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Jerry uelsmann[1]

Jerry uelsmann[1]







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    Jerry uelsmann[1] Jerry uelsmann[1] Presentation Transcript

    • Jerry Uelsmann Get Ready. “ Undiscovered Self” Jerry Uelsmann, US, 1999
    • Biography
      • Born in Detroit on June 11, 1934.
      • Married to Maggie Taylor.
      • Went to Rochester Institute of Technology & Indiana University.
      • Began to teach photography at University of FL.
      • Became a graduate research professor of art (photography) at the university.
      • His photographs are in the permanent collections of many museums worldwide.
      Of course I’m still alive~
    • Cultural Impact
      • From Minor White, he learned that his camera had the ability not only to record images, but also that "it did have the potential of transcending the initial subject matter.”
      • He began work as a graduate assistant in the laboratory at Indiana, but decided that this was not the right field for him.
    • Untitled [figure embedded in grass in landscape], 1983 , Jerry Uelsmann
    • wizard in the darkroom !!!!
    • Whoa, how did he do that?
      • Superimposing Images in darkroom.
      • Suddenly I gave myself a slap and thought “Oh, my God, if I put my negatives in different enlargers I could move the paper from easel to easel rather than constantly switching the negatives in the enlarger.”
      • Superimpose: Place or lay (one thing) over another, typically so that both are still evident.
    • “ My creative process begins when I get out with the camera and interact with the world. A camera is truly a license to explore.” Jerry Uelsmann. “ There’s a lot of source material once you have the freedom of not having to complete an image at the camera.” Jerry Uelsmann. EVERYTHING is an inspiration to him.
    • Jerry Uelsmann Untitled (Eye in Garden), 1975 ,Black-and white photograph, 19½ x 13 , Jerry Uelsmann
      • black-and-white composite photographs
      • merges and layers elements of the natural and manmade worlds with seamless exactitude.
    • Three Wings , Jerry Uelsmann
    • Untitled .1987, Jerry Uelsmann
    • Untitled – 1978 Jerry Uelsmann Untitled - 1978
    • Untitled ,1975 Jerry Uelsmann Untitled - 197 Untitled - 1975 Untitled - 1975
    • Home Age to Man Ray , 1997, Jerry Uelsmann
    • Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [rowboat, ocean and clouds in cupped hands], 1996 Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [rowboat, ocean and clouds in cupped hands], 1996
      • Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [rowboat in room with cloud ceiling, shadow figure on back wall], 1996
      • Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [waterfall and floating rowboat], 1997
      • Jerry Uelsmann Free Spirit, 1998
      • Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [rowboat and clouds], 1998
      • Jerry Uelsmann The Dream, 2001
      • Jerry Uelsmann Path of Self Dicovery, 2001
    • Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [floating boat, house on water], 2000 Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [lips on country road], 2000 Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [lips on country road], 2000
    • Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [Psycho House], 1978 Jerry Uelsmann Untitled [Kudzu building, sea foam], 1982
    • Did You Know…?
      • • Uelsmann does not use any digital processes. He creates each print in the darkroom using three to eight enlargers.
      • • Jerry Uelsmann was a student of Minor White's and did a workshop with Ansel Adams.
      • • He was the professor of Photography at University of Florida in Gainesville.
      • • He is no longer printing any photographs dated before 1980.
      • • Jerry has a great sense of humor. 
    • In case you didn’t know…
      • Minor White
    • In case you didn’t know…
      • Ansel Adams