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Sentric Workforce Open House



This is a brief overview about SentricWorkforce, a fully configurable HRMS, Payroll & Time/Labor Management platform.

This is a brief overview about SentricWorkforce, a fully configurable HRMS, Payroll & Time/Labor Management platform.



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  • Welcome Everyone! Thank-you for joining us for the Sentric Open House where we’ll be introducing our new brand and SentricWorkforce suite. We will get started in just a few minutes. My name is Tracy Null and I’m VP of BD and a member of our mgmt team here at Sentric. I’ll be hosting today’s Open House . I’m joined by several of my Sentric colleagues…members of our , senior mgmt, as well as folks from just about every area - marketing, client support, development and sales. We’re looking forward to the session and we’ll be getting started in just a few short minutes. A couple of housekeeping items first: We’ll be sending a copy of the presentation to all of the attendees so sit back relax and don’t worry about taking too many notes and at the end of the presentation, time-permitting, we’ll be answering questions so feel free to submit those as you think of them over throughout the session. We also will be poling the audience on a topic or two and when that occurs we’ll provide you with some quick instruction. I thought I’d start with a little Open House discussion since..This is the first of two open houses I’ll be attending today. The second will be tonight at my daughter’s Middle School. She’s a 7th grader. And, unlike Open Houses held at school when I was in middle school. Tonight’s OH will be similar to the one we’re hosting here today. Rather than the one-on-one style that was offered to my parents, tonight we will be listening “classroom style” to an overview of the curriculum and expectations of today’s seventh graders. We parents can ask questions but we won’t find out how our individual children are doing until our coveted parent/teacher conference which we’ll be signing up for tonight. With that model in mind, we do welcome your questions and if you’re interested in a more detailed product demonstration or even a discussion regarding an issue you’re trying to solve, please email us at we’ll be in touch quickly to see how we can help you. So first, let me open our doors and introduce Sentric and our team . .. . (Transition slide) 
  • Well, I know some of today’s participants have some experience with us at Sentric, and may know a little bit about our history, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the recent and long-awaited name change we recently announced. As mentioned in just about every piece of correspondence we’ve issued recently – and admittedly, there’s been a lot - our name change has everything to do with our products and branding and nothing to do with our ownership. We haven’t experienced any change in ownership, this hasn’t been a restructuring of any kind, we haven’t even experienced a change among our management team as we’ve transitioned from Payroll Solutions/AvantX to Sentric. We are the same organization with the same people in the same positions delivering the same quality services under a new name. We were blue and now we’re gold or orange depending on whose side of our ongoing internal debate you’re on. Other than the minor and humorous disagreement we’re having about whether we’re gold or orange, we are all entirely focused and in complete agreement on who we are and what our service suite offers and what we and how we deliver it to the market. Probably the most exciting aspect of becoming Sentric is how our new name and brand truly allows us to tell our story. And, we do have a great story. Since 1994, when we first opened as a payroll service bureau, we’ve been working hard to serve businesses with solutions that marry technology and customer service. And, our hardwork has paid off….we’ve grown…we’ve won awards….our clients stay with us, and we’ve attracted extremely talented people. Our approach of marrying technology and service hasn’t changed, but it has certainly evolved significantly to include services we only thought about in the early days. We’ve transformed from a payroll service bureau to a full workforce solution provider with services that truly encompass the entire employment life cycle – from recruitment to retirement and as you will see a little later, we do mean it when we say we’ve covered it all. Our product isn’t as new as our name, some of you are already users and we currently serve more than 2500 organizations with all or portions of our solutions suite, which we now call SentricWorkforce. We are no longer ProdigyHCM or Prodigy Payroll or Prodigy TLM and just to confirm one more time we are no longer Payroll Solutions or AvantX. The point is, while our name is brand new, our product suite isn’t, it’s been evolving with us an the ever-changing HR industry for several years. And, as with many entrepreneurial companies, our marketing and branding efforts lagged behind our development and product innovation. We recognized a couple of years ago, that we would soon need to catch up our marketing efforts – as fondly as we felt about the Payroll Solutions name, especially those of us here from the beginning, it had become abundantly clear that our name did not reflect or represent us very well anymore. So in 2011, we prioritized our marketing and branding efforts with the goal in mind of properly naming our company and our products in a way that reflects our personality, core values. These past few weeks have been filled with the results of those efforts….from the announcement