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SP Product Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName: Stephanie SmithDate: April 10, 2012Product:A lesson plan that follows Georgia standards for the Honors World History high schoolcourse.Date/Time: Activity:Had my very first meeting Comment/Suggestions:September 14, 2011 with my project facilitator. I talked to None3:35-4:05 PM Mrs. Guyer in further detail about the(30 mins) components of my project to make sure that she wanted to commit to being my facilitator. Commentary:Mrs. Guyer asked me to put together a time log for my senior project so that every stage of my project will be spaced out in an organized manner. She also told me to search online for a generic lesson plan template so I can get an idea of what my lesson plan, or Product may look like.September 24, 2011 Activity:I chose a lesson plan template, I decided not to use12:00 AM-2:00 PM wrote the biography for my project the lesson plan(2 hrs) facilitator, and made the time log that template that I found Mrs. Guyer asked for in our first online because Mrs. meeting. Guyer pointed out to Commentary:I decided to create the me that the lesson plan time log by setting up a monthly should include EQs. calendar of September 2011- April The template that I 2012. Not only will I use this as a way found did not have to keep up with due dates and activities, them, so we have but also to divide up the stages of my decided to wait until a project into different months. For later date to make our instance, I will observe during October final decision on the and teach my lesson plan anywhere lesson plan. between late January and early February.
  2. 2. October 5, 2011 Activity:I had my second meeting with Mrs. Guyer suggested3:35- 4:10 PM Mrs. Guyer today. She proof read my I observe as much as(35 mins) PF biography and Mrs. Markham took possible so that I can our student and PF photo for us. get an idea of how she Commentary:My bio met Mrs. Guyer’s runs her classroom. expectations. We also planned for the This should make the first day that I would observe her teaching that I do in th teaching to her 6 period Honors World the near future much History class. more successful.October 19, 2011 Activity: I observed Mrs. Guyer’s The students answered1:45-2:12 PM teaching for the first time. questions posed by(27 mins) Commentary:In my observation notes, I Mrs. Guyer during her noted how Mrs. Guyer underlined key direct instruction. She vocabulary in the lectures for her also added tidbits and students. This made it easier for the extra info that was not students to follow along and take a written on the minimal amount of notes. PowerPoint in order to further inform the students. I think all of these techniques will be very helpful when it comes my time to teach!October 26, 2011 The students were Activity:I observed Mrs. Guyer1:37- 2:28 PM learning, but what I teaching a lecture on Ancient China.(40 mins) Commentary: I noticed that Mrs. Guyer learned was that as a made several references to the textbook teacher you have to or previous lectures that had already know how to keep a been taught. This helped the students to class under control. remember key information and kept This is especially true them from forgetting it. Mrs. Guyer for long lectures also provided a video for the students, because they will lose which I will definitely use in my interest in the topic lectures as well! very quickly if you aren’t effective.October 27, 2011 There is nothing Activity:For a change, I observed Mrs.2:03-2:20 PM wrong with letting the Guyer when her students were assigned(17 mins) students know what is a Primary Source packet. Commentary:I noted that Mrs. Guyer expected of them on
  3. 3. went through the passages that the the quiz! It helps to students had to read before letting the ensure their success students free to answer the questions. and lets you make Later on, I realized that she did this so sure that they are on that she could go into more depth on the right track. the historical figures mentioned in the passages. Guyer also quizzed the students over certain material to test how ready they are for this Friday’s quiz.October 31, 2011 Activity: Today was the last day that I None1:47-2:11 PM observed Mrs. Guyer. The activity for(24 mins) the day was the viewing of a video on the history of Halloween. Commentary:Showing the students a video on the history of Halloween to inform them about one of their favorite holidays is a great idea! It gives students a chance to relax and learn simultaneously.November 7-16th, 2011 Activity:I wrote my research paper on None5 hrs total the No Child Left Behind Act. Commentary:I spread out the time I spent on my research paper over the span of two weeks. This first week I did all of my research on my topic and I will write the actual paper during the second week. Just in time for the due date! December 15, 2011 Mrs. Guyer and I Activity:I met with Mrs. Guyer to3:35-4:20 PM discuss and share my observation notes. decided that I had(45 mins) enough observation Commentary:I ran into a problem with my observation notes. This week, I notes and that I can realized that what I was writing down move onto the next was getting slightly repetitive and I step. We also chose don’t know what else I can take notes what week I would on in order to be a better observer. teach the students and
