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Logo and corporate identity
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Logo and corporate identity


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Published in: Education

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  • -Logo design helps us to understand the significance of design because a simple image can summarize an entire firm’s representation.
  • -apple is everywhere -on ipod -back of mackbook -all of their merchandise is represented by the “apple”
  • -through media -and example ^
  • -underground store -unique -symbolic
  • -not only do they make coffee but they have an area of comfort -wifi sofas to work -straw and coffee blockers are starbucks green -all designed specifically for starbucks -unique, no1 else has it -image but also in a business to constantly “create” -atmosphere -not just your local coffee shop -good quality=expensive -siren: greek siren were girls who brought music and voices to sailors
  • -green logo -organic -earthy -coffee come from organic brewing
  • -straw, napkin -cup -paper bag
  • Describe: -have to be able to reiterate what it is Memorable: -easily identify -d&m go hand in hand bc you can remember a logo if you cant describe what it looks like Effective: -speaks to you -impacts you Relevant: -not effective if you cant relate the logo to what it represents -logo must recreate what the company wants to portray in a small image -relevant to business identity
  • -ohm=scientific measurement of resistance -resistance refers to the resentence in the spandex of their pants and clothing -also refers to the yoga -symbol its flexible just like yoga
  • -green reps monay -moneys always flowing -clean cut, simple -bold -straight lined
  • Too much detail: -hard to remember -hard to describe -not relevant -doesn’t capture the immediate identification Trends: -swoosh is nike -not timeless -not unique everyone has it -serves no purpose Multiple colours: -hard to recreate -costs very little -good logo should have 1-5 colours max -no gradients -company doesn’t have a main colour Bad design: -profanity -falice
  • Busy Joan of arc j with cross Unrecognizable Not simple Eye soar
  • -not just one colour to be identified with -gradient unecessary -graphic -logo should only have 1-5 colours max
  • -unnecessary swoosh -trended bc of the nike swoosh -no relevance at all to beer
  • -clearly didn’t realize what they were designing -inappropriate -FALICY
  • Nascar: -too many colours -no icon to remember -irrelevant -not very creative -not modern/old Bell: -simple -sleek -colour identity -typography -decribable/memorable -bold effective
  • Industrial design: it is the improvement of products of their usability using applied art and design -It is said that he revolutionized the industry -In this process he contributed to the profession that changed the look of America. -had a lot of well known clients such as NASA hallmark gm ford
  • -old pack -before loewys design
  • -replaced green with white background -green and yellow looked old and dirty -white looks new and clean -replacing the target symbol with yellow to green -black green white red -typography became sharper
  • -symbol currently in use worldwide was loewy’s design in 1971 -colours stayed constant -diff shades -outlines become more bold -previous 2 designs were tough to see in certain lighting -more simplistic -typography changed -capital to lower case -logo lacks font
  • -redesigned bottle in 1954 -sleek
  • Landor Associates focus on their customer`s experience They strive to have tangible logos that represent the company and their cliental
  • -chosen for simplicity -impacting bc of the blue towers Type choice, weight, colour and arrangement -typo modern yet timeless -connecting minds with date to the buildings sillouettes
  • -RIM founded in Waterloo, Ontario (FUN FACT) -old logo had no significance not easy to identify -new brand new identity -bb logo to left of word - 2 b`s symbolize connectivity, active network, speed, immediacy -can’t go big without a good logo -two b`s rep. BlackBerry -speed -moving forward like technology
  • -federal express was on an angle -L and SE kind of made an arrow -FedEx conveyed a sense of speed, technology and innovation -specifically deigned typeface -orange and purple -clean, modern, simple, sharp -arrow -give an impact
  • -different colours and descriptors distinguish each operating company -found objective and found appropriate description to make the logo look clear -Landor worked with FedEx to extend the brand without affecting its original representation -They achieved this by creating a brand architecture and naming strategy