of our name, to the rollout of our new web-site which hopefully many of you have visited……literally thousands of communications, and of course today’s open house. Why Sentric…..If there’s anyone on the presentation who’s ever been through a true re-branding, you know that, if taken seriously, it’s more than a name change and picking colors. We embarked on this project several months ago with a goal of defining ourselves not only based on how we see ourselves here at Sentric, but based on how our clients and partners regard us and with an eye on our future as an organization. These sometimes endless discussions and surveys brought us back to our customer-centric roots. We learned that we are clearly known for quality service and delivering solutions…and with the help of some talented experienced marketers, our name Sentric (uniquelyspelled with an S not a C)…was born.You’ll see us branded as SentricWorkforce, SentricTLM and SentricHCM….and the great news is our products and proven ability to deliver so much more than software have positioned us perfectly to fill a void in an industry searching for real solutions to real business issues. That’s why At Sentric, we consider ourselves The Alternative to Software. Let me tell you about our team, methodology and solutions implementation approach…. (transition to next slide)e)
  • We’ve never had a failed implementation or missed a “go-live” date. We know that puts Sentric on a very short list of software providers. Our Implementations team, managed by Beth Smith, lays the very stable foundation upon which we build long-lasting client relationships. Beth’s approach and our methodology ensure we deliver a solution completely configured to meet the needs of each client and further ensures those clients are sufficiently trained to use it We adhere to our SAS70 objectives and controls and ensure data integrity and security are preserved throughout the process, but our primary focus is delivering what we promised. We are NOT installers of software…we’re problem solvers. Our development and design teams under Linda McClelland’s guidance are constantly working to bring new and meaningful features to our product suite which address the evolving needs of today’s workforce professionals. Linda constantly adjusts our product roadmap to address the ever-changing needs of HC managers and that’s no easy task.And, critical to our success – our dedicated client service model – we strongly believe our consistent client satisfaction ratings and client retention ratios are tied directly to our steadfast commitment to dedicated customer service. We are NOT a call center and our clients recognize the difference. We mean it when we say “Single-point-of-contact.” We’ve always had it and we always will. As one of our East Coast Operations Managers Cyndi Marzsalek helps ensures our staff of certified support reps are well-trained, assigned manageable workloads, and properly aligned with the clients they each serve. We’ve invested consistently to ensure our clients are supported by highly skilled people who can trouble shoot everything from time collection devices to tax compliance. Operations is the hub of our organization and we’ve filled it with industry and product experts capable of problem-solving and who, like everyone at Sentric, understand our culture and mission for delivering actual solutions………solutions that WF professionals are searching for to keep them on track.(transition)
  • As most of you know and as we at Sentric are reminded constantly….HR teams are being asked to do more with fewer resources, become more strategic, participate at the senior management level, yet continue to deal with the very real personnel issues and ever-increasing regulations that arise daily all in a workforce that today is faster-paced than ever before in organizations that are more complex than ever before.. . . And this is often further complicated by multiple legacy systems that were acquired or licensed over time by decentralized teams of people and departments who were seeking to solve an individual functional need…regardless of how solving that functional need may or may not have addressed a real business issue or was aligned with the strategic direction of the organization. As a result of this long period of single service system acquisition, we’re now finding ourselves helping frustrated managers who have 2,3, 4 and sometimes more systems all playing a small and separate part in managing various workforce needs, but which never fully satisfy the need for accurate and complete reporting, or take advantage of today’s powerful technology. And, there’s that question of which system is boss. I’m sure some of you don’t need to imagine the chaos of determining which way data flows and which system is considered the master file. Statistically, we know that2/3 of companies have more than 2 systems or vendors involved in workforce management meaning the large majority of organizations do not have an integrated single systemAnd, it’s business managers from these organizations who are deciding they can no longer work with the distraction and inefficiency of this pervasive system separation. They’re asking questions like why am I hiring employees twice just to collect their hours and expenses and then to also pay them? Why can’t new employees enter their own direct deposit account? Why can’t an employees benefit choices automatically send the premium deduction to payroll? Why can’t a time off request show up in my Inbox and allow managers to approve it and move on with their day? Why can’t an employee monitor their own performance with their manager in a clear and organized system where everything else is stored?Why do I need 5 reports to get all the information I need for a single employee or department?