  4. 4. what topic I am responsible for. Let the preparation of my lectures begin!January 17, 2012 Activity:I met with Mrs. Guyer to Mrs. Guyer let me3:35- 3:50 PM update her on the things I’ve completed borrow her copy of the(15 mins) since our last meeting. Honors World History Commentary: I showed Mrs. Guyer a textbook so I could use brief outline of the information I it as a source of wanted to include in my lectures. information for my Although I had something, this was not lectures. She also gave as much as I had planned to have done. me a copy of the From this meeting I’ve realized that I lectures she uses so have to use my time more wisely and that I would not repeat avoid procrastination. the same information as her. This will help me to highlight the key information that needs to be in my lectures.January 18, 2012 Activity: I researched the French I have decided to make6:00-8:30 PM Revolution using Mrs. Guyer’s four lectures. Each of(2 hr, 30 mins) textbook and made my first PowerPoint them will be a lecture which I have titled “The French minimum of ten slides Revolution.” so that the lectures do Commentary:For the first lecture, I will not exceed over 15-20 discuss the events leading up to, during, minutes long. This is and after the French Revolution. In the time limit that Mrs. addition to adding visual images on Guyer suggested. every slide, I have decided to use a video I found on YouTube of Mireille Mathieu singing “La Marseillaise”, or the French national anthem. At the end of the lecture, I have 5 review questions (LEQs) that I will ask the students to make sure that they were paying attention to me.January 19, 2012 Activity:I researched Reformation and I have images and a6:00-7:30 PM Terror, the next topic for my second “Let’s Recap!” section(1 hr, 30 mins) PowerPoint lecture. I titled my second for 5 different LEQs
  5. 5. lecture “Reformation and the Reign of on this lecture as well. Terror.” Commentary:For my second lecture, I will discuss the more radical and violent portions of the French Revolution. I have included a quote from the textbook that talks about universal mobilization. I am hoping this will give the students a mental image of how radical some of the events of the French Revolution really were.January 21, 2012 Activity:I researched Napoleon While creating this5:00-7:15 PM Bonaparte, the third topic for my third PowerPoint I was also(2 hrs, 15 mins) PowerPoint lecture. I’ve titled my third able to use my French lecture “Napoleon and other figures of III book as a resource. the French Revolution.” Not only did I learn Commentary: For my third lecture, I about the French will discuss Napoleon Bonaparte and Revolution when I was how he rose to power. I will also a student in Mrs. mention a few other vital figures who Guyer’s class myself, took part in the happenings of the but I also learned Revolution. I have included another about it in another video I found on YouTube depicting language! My French many French people being killed by the textbook will allow me guillotine. This should definitely get to inform the students the students attention! about revolutionary figures that their textbook doesn’t even mention!January 23, 2012 Activity:I researched the reaction that I cannot finish this7:30-8:00 PM France and the rest of the world had to lecture tonight, so I(30 mins) the French Revolution and made my will continue the fourth and final PowerPoint whichI’ve progress as soon as titled “Reaction and Revolution: The possible! Growth of Nationalism.” Commentary:I will discuss how the French Revolution resulted in the break out of revolutions around the globe. I
  6. 6. have included visual images, but I can’t find a good quote or video for this lecture!January 27, 2012 Activity: I finished my fourth lecture None9:00- 10:30 PM today.(1 hr, 30 mins) Commentary:All of my lectures are finally complete! I have saved them to my flash drive and plan to meet with Mrs. Guyer tomorrow so we can review them.January 28, 2012 Activity: The last meeting with Mrs. Mrs. Guyer was happy3:35- 4:05 PM Guyer before I teach her students. with the work I had(30 mins) Commentary: I pulled up all four of my completed, but she lectures onto her computer so that she suggested that I email could see everything I planned to teach the lectures to her so to her students. that she could review them more closely.January 30, 2012 Activity:Before I get to school and In the end, the candy7:45- 7:55 AM present my first lecture, I’m going to idea backfired. The(10 mins) pay a visit to Kroger and buy some students either didn’t Hershey’s chocolate minis and Dum want the candy, or Dum for the students. they fought over who Commentary:I have decided to use the should and shouldn’t candy as a reward for those students get a piece. Mrs. who answer my “Let’s Recap!” Guyer suggested that I multiple questions correctly. I think this don’t use the candy will help get them pumped for my incentive for the rest lectures! of my lectures.January 30, 2012 Activity:I presented my first lecture on Today when very well,1:30- 1:50 PM the French Revolution to Mrs. Guyer’s I hope that I will get(20 mins) sophomores during my sixth period an even better lunch. response tomorrow! Commentary:The overall response was satisfactory. Each of the five LEQs was answered correctly, which led me to believe that the students understood the material presented.
