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Work Samples of projects completed under major firms.

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Ben Seibel Portfolio

  2. 2. MIXED USE • TRIPOLI TOWERS TRIPOLI TOWERS • MIXED USE “ M O N E Y S H OT ” S PA C ET RIP O L I T O W E R SPROJECT TITLE - SECOND LINE IF APPLICABLELOCATION: A WAV E O F E L E G A N C E• Tripoli, Libya The Tripoli Towers were planned as an oceanfront community supporting an attractiveCLIENT: lifestyle by combining the benefits of a scenic location with the conveniences of a• Confidential complete live, work and play environment.PROJECT AREA: The community was planned to create natural synergy through the logical grouping of• Hotel/Apartment Tower complementary program components. Common elements such as the conference• Two Residential Buildings center, health club and marina were grouped together near the Retail sector in an effort• Hotel to have each component benefit from the business generated by the others.• Office Tower• Conference Center Tripoli Towers includes two beautifully sculptured towers; one 60-story office tower• Retail and a second 60-story tower which includes 30 floors of hotel amenities and 30-stories• Marina of serviced, furnished apartments. The Conference Center will include a ballroom• Parking with a capacity seating of 1,000. A seaside retail center will support the complexes residencies with high end retail shops, grocery store, entertainment, restaurants and more.
  3. 3. MIXED USE • AL SUFOUH AL SUFOUH • MIXED USEA L S U F O U H MI X E D U S E D E V E L O P M E N TLOCATION: F I V E S TA R U N D E R A D E S E R T S U N• Dubai, UAE The Al Sufouh mixed use development is a dynamic development within the MediaCLIENT: City district of Dubai, facing elegant Jumeriah Beach. The Moorish inspired live/work/• Confidential play complex houses an apartment community, office space, and a high end open air retail development.PROJECT AREA:• 32-story serviced apartment This traditionally inspired project provides beautiful courtyards and gardens at the tower with 175 units podium level to create a rich urban and local environment. The iconic towers of Al• 16-story office tower Sufouh overlook glimmering beaches with prominent views of the world renowned• 2-level retail podium Palm Island development.• 3.5-level parking deck The project features a variety of amenities successfully fulfilling the client’s every desire for this luxury community. The newest five star destination in Dubai really shines.
  4. 4. MIXED USE • MIXED USE WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENT MIXED USE WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENT • MIXED USEMI X E D U S E WAT E R F R O N T D E V E L O P M E N TLOCATION: M A K I N G A S E A FA R I N G C O M M U N I T Y A N E X P E R I E N C E• Dubai, UAE This waterfront development is inspired by traditions that reflect Dubai’s heritage as aCLIENT: seafaring community. The intention is to create a destination that is unique to Dubai• Confidential and unique in Dubai- one that has a character of authenticity and history. To accomplish this, the Al Hamriya Port Waterfront will borrow lessons from the past and incorporatePROJECT AREA: them into the experience of visiting and residing there.• 1.3 million sf mixed use development• 2 boutique hotels (five and four star) Taking seafaring as its theme, this 13 hectare contemporary development is built up of• 80,000 sf hypermarket many layers. In plan, its lively, winding streets lead to points of encounter and activity,• 2-level retail podium reflecting traditional planning patterns and characteristics of Arab villages. The• 2-level parking deck development’s housing forms a hillside village, which spills down across these pedestrian pathways to a fishing harbor with cultural and commercial facilities. Uninterrupted by vehicular traffic, the quiet peace of the village gives way to the lively harbor. The village’s architectural vernacular includes tall wind towers (barajils), decorative screens (mashrabbia), spacious verandahs (liwans), purpose-built entertainment rooms (majlis) and ornate crenellations. These expressions offer a perfect backdrop for sophisticated waterfront souks, restaurants and cafes, bustling ferry terminals and stylish venues.
  5. 5. MIXED USE • FISHING HARBORS REDEVELOPMENT MASTER PLAN FISHING HARBORS REDEVELOPMENT MASTER PLAN • MIXED USEF I S HI N G H A R B O R S RE D E V E L O P M E N T M A S T E R P L A NPROJECT TITLE - SECOND LINE IF APPLICABLELOCATION: R E T U R N I N G V I TA L I T Y T O A D I S T I N C T I V E C O M M U N I T Y• Dubai, UAE This master plan focuses on the redevelopment of three existing fishing harbors alongCLIENT: Dubai’s coastline. The intent is to create an active fishing harbor which accommodates• Confidential the needs of fishermen who live and work at the sites while also providing a unique and dynamic experience for visitors by showcasing fishing operations, boat repair, waterfrontPROJECT AREA: venues and market souks. While the harbors are unified under one strong vision, each• Three sites ranging in size from has been given its own distinct character. Drawing inspiration from ancient fishing 140,000 sf to 273,000 sf villages, these developments are designed to reflect Dubai’s rich cultural heritage through the use of traditional meandering patterns, multi-level plazas, and vernacular architectural elements including wind towers (barajils), ornamental lattice screens (mashrabbia), verandahs (liwans), elaborate crenellations and Mecca-oriented prayer halls. Spaces are intentionally planned to appropriately integrate visitors into the waterfront experience while efficient marina configurations provide the ideal setting for bustling ferry terminals and the daily operational activities of the fishing harbors. Through their redevelopment, these waterfront communities will be rejuvenated, revitalized, and rehabilitated to return a spirit of vitality and sense of place to these fishing harbors.
  6. 6.  Tomorrow Square MarriottShanghai, ChinaThis 60-story tower features 36 floors of Marriott executiveapartments, topped by a 340-room J. W. Marriott hotel. The aluminumand glass façade of the building’s basic square plan reaches upwardin a straightforward, geometric progression, reflecting the change offunction at the towers 37th level via a 45-degree rotation.The 200,000-square-foot granite podium base consists of a six-levelsky-lit atrium containing a food court, entertainment venues, retailcomponents, subway access, over 14,000 square feet of conference/meeting space, and a health club. Tomorrow Square Marriott Shanghai, China
  7. 7. Tomorrow Square Shanghai, China
  8. 8. Bund CenterShanghai, ChinaLocated in the historic financial district of the Bund, this mixed-use complex is comprised of a 45-story office tower, 303 guestroom Westin hotel, and serviced apartments. The hotel providesconference services and 13 meeting rooms, totaling 17,072 squarefeet. Guests enjoy dining, entertainment, spa and recreationfacilities, as well as easy access to the city’s business, shopping,sightseeing and entertainment districts.The Bund Center effectively combines modern design andarchitecture as well as incorporates cultural elements, such as thelotus inspired Crown signifying growth and prosperity. At nightfall,the Crown beams majestically across the skyline of Shanghai.