  • Today’s managers want more and at Sentric, we get it. Let’s take a poll of how many in attendance today are working with more than one system to manager their workforce. It might be payroll separate from HR separate from time collection, or maybe time and payroll are together an performance and onboarding are somewhere else. While we’re tallying that….think about this…most organizations point to their talented workforce as their most important and greatest investment. Not just the salaries, but the performance bonuses, the benefits package, the retirement plan, the recruiting expenses…it’s no wonder today’s business managers who are doing more with less are demanding solutions not just software. They want the technology and the service. Today’s strategic managers are determined to protect their greatest asset – the organization’s talent pool – and they need a unified system to ensure they hire the best available, manage and train them properly, fully-utilize them based on their experience and qualifications, pay them accurately and on-time and give them the tools to manage their own careers and personal information throughout their employment experience.AND, (transition), …
  • Streamline reporting to get us out from under the paper!Let’s take a look at our poll results……Think about the time and resource savings you can experience by having just a few functions managed inside the same platform. What if you only hired employees one time?What if performance ratings were standardized across your organization and pay increases could be tied to those ratings – electronically?What if you could get a report that showed overtime trends by location and supervisor without logging into a separate system?What if you could get current total salary dollars spent today in 2 key strokes and compare it to your budget every week, or month of the year?If those are issues you’d like to solve, you don’t need software, you need a solution.
  • Those very questions and the strong desire today’s WF managers have for a complete solution is what drove us at Sentric throughout our focused development efforts bring SentricWorkforce to market. Our complete and fully-integrated solutions suite. It all starts with recruitment and the requisition and approval of a new positionThe hiring process with electronic routing of applications and qualifications as well as a central location for review of your candidates and automation of the offer letter and agreed upon salary and start date.Then the seamless transition to onboarding, where employees directly fortify the information already collected during recruitment – through ESS everything you need is collected from emergency contact to benefit enrollment – and life events – well the employee’s are in charge of that tooAnd, all within the same system, you can manage and oversee performance, training, compensation and more…transition…
  • All that HR functionality is fully-integrated with Payroll/Tax Filing and complete Time and Labor Management. If your workforce or part of it needs to record their time electronically, we’ll help select a time collection method that meets your needs. Choose from biometric hand readers to PDAs and telephony or simply have employees enter time on the web. If you only care about PTO that’s fine too. Or mix it up based on each departments need. Add scheduling and our Points Tracking option so managers can use SentricTLM to truly manage their people and their projects and serve their clients on budget. And remember, it’s all integrated. Employees are hired once and labor management and payroll are built right in the way you need it…it’s not just software, it’s a solutionOn top of all that functionality and integration, we added multi-layered user security, and powerful workflow – so yes, you can Go Green!We’ve included full-service reporting from standard reports, direct database query and powerful analytics which I’ll show you in a in a few minutesand to make it easy to maintain and to ensure you always have our latest enhancements, we’ve secured it all in the cloud. It’s Software-as-a-Service and we do mean service.If you don’t need everything, we understand. We’ll configure what you need and be here as your organization and needs evolve.
  • Hopefully, our brief tour adequately provided those of you who are new to Sentric a feel for our solutions suite.For those of you who we already serve, perhaps you saw something helpful that you didn’t know we offer For our clients who are satisfied with the components you have today. We’re happy to continue serving you just the way we have been.For anyone looking for more, we welcome an opportunity to discuss a solution to help you and your organization, especially those of you working with multiple systems and frustrated by lack of useful reporting, and those of you who are held hostage by the expensive and time-consuming upgrades of licensed software.And remember, the suite you toured today will continue to evolve and solve more and more business issues in your ever-changing complex world of talent management.
  • With SentricWorkforce, there’s much much more to see. So visit our web-site or email us at

Sentric Workforce Open House Sentric Workforce Open House Presentation Transcript

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  • Beth Smith, CPPImplementation Manager Linda McClelland Manager Technical Services and Product Design Cyndi Marszalek, CPP Operations Manager
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  • Streamline Your Workforce!
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