  • -Landor created the FedEx office name to help represent the broader branch< -OWN OPINION -3 colours ground, express, and custom ciritical
  • -Negative positive space -compare old(a/x) to new(c&g) -simplified it, took out words -thicker, serifs less curved -block help support its own logo in itself -simple & powerful -typeface: Bodoni
  • -first to tailor a suit -refers to new logo -clean cut -straight -trimmed (no curves in logo)
  • -used corner of a busidling to portray the boxy modern facade -colour scheme -relevant to logo
  • -alignment of letters -used to be medium priced boys and mens -now high fashioned/priced womens and mens wear -elengant (font: custom) typography impacts vibe -looks legit -took out apostrophe and added ny -y is very elegant -traditional font made modern with addtions to serifs
  • -red and black is their colours -simple, elegant -not busy -traditional(black&white)/modern(red)
  • -unique -no1 else has it -very modern and elegant -façade adds in the red to throw in a twist
  • -visually appealing -unique
  • -peacock -rainbow reps coloured tv in 1956 -very well known symbol
  • -puts spotlight on SHO -own separate logo -bottom of cable show -newspaper listing
  • New York University NYU Statue of liberty located in ny
  • -after his successful work in shell loewy was hired to design new name and logo for esso brand -changed the double “s” to look like double “x”
  • -logo type and package make over -the colour is based on the Pantone Matching System and the colour 1837 was the year they were founded -the font is elegant, classy and timeless -custom typeface -all capitals but t and c are larger
  • Very traditonal elegant
  • Elegant
  • -old guitar hero looked animated -cartoon -new one became more like a tattoo -this gives the effect of permanent -custom font called Hero Bold
  • LOGO -the colour of the font is actually indigo which is a cross btwn blue and violet/books and culture.. -type face is simple, easy to identify -exclamation mark* BAGS&MERCHANDISE -quotes on merchandise represent the culture and diversity that the company wants to emcompass -they show how the quotes can not only be from books, but media is included -recently collaborated with apple
  • -Heather Reisman CEO of indigo books music &more -Canadian company first opened in Burlington Ontario 1996 -the beginning of the idea created in 1996 -took over chapters, biggest comp -framework and architecture represent the environment of the store -ppl don’t go into Indigo looking for books, they search for their future -the re-design started from signs outside to sugar packets in the café (BRADNING) took over chapters and coles **indigo didn’t want to just be a typical bookstore, they wanted it to be an experience and have an effect on your future**
  • -connecting c and n represents the connection of the railway and transportation -connection of it actually looking like a railway -a brilliant concept -simple yet effective -usually red North American Railroads, Canadian National This railroad was founded in 1960 The logo is timeless and was able to stand the test of time Through all the changes of technology throughout the years the logo has remained the same
  • -looks like a train -brilliant -includes maple leaf -v and a are opposites -in motion
  • -radio waves -the world
  • Transcript

    • 1. LOGO DESIGN & CORPORATE IDENTITY Nicole Solari and Julia Nicasto
    • 2. LOGO DESIGN Logo design is a graphic mark or image commonly used by industries and companies to promote instant public recognition.
    • 3. Rob Janoff Apple logo , 1977
      • Apple tree represents the “tree of knowledge”
      • Bite can represent “biting into knowledge”
      • Bite can also be “byte” referring to computer technology
    • 4.  
    • 5.
      • Sara Jessica Parker advertised for Apple
      Sex in the City
    • 6. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Apple Store , New York
    • 7. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson , Apple Store, New York
    • 8. Corporate identity (CI) is the external image that the company wants to be associated with by the public. CORPORATE IDENTITY
    • 9.
      • Corporate business, not just a coffee shop
      • Woman is siren from Greek Mythology
      • All products within the chain were specifically designed for Satrbucks
      1992-2010 2011
    • 10. Starbucks , Seoul
    • 11. Britney Spears, Starbucks
      • Describable
      • Memorable
      • Effective/Impacting
      • Relevant
    • 13. LULULEMON Ohm, Scientific Symbol Lululemon
    • 14. TD, Toronto Dominion TD CANADA TRUST
      • Too much detail
      • Trends
      • Multiple colours
      • Bad design
    • 16. DETAIL
    • 18. TRENDS
    • 19. BAD DESIGN
    • 20.  
