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Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
Hi! i’m seijen
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Hi! i’m seijen


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A short pecha kucha presentation I did on how running, even just short distances around one's neighborhood, can lead to inspiring discoveries. …

A short pecha kucha presentation I did on how running, even just short distances around one's neighborhood, can lead to inspiring discoveries.

Disclaimer: Only the Chicago photos are my own, the rest were sourced from Flickr under CC.

Published in: Sports, Education, Business
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  • Hey guys, for who don’t know I’m Seijen Takamura and I’m on the research team here at Sapient. Been here about 2 years. And I was trying to figure out what to do my PK presentation on.
  • Pk is supposed to be about extra-professional passions, that is to say, passions outside of work. A lot of you know that I’m a runner, so I wanted to stray away from that and do something totally unpredictable, something that nobody really knows about me. So I came up with this great idea. I’ve had every hairstyle in the book, seriously, and I was like oh…
  • … I’ll talk about how it took me forever to figure out who I was and how all of these different looks and hairstyles helped lead me on the path to self-identity and thanks to this extensive and convoluted road I’ve developed all of these foundational personality pillars that have made me who I am today…
  • … but… I think I’m justgonna stick to running
  • I think I’m justgonna stick to running, but I’m not here to talk to you about training habits or how everyone should run a marathon or anything like that. In fact, I’m not here to preach to you about running as a fitness tool at all… Running has actually been a highly explorative tool for me as well, but more in a literal sense.
  • …. I firmly believe that running is the best possible way for you to explore your city…. Or any city for that matter getting to know the ins and outs. I think running, will lead you to discover and see a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally get to see, so I’m going to take you through a top 10 list of some of the most memorable runs that I’ve been on over the course of the last 10 years.
  • When I was in high school and would train during the winter, my teammates and I would follow dear trails in a local park called Rasmussen Woods. More than a few times we actually ran into them on the trails and would try to catch them (aka speed training).
  • There was this great old railroad bridge that spans the Mississippi River in Minneapolis that my teammate showed me on one of our first days at college. The view from the bridge was incredible and it was always a highlight of a run. Sadly, someone jumped off it during my sophomore year, and it was blocked from us after that.
  • On our spring breaks in college, instead of going to a warm climate to train, oftentimes our team would go to Lanesboro, MN. Chances are you’ve never heard of Lanesboro. It’s a small town in Southern Minnesota known for its bike trails in the summer. In March, our coach knew it for the plethora of nearby dirt roads (softer on the legs) and hills for training (not so soft on the legs). One year, on our last day at Lanesboro, it snowed 16 inches. Instead of packing up and heading home, we ran for an hour on a golf-course through the snow. That was hard.
  • During my study abroad trip in Avignon, France… I was running in the countryside, turned a corner, and found an aquaduct. Later, I went back to explore because it wasn’t in any of our guidebooks. Apparently from talking to people around, this wasn’t a “Roman” aquaduct, so it doesn’t matter. Ha.
  • Every year, my friends and I do a race called the Ragnar Relay. It’s a 200 mile race along the Mississippi from La Crosse, WI to Minneapolis. This is what rural Wisconsin looks like running at 3 am. The little red dot is the person in front of me with their red blinking LED light. It’s quite serene and peaceful really.
  • My grandparents live in Shimonoseki, Japan, a port city at the southern tip of the main island Honshu. There is this great, HUGE bridge that connects Shimonoseki to the island to the south. When I would go and run towards this bridge along the coast, I randomly discovered…
  • … this stairwell leading up the hillside. I climbed the stairs and found a small shrine. It’s really something that most cars and people just drive by. But as a runner, you can stop, climb these stairs and explore.
  • But not every great running experiences traveling. Sometimes you find interesting things in your back yard. For instance, when I first moved to Chicago, I was running one night and stumbled across a fire circle with fire dancers and drummers. It was something I’d never really seen before, and was strangely comforting after moving to a new city.
  • Another memorable run was a long run I did in prep for the 2010 Chicago Marathon. I ran from my apt in the South Loop to Hyde Park. I was trying to get onto the abandoned Bloomington Line railroad tracks, but couldn’t figure out how to climb up. Instead, I ran along Bloomington Ave and found all of these really awesome murals that the community had painted. It’s really quite cool, and a great example of local Chicago culture.
  • Then there was the Marathon itself, where I ran past this guy in the Eiffel Tower outfit at about mile 8. He finished, but seriously. That’s crazy.
  • So you may be saying to yourself (come on dude, you run a shitload, like how much cool stuff am I going to see without being able to run all over the city)
  • Well… I would argue a lot. How many of you really know your neighborhood that well? On the left is a map of my apt with a 1 mile circle around it. On the right is that same map with a 2 mile circle. That’s a ton of space, I’d bet you don’t know every nook and cranny. It really only takes a short walk or run to explore a lot of new areas.
  • Last night I went for a run and took these photos. The first is of a small park that I didn’t know existed when I first moved to my new apt. It’s at Lakeshore east and is completed blocked by skyscrapers. Pretty cool though, a nice little oasis in the midst of all the concrete.
  • 2 miles from my place is the view from Adler Planetarium. The best view in Chicago. So you see, it really doesn’t take much to explore your city. Just a mile or two. What shops are you missing? What restaurants haven’t you tried? What else haven’t you discovered? I challenge you to go explore your neighborhood. Just one mile in any direction, and see what inspiration you find.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hi. I’m Seijen.<br />
    • 2. Running… boring. <br />
    • 3. The Andre Agassi Phenomenon<br />
    • 4. The Andre Agassi Phenomenon<br />
    • 5. Wig<br />Meth<br />Jealous of Famous Girlfriend<br />Mature<br />…Back to running<br />
    • 6. Explore new routes.<br />
    • 7. 1. Mankato, MN – Deer Run<br />
    • 8. 2. Minneapolis, MN – The Short Line Bridge over the Mississippi<br />
    • 9. 3. Lanesboro, MN – Snow Run<br />
    • 10. 4. Provence, France - Aqueduct<br />
    • 11. 5. Pepin Lake, WI – 3am<br />
    • 12. 6. Shimonoseki, Japan<br />
    • 13.
    • 14. 7. Chicago, IL – Fire Circle<br />
    • 15. 8. Chicago, IL – Bloomington Trail<br />
    • 16. 9. Chicago Marathon 2010 - Eiffel Tower Guy (wtf?)<br />
    • 17. Come on bro… you serious?<br />
    • 18. The Challenge<br />
    • 19. 10. Chicago, IL – Lakeshore East <br />
    • 20. 11. Chicago, IL – Museum Campus in the Evening<br />