  7. 7. January 31, 2012 Activity: I presented my second lecture Mrs. Guyer and my1:30-1:45 PM on Reformation and Terror to Mrs. father suggested that I(15 mins) Guyer’s 10th graders during my sixth interact more with the period lunch. students so that they Commentary:Much to my dismay, the will want to pay overall response I got from the students attention to me. They today was disappointing. Only a few of also suggested that I the LEQs were answered correctly and ask the kids questions I had to search for students who would throughout the entire answer them. I had trouble keeping the lecture instead of just students engaged in my lectures and I at the end. I have also didn’t get the response I was looking discovered what my for at all. obstacle is: I have way too much information on the slides.February 1, 2012 Activity:I presented my third lecture I felt like I was able to1:35- 1:50 PM on Napoleon Bonaparte and other connect with the(15 mins) revolutionary figures to the same class. students a lot better Commentary:Today went much better! this time. I asked them I took the advice that my father and questions throughout Mrs. Guyer gave me and I only the presentation and mentioned what I felt was the most they asked me important instead of reading all the questions about the information on each and every slide. video in return. All of The overall response was excellent. All my hard work is of the LEQs were answered finally paying off!!  enthusiastically and correctly and the students were very much interested in the video about the guillotine.February 2, 2012 Activity:I have decided to create an In the end, I was not6:30-7:00 PM activity for the students to participate able to complete this(30 mins) in. It will be a roleplaying activity activity because I based on the Primary Source activities realized that my idea that Mrs. Guyer gave me. involved small forms Commentary:I am going to do this of plagiarism. Mrs. activity instead of presenting my Guyer has given me fourth lecture. I feel as if this will allow the weekend to come me to connect with the students one up with a more
  8. 8. last time before I’m finished. original idea for my activities.February 3, 2012 Activity:I went to Mrs. Guyer’s The video camera I1:55- 2:05 PM classroom to film and observe her. borrowed from a(10 mins) Commentary:My video camera ended friend to film me up not working and I was unable to get lecturing also ended footage of Mrs. Guyer teaching. up not working. After However, I did take notes on all of these technical information that I could include for difficulties, I realized Monday’s activities. that I should be prepared and always make sure things work ahead of time.February 5, 2012 Activity:I spent a majority of the day None10:00 AM- 9 PM putting together the instructions and(10 hrs.) pieces for my activities. Commentary:I’ve finally come up with my own ideas for student activities. I put together two versions of a chronology timeline activity and two versions of a puzzle activity to give to the students tomorrow. I hope they have fun using their creativity skills while learning and reviewing topics from the French Revolution!February 6, 2012 Activity:The students participated in Mrs. Guyer was so1:35- 2:05 PM the activities that I created for them. impressed with my(30 mins) Commentary:I split the students up into puzzle activity that she four different groups and distributed wants to use it for and explained the directions for my herself! I was able to four activities. It seemed like the get some video students had a lot of fun with the footage of this event as activities and I was very pleased with well as some pictures. the results. I enjoyed seeing how interested the students were in completing their tasks.
  9. 9. February 7, 2012 Activity:I gave Mrs. Guyer copies of Although I had already1:30- 1:35 PM my Student Reflections and she gave realized much of what(5 mins) them to the students to fill out. the students wrote Commentary:Contrary to my belief, the down myself, their students were very honest in their comments were very responses to my reflection. They gave helpful. I’ll take their me both compliments and constructive suggestions to heart if criticism. I ever become a real teacher in the future.March 28, 2012 Activity:I met with Mrs. Guyer to Today I realized that I3:35- 4:35 PM discuss the contents of my lesson plan, don’t need to make a(1 hr) or final Product. video for my senior Commentary:Mrs. Guyer showed me a project Product. Mrs. couple examples of how I could do my Guyer suggested that I lesson plan. She let me look through just put all of the one of hers and from there I took notes content I was going to on what I should include in my own use for my video into lesson plan. my lesson plan binder. What a relief! Activity: I typed out, printed, and The binder and plastic ,April 2 & April 4, assembled my lesson plan. paper protectors were2012 Commentary: I worked on my lesson among the few(8 hrs total) plan over the span of two days. My expenses I made that lesson plan is very detailed; I’ve went towards covered and included everything I completing my final need to make a decent Product. Product.April 6-8, 2012 Activity: I wrote my speech that I am My speech, typed, is(4 hours) going to present to the Senior Boards. five and a half pages Commentary: It took me about four long. Hopefully this hours to write my senior project will fit the 8-10 time speech. I created an outline to help me frame! choose what I should talk about in my speech.Total Time:44 hrs, 53 mins