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5th Grade Project

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  • Spanish project

    1. 1. Spanish Country Project Due Wednesday, March 14, 2012
    2. 2. Flag and Map1) Flag and MapA picture of the flag at least the size of aregular sheet of computer paper.Large map of your country that you create(poster board, foam board). The map shouldcontain the following:-At least 5 major cities (including the capital)-Any major mountain ranges, lakes, rivers orother geographical features
    3. 3. Famous Sites 2) Famous SitesRepresentation of at least 2 famous sites (claymodels, posters, travel brochures, dioramas,etc). On a note card, give a brief explanationof each site. Include any interesting factsabout your site.
    4. 4. Major Contributors 3) Major Contributors to the CountryIdentify at least 2 famous people from yourcountry. You could include politicians, athletes,scientists, singers, actors, or other people thathave made major contributions. You may haveyour contributors represented in various waysincluding:-poster board-puppets-mask-book
    5. 5. Major Contributors (continued) Please include the following in your project:1) Who is your person?2) What did they contribute?3) What were the dates of their birth anddeath (unless they are still alive)?4) Where were they born?5) In what part of the country did they live?6) Did they ever live anywhere else?
    6. 6. Culture 4) CultureCultural (food, clothing, dance, music, art,literature, etc)Choose at least 2-Create a dish from that country.-Wear clothing from that country.-Perform and/or teach the class a dance fromthat country.-Perform and/or teach the class a song fromthat country.-Recreate a piece of art from that country
    7. 7. Spanish Descriptions 5) Spanish DescriptionsWordle or Tagxedo of at least 12 words, inSpanish, that represent your country (e.g.forests, beautiful, ocean, monkeys, hot, etc).Make another Wordle or Tagxedo with thesame exact words in English. DO NOT includeproper nouns (Frida Kahlo, Victoria Falls, etc).
    8. 8. Extra Credit 6) Computer ProjectYou work in a travel agency and are trying topromote tourism to your country. Useeverything you have learned so far and includeit in your presentation (sites, culture, etc) aswell as some of the history that has shapedyour country. Create a video that you are ableto give to me on a flash drive or that you canput on YouTube.
    9. 9. Other NotesIf you and your group members are havingproblems getting along, make sure I knowthis ahead of time!There will be a prize given to one team atthe end of the project (not necessarily forthe highest grade).Someone in your group needs to bring aflash drive to each Spanish class. If thatstudent is absent, make sure the flash driveis somewhere where the rest of the groupmay access it.