 蓝莓 | Айс ти Черника ] l17l
  17. 17. With many of the Hollywood stars and other celebrities backing the effectiveness of the lemon detox diet, it has become one of the most popular detox diets. Lemon diet is an all-natural, simple and enjoyable means for a healthier body. It invigorates the body’s ability to cleanse accumulated toxins and normalize its weight. Lemon Toc Mix Original faithfully followed the same recipe of Lemon Detox Diet which consists of Lemon, Cayenne pepper and Maple syrup. It is absolutely zero calories, sugar free and easy to drink. Lemon Diet Special is a well calorie-balanced meal replacement because green Bup is a new health brand providing the best formula and great care of products to design tea extract powder (Catechin) & Mate extract powder, both known as an appetite Balance and Beauty of our Body. suppressant and fat breaker, Fiber & Fish collagen & Vitamin supplement the lack of nutrition while on a diet. It enables us to take essential nutrition of daily intake with only 110 calories. Lemon Toc Mix & Lemon Diet Special is the best combina- tion of weekly diet plan as well as body shaper. Lemon Toc Mix Original [ 柠檬排毒减肥 Toc | Лимонная детокс - диета ] Enzymes are essential to every aspect of life and carry out all the daily biochemical functions. They activate all functions in the body and each type of enzyme has a special function and works in a particular way. Bup Enzyme Power contains 100% natural and selected multiple grains. It has a rich and natural aroma of 15 grains with high nutrient value. The additional enzyme to your regular diet aids your body in raising metabolic rate, assisting digestive system and removing toxins. Eventu- ally, those improvements may end up with weight-loss. Lemon Diet Special [ 柠檬排毒减肥 Special | Диетическая еда с лимоном ] Enzyme Diet Special is a true meal replacement based on 15 grains to maintain nutritional balance, while restricting caloric intake without the use of any harmful appetite suppressants or drugs. Not only Enzyme Diet Special contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients, but also it helps remove the feeling of hunger. Enzyme Power [ 谷物酶 | Ферменты зерна ] Enzyme Diet Special [ 谷物酶减肥 | Диетическая еда с ферментом ]l18l
  18. 18. OEM/ODM/PB Nokchawon provides all-round tea solutions for consumers seeking a creative and unique brand under their own names. Nokchawon is developing the products in the way of OEM, ODM and PB. Produced from the skilled facility and experienced human resources, all products are of high quality at a good price and comply with all the relevant single or global market standards.Matcha is a fine ground, powdered, high quality green tea. Matcha is the only form of tea in which the whole leaves isconsumed, and the health benefits of matcha exceed those of other green teas, which gives higher concentrations ofcatechins, vitamins and very high in antioxidants.Nokchawon provides matcha in different grades from the top quality to general grade to cover all kinds of cateringbusiness sector with customized packing.Matcha ITEM DESCRIPTION APPLICATION Milky products High quality with a strong green color Bakery Matcha A Less bitter, soft, light, airy, sweet and vegetal in taste Cookies Pastries Noodles A thick green color and fine partide size Yogurt Matcha B Vibrant, flavorful and original taste of green tea Ice cream Confectionary Beverages Made of more mature tea leaves Matcha C Cosmetics Excellent for blending, slightly astringent Sauce Salad 100% organic green tea powder Cereal Organic matcha Excellent for blending Smoothies Vibrant, flavorful and original taste of green tea ETC l19l
  19. 19. (ZIP 137-062) 84, Seochodaero 4-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea TEL 82-2-586-3944 FAX 82-2-521-4116