Pittcon: Our lab customers are a lot like you


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Laboratory professionals may require a variety of respiratory protection devices in order to safely do their work. This presentation provides solutions, with testimonials, in the disciplines of food technology, digital forensics, pharmaceuticals, biological research and optical devices. #Pittcon14

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Pittcon: Our lab customers are a lot like you

  1. 1. We Salute Laboratory Professionals #Pittcon14 - Our lab customers are a lot like you -
  2. 2. Our lab customers are a lot like you • Hard-working, manually dexterous • Detail oriented • Technology friendly • Compassionate • Accurate, precise • Critical thinkers • Problem solvers Check out their stories in the following slides
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  4. 4. Clean workspace, even when the field is a rain forest Problem: It’s a jungle out there “We are using your portable laminar flow hood to work with fungi living inside tropical plant tissues; it’s amazing to create a sterile workspace in a notoriously microbe-ridden environment like the Peruvian Amazon.” Read more about Gabriel. Gabriel A. Miller, when he was a Postdoctoral Fellow, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University. Here’s a link to his current profile: http://linkd.in/1eDYhoa
  5. 5. Mist collector solves problem for pretzel engineers Problem: Oil mist applied to the pretzels created a fog that collected on the floor and processing machinery. “We mounted the compact Sentry Air unit to the tumbler frame and installed a small collection hood and hose to the entrance of the drum. Now we have had no issues with excessive oil mist collecting on the exterior of the drum or deck plate.” --- Marcus Wagner, Pretzels Inc. More about the application.
  6. 6. No dust allowed in design, assembly of ultra high-quality, anamorphic cinema projection lenses Problem: Dust back-lit by a powerful projection beam lights up like a Christmas tree “Assembling the lenses in a normal workroom is simply not good enough. I ordered a 24″ Portable Clean Room. Once the lens is assembled and sealed, it can be removed from the clean bench-top area and calibrated in a normal room atmosphere, secure in the knowledge that the assembly sealed inside the SS-324-PCR will remain internally dustfree.” Tony Dummett XEIT OPTICS, Sydney, Australia More about the application.
  7. 7. Respiratory engineering control for compounding pharmacists and technicians Problem: Ductless powder containment hoods needed higher sash opening “My technicians loved the quality and effectiveness of the hoods . . .Sentry Air quickly redesigned custom hoods to my needs, took away the old ones and replaced them on the spot. Now my techs are loving the new hoods and I couldn’t be happier with the excellent service I received.” Pharmacist Empower Pharmacy More about the application.
  8. 8. Digital forensics students practice digital forensics techniques Problem: Forensics students must be able to remove data from phones, computers, and USB drives Mechanical tolerances are so small a spec of dust on a hard drive or its head can damage the data stored on the drive, making it difficult, even impossible, to recover. Highly ranked Criminal Justice College at Sam Houston State University offers a MS degree in forensic science in stateof-the-art facilities. Two SHSU alums at Sentry Air donated a portable clean room hood to the digital forensics lab at the university. Inset: forensics instructor opens a hard drive. More.
  9. 9. www.sentryair.com Sentry Air Systems, Inc. 6999 West Little York, Ste. P1 Houston, TX. 77040 USA: (800) 799- 4609 Intl: (713) 690- 2153 Fax: (713) 690- 7872 sales@sentryair.com Sentry Air Blog Twitter: @SentryAir Sentry Air on Pinterest Sentry Air on Slideshare.net Sentry Air on Youtube