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  1. 1. EXPERT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS48, North Street, Aranarai, Perambalur, Tamil Nadu, India. Email ID: expertsyssol@yahoo.com, Phone: 9345276362, 9865129743, Wireless video transmittersWireless video transmitters are used to send video signals over transmitters toreceivers through wireless signals enabling for a more efficient means oftransmission than the hard wired counterparts. The wireless video transmitterscan be seen in different types of wireless devices. The video transmitters andreceivers are seen in video links used in construction site, parking lot, propertyand golf course monitoring. They enable users to monitor for safety, dangers andtrespassing purposes. If problems are seen, actions can be taken right away to fixthem. Wireless audio and video transmitters and receivers are also seen inairborne video systems. They used with airborne vehicles such as hot airballoons, airplanes, helicopters, blimps and even rockets. The wireless videotransmitters enable users to monitor systems from above. The wireless audio video transmitters can also be seen on rural farms. Thewireless video transmitters enable the livestock owner be aware of when livebirths are going on within the farm. Care can be taken right away when the birthis known sooner. The wireless video transmitter receiver can also be seen in wireless homesecurity systems. The wireless video transmitters can allow a homeowner to havepeace of mind when placing their security video cameras in areas of their choiceto monitor their property. Hard wired systems limit them to only certain areas of
  2. 2. placing their equipment. The wireless video transmitters can also be seen used in video babymonitors. Mothers with new babies can now watch their baby is doing withouthaving to wake them up every time they enter a room to check up on them. Itenables them to go to their baby if they see something happening right away.The wireless uhf video transmitters enable signals to be sent through the wirelessnetwork for cable television access. The best wireless video transmitters can befound within the largest providers of wireless transmitter technology. Theyspend a lot of time studying their wireless transmitter and receiver products tokeep their quality devices working up to their good name.
  3. 3. DSP based Transmission line transient analyzerTransient studies of transmission lines in electric networks are presentlydone in electric networks using computer or Transient NetworkAnalysers (TNA). The proposed work aims in implementation of DSPbased transmission line Fault classifier and Locator.Need for DSP based Transmission line transient analyzer 1. Fast repair to restore power system from outages, 2. Improves system availability and performance as well as reduces operating costs. 3. Saves time and expense of crew searching in bad weather and tough terrains. 4. Helps crew in disturbance diagnostics by: - identifying temporary faults, - detecting weak spots Harmonics are periodic signals that occur in power systems due tovarious reasons. The frequency of harmonics is an integer multiple of thefundamental frequency of the power system which is 50 Hz. Thepresence of high frequency harmonics in voltages and currents of apower system is a key signal for identification of faults in power systems.Therefore, DSP based monitoring of the harmonics for admissible levelsbecome necessary for reliable distribution of electric energy. The DSP technology brings unquestionable improvements in faultclassification and location in a shorter time; input signals are filtered-outmore precisely; it is easy to apply sophisticated corrections; the hardware
  4. 4. is standardized and may communicate with other protection and controlsystems. The proposed work starts with the development of a hardwarearrangement for the simulation of various types of faults, transientssimilar to that occurring in power systems are generated and areprocessed through a DSP processor. The processed outputs are feed forwavelets analysis. On identification of type of fault a support vectormachine (SVM) based fault location algorithm is called.ANN based fault Location Since ANNs can provide excellent pattern recognition, theyare proposed by many researchers to perform different tasks in powersystem relaying for signal processing and decision making.Implementation of ANN has the following steps:1. Additional pre- and post-processing are applied to the ANN structurefor training. The training patterns exposed to the ANN cover the mostimportant operating conditions both faults and other disturbances.2. The ANN is fed either with non-processed samples of the inputsignals, or by features of those signals extracted using certain measuringalgorithms (or by a combination).3. The sliding data widow consisting of the recent and a few historicalsamples of the signals is then fed to the ANN.4. The output from the ANN encodes the output decision such as type offault, location of fault etc.DSP for analysis of Transients The CCStudio is a easy to use Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment (IDE) which allows DSP designers of all experience levels tomove quickly through each phase of the application development processincluding design, code and build, debug, analyze, and tune. The familiartools and interfaces allow users to get started faster and becomeproductive immediately. The signals processed through DSP hardwareare further analysis used wavelets for fault type identification.
  5. 5. The total estimated project cost is around RS 10, 75,000 (Ten Lakhsseventy five thousand)