Running to Remember 48-3 Deuce 5 Marine Corps Marathon 2011


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Running to Remember 48-3 Deuce 5 Marine Corps Marathon 2011

  1. 1. RUNNING TO REMEMBER ...Continuing the Legacy and Espirit de Corps of the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines…** This event is not officially sanctioned by the USMC or 3/25 , but put together by former/current membersand supporters.
  2. 2. On January 5, 2005 , the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, 4thMarine Division (3/25) , comprised of over 1,300 individual Marinesand Corpsmen, was activated for service in Operation IraqiFreedom.The Marines and Corpsmen hailed from the following units, as wellas additional attached units, such as amphibious assault and tankers.While in Iraq, they were assigned as part of Regimental CombatTeam 2 (RCT 2), 2nd Marine Division.Headquarters Battalion—Brook Park, OhioIndia Company – Buffalo, New YorkKilo Company – Moundsville, West VirginiaLima Company – Columbus, OhioWeapons Company – Akron, Ohio
  3. 3. While serving in the Western Province of Anbar (East to Hit, and West to Al-Qaim), then known as the ―Wild West‖, 3/25 was involved in over 15 regimental and battalion operations to help secure the area and assist the people of Iraq.During their 2005 deployment, the Marines of 3/25,suffered the loss of 48 of their brother Marines and Sailors.In addition to those casualties, the same battalion had over150 wounded warriors…not to mention the unseen woundsof sustained combat operations, such as PTSD.
  4. 4. Ladies and gentlemen, our Battalion stood tall and fought every day against the enemy.Even after days like this, we understood that our mission was not overuntil it was time to come home….…and in a way, our mission continues still today, as we remember ourfallen brothers, and remain proud of all of our accomplishments.
  5. 5. RUNNING TO REMEMBER 48- MCM - 2011 OBJECTIVES ***THE MARATHON AND ―REMEMBRANCE‖*** •Run the October 2011 Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) –Finish the marathon as a platoon— 48 runners start and 48 will complete the 26.2 miles •Recruit 48 Marines and Sailors who will represent our fallen heroes •Honor our 48 Fallen Heroes, our Wounded, and celebrate the brotherhood of 3/25 and the U.S. Marine Corps •Honor the Gold Star Families –the families of our fallen will be invited to meet us at the finish line, and be presented with the runner’s completion medal in remembrance *** CONTINUING THE LEGACY –SUPPORTING OTHERS ***•To raise awareness of, and provide financial support to a non-profit organization•Each runner will commit to raising $500-1000•100% of the money raised will go to the non-profit organization
  6. 6. …Over 150 Marines and ―Docs‖ injured….Sgt Shurvon PhillipTraumatic Brain Injury GySgt Dan Priestley, 24+ surgeries later
  7. 7. OUR OFFICIAL SPONSOR/NONPROFITSemper Fidelis Health and Wellness Fidelis Health & Wellness is a community based 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation founded by two US MarineCorps Veterans.Mission: Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness, is dedicated to improving the lives of all our members through health & wellness,with a special concern for those who suffer from wounds and injuries, post traumatic stress disorder and other combat relatedillnesses, chronic pain, disease, obesity and addiction.The mission of their flagship WARRIOR ATHLETE PROGRAM is to meet the Individual Health & Wellness needs of severelyinjured and wounded service members of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. They provide Warriors that have made theultimate sacrifice for this country and our freedom highly customized one on one Health & Wellness programs.
  8. 8. So, you’re thinking, ―what can I do to help?‖Remember, all our runners either current or former military members, or theirfamilies---dedicating themselves to train and run in the marathon, in honor of afallen Marine or Corpsmen---and ultimately supporting a nonprofit dedicated tohelping those that have served.--Assist by sponsoring a runner/runners with the entry fee for the marathon--Support our runners by contributing to the cost of T-Shirts for the marathon.-- Donate to Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness, to help veterans and serving…allin honor of our 48 fallen…therefore, enabling the legacies of our fallen to be carriedon by helping the combat veterans.Please donate via the following link: (scroll down to see Running to Remember 48–Marine Corps Marathon 2011)
  10. 10. Now that you know about us, and our mission--- will you take action? Contact the Marine spearheading our mission: SSgt Oscar Aguilera 724-799-9656 Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness -501c3 organization Donations to support work with Wounded Warrior AthletesCaptain CJ Keller USMCRExecutive Officer & Board Member SFHW Cpl. Elijah Sacra, USMC Veteran 760.889.7108 Founder & Executive Director 443.562.6508