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  • 1. L A T V I A
  • 2. RIGA
  • 3. Riga’s 4th special boarding school
  • 5. ADMINISTRATION Principal: Inta Pastere Vice-Principal of Curriculum: Tatyana Smirnova Vice-Principal of Methodological Work: Inga Balabka Vice-Principal of Extracurricular Activities: Kristīne Hirshte Vice-Principal for Counseling and Guidance: Stanislava Navicka Finance Manager: Konstance Bankova Vice-Principal for IT issues Snezhana Vasenkova
  • 6. PEDAGOGICAL STAFF School employs are: 50 teachers and supportive staff
  • 7. OUR SCHOOL School was established in 1960th year. We are one of 6 9 special education schools in Latvia now. Riga’s 4th special boarding school is the educational institution for children with special needs : mental problems and other side diagnoses . This school year our school has 147 pupils .
  • 8. Students, completing the course of education through grade 9, receive a primary school diploma without passing state exams . Depending from ability and their own will, they are able to continue their development in next 3 grads that is vocational training. We are a minority school … … and teaching takes place in two languages : the Russian and Latvian.
  • 9. THE COMPULSORY EDUCATION E lementary school - lasts for 9 years from the first to the ninth grade. The training process takes into account student the level of mental problems . We use three levels of mental disorder s:
    • Level A – students whose IQ is 70 – 50;
    • Level B – students whose IQ is 50 – 35;
    • Level C – students whose IQ is less then 35.
    Taking in consideration these levels students are divided into classes . This school year there are 108 students with level A and B , and 39 students with level C .
  • 10. During the nine years of basic education, children are taught :
    • Latvian language and literature;
    • Russian language and literature;
    • Mathematics;
    • Music;
    • Visual art;
    • Sports;
    • History;
    • Social sciences;
    • Domestic science;
    • Crafts;
    • Natural sciences;
    • Computer’s skills.
    Classes and free time are scheduled according to the competency, necessity, interests and mental capabilities of each individual.
    • assistant for carpenter’s work ;
    • dressmaker’s assistant.
    Our school offers two models of vocational training programs : Students, completing 3 year’s course of education training and passed the qualifying exam, the student receives the certificate of vocational education
  • 12. Students whose level is C have special program for job skills training . When these students completing 3 year’s course of education training, the student receives the school closing certificate.
  • 13. BOARDING For those students who do not live in Riga (school location), or they have very serious social and economic conditions, school can offer to live at school from Monday to Friday. We are 4 bedrooms, each of them have 18 beds.