Salbar health concept english


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Salbar health concept english

  1. 1. An ounce of prevention isworth a pound of cure:Salbar profitably reducesemployee absenteeism.
  2. 2. The facts about employee health and absenteeism in The Netherlands…• Statistics – 44% of the 3 million employees working behind a computer in NL have complaints of neck, back, shoulders or arms – Dutch companies have an average annual absenteeism of 5.5% • Source – Statline, CBS• Cost – 650,000 employees report sick and are absent as a consequence of these complaints. This absenteeism costs Dutch organizations €1,26 billion (milliard) annually in salary alone. • Cost in the USA is $50 billion (milliard) – The actual costs are much higher when lost productivity, replacement and medical expenditures are added. • Source - Do you know the statistics and cost of absenteeism in your company? 90% of NL companies do not.
  3. 3. The Causes• Lack of Employee awareness or prevention• Lack of Employer investment or support• Less than optimal body condition• Poor ergonomics of the work area• Too long sitting behind a PC without break• Bad posture• Repetitive movements• Hectic work schedule and pressure• Personal and professional stress Which causes are present in your company?
  4. 4. €1.26 milliard lost - Why so expensive??• Lower productivity• Lost time to seek medical advice – [verlet-uren]• Long and short-term absenteeism• Lost revenue due to absence• Replacement costs during absence• Arbodienst services to manage the case• WAO disability costs for extended periods• Large increase in company-wide WAO costs for each long term sick employee during 2-5 years• Re-integration costs to come back to work• Sanctions from the Arbeidsinspectie What is the cost in your company?
  5. 5. What about your company?• What is the annual absenteeism percentage in your company?• What is the cost of this absenteeism? We can calculate it: • Payroll amount (monthly, annual, avg./emp.) • Number of full and part-time workers What measures does your company do to reduce these?
  6. 6. A FOCUS ON PREVENTION• The In Optima Forma Concept from Salbar enables companies and their employees to take responsibility for their health using a comprehensive package of technology, medicine, service and individualized attention by university degree health experts.• In Optima Forma provides a detailed assessment and treatment program followed by ongoing monitoring designed to prevent absenteeism and improve performance• The result saves companies money by reducing absenteeism due to work stress, illness and injury, while increasing productivity, employee job satisfaction and loyalty
  7. 7. Salbar Health Concept In Optima Forma• Health Assessment - all employees – Detailed questioning, interview, Spine and Nervous System Scan, physical examination – Extranet database with individual tracking• Ergonomic Assessment – all employees – Group and individual evaluation and adjustment• Physiotherapy and Deep Tissue Massage Program for “at risk” employees – Bi-weekly on-site visits by registered therapists• Monitoring Program – all employees – Private personal reviews with employees – Group statistical reporting and control for Management All services performed on-site on a Quarterly Basis
  8. 8. Annual ProgramIn Optima Forma Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4Health Assessment AllSpine & Nervous All AllSystem Scan plusPhysiotherapistConsultation & AdviceErgonomic All GroupAssessmentPhysiotherapy & Deep All At Risk At Risk At RiskTissue Massage,Prevention sessionHealth Monitoring All All All All
  9. 9. Proven Effectiveness in Case histories• Salbar has developed their health concept over the last three years with MEOS Dedigate, an ICT company, reducing their absenteeism from 8% to 2%, with a Return on Investment of 51% before taxes and 133% after taxes – reference letter available.• Salbar has worked with Wolter Kluwer Publishers to reduce their annual absenteeism by 2% in one year, with a return on investment of 48% – research report available• In addition to the financial savings, 96% of the employees at Wolter Kluwer found the program beneficial for their personal and professional health. A low cost benefit with a high payoff!
  10. 10. Imagine your company In Optima Forma…• Financial Savings estimation – With your company data, let us calculate the financial savings and Return On Investment possible with Salbar – Salbar expenses are 100% tax deductible• We welcome you to try It – Spine and Nervous System Scan – Massage therapy