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What Kaka Beliefs Do You Have? | Self Growth 4 Ever
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What Kaka Beliefs Do You Have? | Self Growth 4 Ever


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Take money for example. We all want it and need it, but most of us have some really smelly, kaka beliefs about it. …

Take money for example. We all want it and need it, but most of us have some really smelly, kaka beliefs about it.

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  • 1. What Kaka Beliefs Do You Have? Almost all of us walk around with hundreds of negative beliefs, and we do this being totally unaware of it. Take money for example. We all want it and need it, but most of us have some really smelly, kaka beliefs about it. You may be thinking, “But I loooove money and I want more of it.” Naturally, who doesn’t! “I don’t have a problem with money, nope, not me, no way! That’s stupid, why would I have crappy beliefs about money?” But how many of us given the chance, love ‘doggin’ on rich people? We love to pick on the rich even though we want to be rich ourselves. It’s like they’re this evil force that exists in the world and that they’re the cause of all problems. Who can blame us anyway? That’s what most of us have been taught. Switch on the T.V. and it’s the same thing. The rich always seem to be portrayed as these rich, snot faced, arrogant, evil, heartless pricks.
  • 2. Granted, I’ve met some of these people, but I’ve also met some very wealthy people with hearts of gold. So believing that all rich people are evil is a foolish belief. What other no good beliefs could we have about money? Here’s a short list… Money is the root cause of all evil, money doesn’t grow on trees; therefore acquiring lots of it is difficult or almost impossible. Some of us don’t feel worthy enough to receive lots of money and so we have feelings of guilt. I remember sitting on one of the most beautiful beaches here in Brazil, eating a lobster dinner and I couldn’t help but feel guilty. What made me so damn special when thousands of people were starving? What did I ever do to deserve this? My wife rationalized that it wasn’t my fault the world is the way it is, and that everything that was good in my life I deserved because I worked hard for it. She made perfect sense, yet I still couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. Because we believe we are not worthy, we fear being judged by family and friends if we got rich. Imagine winning the lotto tomorrow and then buying a fancy new car and house. Do you fear people judging you? Would you feel ashamed and embarrassed about having everything while others don’t? Think about it, most people fear being judged by friends and family and they fear losing relationships over money. Some have confidence issues and so the thought of having a lot of money becomes too stressful to deal with. What if I lose it? What if it gets stolen? What if I invest it unwisely? While others, before even making their money will tell you that they are not smart enough to make large sums of it. I’ve actually heard people say that they’re too dumb to make a lot of money. Case studies have shown that most of us will apply to the lesser paying job even though the higher paying job requires the exact same qualifications. Research also shows that many people who win the lottery end up losing all of their winnings within five years. These are all caused by our negative beliefs about ourselves and about money.
  • 3. On a flip side, let’s talk about love for a moment. Love and finding true love is a multibillion-dollar operation these days, especially with all the match making sites on the net. Yes, at some point in life, we all desire true, long lasting love in our lives, but just like money we also have kaka beliefs about love and relationships.  You can’t trust anyone.  There’s no such thing as forever.  True love doesn’t exist.  True love is hard to find.  Love hurts. These beliefs create fears of being hurt and so people sabotage and destroy their relationships without even being aware of it. Then there are self-beliefs of not being worthy like: I’m not smart enough, good enough, pretty enough or rich enough for anyone to love me. People often feel that because of their imperfections and shortcomings that they are some how broken and unlovable. Often you find such people in miserable, dead end relationships, too afraid to leave the relationship because of their negative self-beliefs and fears of being alone. They’ll spend years in these relationships enduring mental, emotional and sometimes physical abuse. All of these beliefs we discussed today are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind. I’ve used some of the products recommended on my site to help eradicate my unwanted beliefs. I found that using these scientifically proven systems just made my life easier… plus I was a little lazy to do things the old fashioned way. In the mean time you can practice using the affirmations below in your life. To change your beliefs about money: Affirmations borrowed from Real Subliminal  I deserve money  I am entitled to be rich  Being rich and wealthy is my birth-right  I deserve to be rich and have complete financial freedom  I believe in myself and my ability to make money  I am capable of making large amounts of money
  • 4.  I have large goals when it comes to money  I set myself high targets to achieve financially  I am always focused on and thinking about money  I am completely focused on making and acquiring more money  Money is a good thing and will improve my life  I feel positive about money and the good it will bring me  Having a lot of money and being financially secure is possible for me  I am good with money and naturally seek it out  I am always looking for new opportunities and ways to make money  I am making more money than ever before For the relationships in your life: Affirmations borrowed from Life! Reflection on your Journey – Louise L. Hay  I have come here to learn that there is only love.  I am discovering how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself.  As a magnificent creation of a loving God, I am infinitely loved, and I accept this love now.  I am open and receptive to a wonderful, loving relationship.  By thinking loving, supportive thoughts, I create a loving, supportive relationship.  I open my heart to love.  It is safe for me to express love.  I get along with everyone.  Wherever I am, there is joy and laughter.  I relate from my heart.  People love me, and I love people.  I am in harmony with life.  I always have the perfect partner in my life.  I am safe and secure in my love for myself.  I am in a harmonious relationship with life. - See more at: