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Game design midterm Game design midterm Presentation Transcript

  • Game Design using Gamification Donnie
  • Introduction Mechanics Dynamics Aesthetics MDA Framework  Mechanics Functioning rules & concepts. 7 core element of the game Mechanics)  Dynamics Interaction between the player  • • • • • and the Mechanics. Aesthetics Players' emotional responses. The Fun of Game is not theme but 'mechanism‘. We can solve problems through Game thinking and techniques Genie is Music Service by KT company. I`ll describe Genie`s Game Design - based Mechanics of MDA Framework in Gamification. I`ll also recommend the Complementary about Genie.
  • 7 elements of the game Mechanics Points Levels Leader boards Badges On-Boarding Challenges/Quests users. Engagement loops Experience, Cash, Skills… State of users growth. Ranking about point Shape of levels. Guide for beginners. The proposed goals for Enthusiasm
  • 7 elements of the game Mechanics 1. Points (Experience, Redeemable, Skill, Karma, Reputation.) (1) Experience There are not Experience Point in Genie. Complementary So, I recommend Experience Point System. They can give the point whenever users complete something as mission (2) Redeemable You can exchange Star Point in the Ollehclub(KT) to Genie Cash(=Cash). Complementary If Experience Point System is existed, It can be used as Cash.
  • 7 elements of the game Mechanics 1. Points (Experience, Redeemable, Skill, Karma, Reputation.) (3) Skill Join Ollehclub in KT. You can receive discount 50% or 100%. Complementary There are ‘Timeline’. you can share music information with other users. So, I recommend MVP review of a month. MVP user can receive Bonus. (4) Karma Timeline, Facebook, Blog with other users.
  • 7 elements of the game Mechanics 1. Points (Experience, Redeemable, Skill, Karma, Reputation.) (5) reputation Following, Follower, Best Listeners, Review in Timeline 2. Levels & Badges There is a mission Levels. This level is same to user`s level. Whenever you complete the missions, you can receive the Badges. There are many mission. (I`ll explain more information on Challenges/Quests) Example Review Mission
  • 7 elements of the game Mechanics 3. Leader boards There are The Best Listener System as Leader boards. Complementary If They receive reward, Genie can be active. (for example, discount coupon.) 4. On-Boarding 3 Times Free-zone for Beginners.
  • 7 elements of the game Mechanics 5. Challenges/Quests There are many Missions. You should complete various mission to get Badges. and the missions have Levels. Complementary But, It is only missions. There are not rewards. If users receive some rewards about completing mission, They may feel funny more than before.
  • 7 elements of the game Mechanics 6. Engagement loop Event After paying for music of Events, Write comments. You can receive some goods(concert tickets, album, etc..) through lottery. Also, There are many free events. Check on Notice page.
  • Conclusion Good Music Service ‘Genie’ is very attractive. It can control user`s emotion through many ways. I think they have some elements of the Gamification. It can give users various feeling and benefits. If there are more elements, Genie will be very good & fun music service. Complementary I recommend that Genie create Experience Points. There are many advantage for attracting customers. I think Genie can make New level design, New leader boards, New badges..etc..through the points. Reference Book : Gamification by Design