User-Centric Event 4. User-Centric Consolidated Data (Stephane-Sylvain)


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+ The evolving challenge of User-Centric Camapigns tracking
+ Emerging new audience tracking tools
+ How Universal Analytics will become the new standard?
+ Semetis experience shared

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  • Europe ou belgiumUnique visitorssemetis
  • DSPsPerformance ad networks, Search bid managementleveraging behavioral targeting, context, multiple inventory sources, multiple creativesor keywords, and automating that buying process to generate the best results
  • Multiple networksAbility to deliversame/different messages to differenttargettrhough one unique platformGood attribution platforms access data across multiple channels for the advertiser and model interaction behavior that drives a consumer to make a decision at multiple points in a sales funnel – showing how search interacts with display for example, or how different sites interact with each other for a given audience. Again, this is enabled both by the availability of large data processing systems as well as by looking at multiple dimensions of advertising delivery.
  • Multiple touch pointsMultiple offers
  • User-Centric Event 4. User-Centric Consolidated Data (Stephane-Sylvain)

    1. 1. Improve your Campaign with User-Centric Consolidated Data Stephane Juricic Senior e-Business Consultant & Sylvain Thirionet e-Business Consultant
    2. 2. San-Franfisco
    3. 3. Agenda Three Main online Trends I. Tracking Shift II. Technological Shift III. Behavior Shift Technology & Marketing ?
    4. 4. Universal Analytics Switch to Mobile environnement Source:
    5. 5. Universal Analytics Unique Identifier (UID) 3 unique visitors  1 (logged) unique visitors Classical Analytics Universal Analytics
    6. 6. Semetis Experience Case - Unique Identifier - Exact same filters / 2 different profiles (GA & UA) November 2013 Unique visitors Classic Analytics 1,676 Universal Analytics 1,459 Difference -13% - Less visitors due to multi-device navigation UID effect
    7. 7. Universal Analytics What else ? … External data integration
    8. 8. Universal Analytics What else ? … Account Personnalization
    9. 9. Universal Analytics Limits  UID = European Legal Problem  Remarketing list not yet available  Content experiment not working  DFA integration not yet possible  Customization (too) advanced
    10. 10. Universal Analytics Future Full transition (Auto-transfert  Phase 4.) Tool developped to swith to UA Need to adapt to the user environment
    11. 11. 2. Technological shift Data explosion McKinsey - A retailer using big data to the full could increase its operating margin by more than 60%
    12. 12. Advanced Dashboarding  Plugin with Google Analytics API  Automated Updates through scripts  Easy Sharing with Google Drive
    13. 13. Advanced Automated Tools  Custom tool built on specific clients need  Data Coming from multiple sources (Google API, Facebook API,…)
    14. 14. Need of Specialists Semetis Experience: - Universal Analytics First update May 2013 12 accounts upgraded - Google Tag Manager First update December 2012 6 current projects - Automated Dashboards 15 clients with automated dashboards - Custom Tools 5 clients with cutsom automated tools  With a business Focus
    15. 15. New Audience tracking Tools mixpanel Actions speak louder than PageViews KISSmetrics Google Analytics tells you what happened, KISSmetrics tells you who did it. User-centric & Event based approach
    16. 16. Google follows the Trend Auto-Event Tracking  Measure every interaction on page  All click listener  Next page  Outbound  Click behaviour
    17. 17. Semetis Experience Case – Measuring Impression Role  Impressions are now part of the Funnel user flow  For this Semetis client, we found that 20% of online transactions is influenced by a Display Clicks or Impressions