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Introduction to Online vs Offline advertising by Havas Media Belgium at the Solvay Digital Marketing Day

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  • L’interview du surfer va se baser surune reflexion en 3 ensembles. L’idéeestd’aller du général au particulier en croisant avec les habitudes des surfeurs.
  • Le premier contactconcernedonc des questions génériques. Nous ne sommes pas sélectifs! Uneapproche plus spécifiqueestpréférable.
  • En nous basantsur des thématiques précises et donc en impliquant plus le surfeur, la séléctivitéestlà.
  • Ajoutons à cela un surfeur qui rechercheavant tout de l’informationavantl’achat.
  • L’analysestratégique nous guide donc pour la partietactique. Plus spécifique approchescontextuelles / recherched’infosSEA et autrescontenus / Online Purchase  qualitative site/trafficLe digital estclairementuneapprocheclé pour des approchesqualitatives. C’estaussiuneopportunitéétendre le reach sur les light TV viewers.
  • Concrètement, les solutions digitales vis-à-vis des objectifs. Reach recherche de volume et/oud’impact / Response recherche d’un feedback utilisateur / Preference rechercherunepréférence pour la marqueLoyalty  développer des ambassadeurs de la marques.
  • Online and Offline Advertising Intro

    1. 1. DIGITALMARKETINGDAY17 April 2013
    2. 2. NOTICE: Proprietary and ConfidentialAll the content of this document (text, figures, lists, financial information, graphics, design,diagrams, as well as other graphic elements and/or audio and videos), whichever the format used(paper or electronic), is confidential and proprietary to Havas Media Group. This documentincludes ideas and information based on the experience, know-how, intellectual/creative effort ofHavas Media Group. For these reasons, this material shall not be used, reproduced, copied,disclosed, transmitted, transformed, commercialized or communicated, in whole or in part, neitherto third parties nor to the public, without the express and written consent of Havas Media Group.Havas Media Group © All rights reservedThis presentation is not a contractual proposal and has no binding effects for any Havas MediaGroup company until a final and written contract is entered into between the parties.
    3. 3. Market structureAdvertisersCreativeAgencyMediaAgencySaleshouses• Strategic Media planning• Tactical Media Planning• Buying & negotiationWhat?How?Where……How much?
    4. 4. Market Analysis, target,Websites audience &profileSimulation & optimisationBuying & NegoTechnical specificationsTrafficking & trackingData analysis &optimizationsEffectivenessWhat digital planning is about?
    5. 5. From the briefing to the media planningDeveloping a digital strategy: What media planning is aboutMedia selectionTiming & phasingPressureBudget
    6. 6. From the briefing to the media planningDeveloping a media strategy – Target analysis example:Almost 45% of the population buys vitamins or strengthening productsSource: CIM PMP 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012 & FACT Check-UpHealth has becomesynonymous for goodcondition andwellbeingWho are they?Women, 25-54 y.o., PRP, families with 3 personsand+, with kids, social groups 1-42008 2009 2010 2011 201243.6%43.8%41.3% 44.6%44.8%
    7. 7. From the briefing to the media planningDeveloping a media strategy – Media usage example:Media Usage Broadband usersSource: CIM PMP 2012Dutch Speaking French Speaking85.6494.475.2267.7199.1694.4753.3289.0245.299.9757.7285.2662.3955.0292.684.286.3379.5614.593.84102 100 10797 100 104116125 123104Total Reach(%) Last Period Reach(%)Affinity81.8590.2272.29 72.8298.0191.4659.489.0644.799.6450.8679.3853.87 58.4389.9180.728.7778.6615.492.36103 102 10998 101 105120 129 130104Total Reach(%) Last Period Reach(%)AffinityTV, Radio & OOH allow highest reachOnline & Cinema provide high affinity (but reach building takes time in Cinema)Print provides fair reach but less instantlySource: CIM
    8. 8. From the briefing to the media planningDeveloping a media strategy – Focus on digital strategy-ExampleAn interview with the surferGlobalviewSpecificapproachDigitalhabitsPharmaceuticals &Beauty/hygieneSpecifics questions aboutproductsInternet use when findinggeneric information &buying specific productsTarget: Heavy Internet user
    9. 9. From the briefing to the media planningDeveloping a media strategy – Focus on digital strategy-ExampleDo you perfectly agree OR Rather agree with… Trust traditional pharmaceuticals50% Universe / 1 388 250 and 94 selectivity Generics are as effective71% Universe / 1 992 620 and 106 selectivityAre you the main decision maker OR Co-decision maker forbeauty products/hygiene?68% universe / 1 895 650 and 96 selectivityCIM 2012 PMP based on Heavy SurfersGlobalviewPlease be more specificwith your questionsOTCCHC &Beauty@ this stage surfers are not interesting toreach => Global view is too generalOnline surfers have little trust in traditional Pharmaceuticals & are no decision makers in beauty & hygiene products
    10. 10. From the briefing to the media planningDeveloping a media strategy – Focus on digital strategy-ExampleSurfersaredecisionmakerswhenbuyingspecificcategoriesOk, so tell me if you buy this type of products on your own initiative remedy against cough33% universe / 913 390 and 111 selectivity pain-killer external use34% universe / 960 360 and 111 selectivity remedy diarrhoea32% universe / 902 580 and 115 selectivity remedy for stomach/liver17% universe /465 900 and 107 selectivityCIM 2012 PMP based on Heavy SurfersSpecificapproachOTC@ this stage surfers are interesting toreach & influence
    11. 11. From the briefing to the media planningDeveloping a media strategy – Focus on digital strategy-ExampleSurfersareveryactive infindinginfoontheinternetbeforebuyingAnd do you search the Internet once a week or more, on products you wantto purchase? 17% universe / 468 490 and 192 selectivityDo you buy medication minimum once a month on Internet? 1.2% universe /33 710 and 162 selectivityDo you buy beauty products minimum once a month on Internet? 3.1% universe / 87 360 and 177 selectivityCIM 2012 PMP based on Heavy SurfersDigitalhabitsOTCBeauty@ this stage surfers are interesting toreach & influence
    12. 12. From the briefing to the media planningDeveloping a media strategy – Focus on digital strategy-ExampleSurferssearchforspecificinfo=>SEA&contextualapproachareimportanttodeliverqualitative traffic.SpecificandsearchinfoContextualapproachSEA andcontextQualitative traffic
    13. 13. Reach / ExposureLarge and/or specificResponsePreferenceLoyaltyAdvocacyImpact DisplayContentIntegrationSEAAugmentedRealityMobileactivationViralCommunitymanagementE-couponingClassic DisplayAffiliates CPLSite, App SEOCPC DisplayNetworkPrerollASUFacebook AppDifferent objectives are obtained by different tactical vehiclesPR 2.0P O EWebsiteFacebook PageSocial Media(Blog Invasion)
    14. 14. THANK YOU