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  • 1869 – 1959
  • In the year of 1939 in Pennsylvania, Frank Lloyd Wright designed an extraordinary house known as Falling water that redefined the relationship between man, architecture and nature. Wright wanted to create harmony between man and nature and his combination of the house with the waterfall was very successful. Wrights admiration for Japanese art inspired him to do the falling water master piece and a bunch of other works that he has done. Like for example The Johnson Wax Building and New York’s Guggenheim museum. The Falling Water was built in 1935. Falling water is a very important and influential work because it changed the perspective of architecture in North America and defined a new style of architecture.
  • The building was named after the director and who was the person who came up with the idea of a series of Guggenheim Museums all around the world, each of which would add something to the foundations identity. Outside View Inside View
  • This building has big poles all around inside of it. Wright wanted to have the Johnson wax building very related to nature so as u can see here the poles with the top on the ceiling resemble large trees as in the picture here.
  • Wright was inspired by Japanese art because they were very connected with their nature and liked to very much show it in their art. In the art there would be some cherry blossoms in the picture or on their kimono’s they would have patterns of flowers or geometric shapes that would resemble flowers and nature in general.Japanese Woodblock Print
  • 1898 - 1976
  • Alvar Alto was a Finnish architect and designer. His work included architecture, furniture, textiles, and glassware and some paintings. He designed around 500 individual buildings, and some that were built in Finland, USA, Germany, Italy, and France. Like for example The Mount Angel Library built in 1970.
  • One of his most famous designs was the Aalto vase. It was made from prototypes by letting the molten glass swell on some sides. By doing this he created a wavy/curvy outline.
  • Alvar Alto also designed paintings, textiles, glassware and some furniture like the Beehive Pendant Light. Its called that because it resembles a beehive in its shape and its dimensions. The Pendant Beehive Light
  • This is an example of a beehive and how the Pendant Light has sort of the same dimensions as the beehive hanging off a tree branch in the picture. The Pendant is considered as organic design because a beehive is organically made and is part of nature.
  • Charles and Ray Eames were house architectures also. They designed a building which was used as their home and studio. The Eames's house is still a very influential model because of their live-work style. These are some pics of their house in diff. perspectives.
  • The Eames house look a bit like a dice or garage, because of its square features and the different colors on the house. This is also what made this house unique and different from the other houses. The Hoke house is also very similar to the Eames house because of its set in nature and its boxy characteristic. Hoke House
  • 1929 (age 81)
  • Located in Bilbao, Spain in 1997 the Guggenheim Museum who was designed by a Canadian - American artist called Frank Gehry has a lot of modern and contemporary art. The Guggenheim Museum is one of Frank’s most admired works of contemporary architecture.
  • Gehry was inspired by Thomas Krens who asked him to create a building that would not only stand out clearly from it urban context, but be characterized by a provocative and aggressive appearance. This was what inspired Frank to create a different design of the Guggenheim museum and to be built in different cities in the world. Thomas Krens
  • The Guggenheim Museum and the Museum in New York City are similar in comparison because they both are very unique and different. They both have different complexions and are also built differently. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain designed by Frank Gehry
  • The Guggenheim museum was built with an organic design because when you look at it the wall and the building itself reminds you of fish scales. The walls are wavy and remind you of the ocean where the waves are continually moving.
  • Some of the other things that Frank Gehry has designed is jewelry for Tiffany & Co. The jewelry that he has designed is very strange because they have weird forms. Like for example this ring is called the Fish Ring because it kind of resembles a fish but with no tail.
  • Along with designing the TWA terminal Saarinen also did industrial designs that had to do with everyday lives like for instance chairs. He designed many important pieces of furniture including the “Grasshopper” lounge chair.
  • The Ottoman or Womb Settee was one of the very successful chairs, because of the model of the chair and how it was a chair that is just very comfortable to sit in.
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