    • 21. Raymond Loewy Associates “ Father of Industrial Design”
      • Raymond Loewy launched industrial design in 1929
      • Coldspot Refrigerator ,
      • Raymond Loewy,
      • 1930
      • For sears
    • 23.  
    • 25. Lucky Strike Pack 1940, Raymond Loewy NEW Lucky Strikes Cigarettes
    • 26.  
    • 27. Coca-Cola bottle re-design 1954, Raymond Loewy Dole Deluxe dispenser 1947, Raymond Loewy
    • 28. Landor & Associates Walter Landor
      • The firm was found in 1941 in San Francisco which is now where their headquarters is located
      • Landor was greatly influenced by the Bauhaus and Werkbund design movements
    • 30. ``Brand experience is what your customers remember about you. It's what leads to lasting impressions, preferences, and performance.``
    • 31. “ THE KLAMATH” ``The Klamath became our international symbol of creativity and innovation`` -Walter Landor
      • 1964 Walter Landor bought the retired ferryboat The Klamath
      • They had the interior of the boat made into office space
      • This boat is now Landor & Associates distinctive corporate symbol
    • 32. 9/11 MEMORIAL & MUSEUM Defining a memorial`s public identity
    • 33. ``In 2010, Blackberry was named one of Landor`s Top10 Breakaway Brands, Showing a 57% increase between 2006 an 2009.``
    • 34.  
    • 36. FEDEX OFFICE
      • Landor`s challenge was to make FedEx a retail company
      • FedEx wanted to expand into a more technological branch
    • 37.
      • Landor collaborated with the Redskins to create a field
      • The logo was placed strategically from the scoreboard to the employees uniforms
    • 39. Ivan Chermayeff Tom Geismar & Sagi Haviv
      • This company has been dealing with brand identities , art in architecture, exhibits and print and motion graphics in regards to the modern movement of idea-driven graphic design.
      Libson Aquarium Pepsi Cola D-Day Museum
    • 41. They were founded by Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar in 1958. Columbia Records poster, 1958
    • 42. “ Trademark design challenges us to use all the magic and intelligence at our command, our skill, knowledge, vision, and ability, in the creation of a single, clear, direct image that will embody the character and aspirations of the organizations that come to us in search of identity.” Chermayeff & Geismar
    • 43.  
    • 44.  
    • 45. Armani Exchange, New York
    • 46.  
    • 47.  
    • 48. Barneys New York Dallas, Texas
    • 49.  
    • 50.  
    • 51. Chermayeff&Geismer 1986
    • 52. Chermayeff&Geismer, 1976
    • 53. Chermayeff&Geismer, NYU
    • 54. Exxon 1966, Raymond Loewy
    • 55. FIRM IS OWNED AND RAN BY 17 MEMBERS Worlds larges independent design consultancy
    • 56. PENTAGRAM
      • The firms are located in London, Berlin, New York and Austin
      • The firm was founded in 1972
    • 57. ``…Great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment…``
    • 58.  
    • 59.  
    • 60.  
    • 61.  
    • 62. Graffic Europe Chambers Hotel 21c
    • 63.  
      • Bruce Mau, the founder of his studio in 1985
      • Chicago and Toronto studios
      • Their purpose is possibility to be adventurous and to create real lasting value with their clientele
    • 65. ``Mau has used design and optimism to originate, innovate, and renovate businesses, brands, products, and experiences``
    • 66.  
    • 67. Heather Reisman had a dream: to reinvent the traditional bookstore as a marketplace for culture. INDIGO BOOKSTORE
    • 68.  
    • 69.  
    • 70.