Gamechanics Talk - Joddy Hernady
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Gamechanics Talk - Joddy Hernady






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Gamechanics Talk - Joddy Hernady Presentation Transcript

  • 1. “Trend of Digital Mediaand Games Pimpinan Telkom Group Rapat in Indonesia” Gamechanics : Aula Barat ITB, 19 Maret 2013 Joddy Hernady Senior General Manager Innovation & DesignCenter PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia
  • 2. Key Trends in GamesKey Trends in Media
  • 3. Huge number of event happens within 60 secs... Source: Shanghai Web Designer,, 2011 3
  • 4. Mobile Traffic Drivers Mobile devices: Global: 10B, SmartPhone: 27% APAC: 5B, SmartPhone: 26% *Indonesia: ~180M, BySmartphone:~30%be 2017, there will 1.4 mobile connections (devices and M2M) for every member of the world’s population Mobile Data Traffic (2017) 4G: 45% 3G: 51% 2G: 4% Mobile File Sharing (5.5%) Mobile M2M (8.3%) Mobile Web/Data (22.9%) Mobile Video (63.3) Note: * posisi tahun 2012 4
  • 5. Average Traffic Per Mobile Device Type will growsignificantly in the future … 5
  • 6. Perubahan Signifikan terjadi juga di Industri Game dunia Stand Alone Network Social Cloud Smart X Tablet Smartphone Mobile Phone Mobile Console Console PC Arcades Trend of Last 1 year : social games and Free Items Games
  • 7. Mobile Gamers: Players &
  • 8. Potensi Bisnis Mobile Game
  • 9. Game Industry Value ChainsSource : The Video Game Industry (Duke University)
  • 10. Bisnis Baru yg Muncul Dari Industri Game
  • 11. Potensi Indonesia High quality talents (artist & developers) Lower development cost Large and fast growing market Multicultural - rich contents & storylines − Strong educational support − Adequate training facilities − Exposure to global standard & partner − Need stronger government support
  • 12. Challengge: Develop “International-Class butLocal-Taste” Indonesian Games
  • 13. TELKOM Support for Indonesian Game Industry • Indigo Fellowship Program • Indigo Venture Program • Bandung Digital Valley Program, etc. • Indigo Incubator
  • 14. Telkom Game Platform & Ecosystem Architecture B2C Social Online Virtual Game Store Network Content Mobile Supplier Coin /Portal Game Management Store System Platform Game Online Developer In-App/ Web Store Gamers s In-Game Subscriber Settlement ( Kids, In-Game Chatting Management System Students Purchase Social , young Game Networks & Publishers Game Center Game User API Game Center Report & product- (Topup, Center ive Consume, Payment Statistics In-Game User SDK people)PC Client Game, Web Transfer) API PurchaseGame, Mobile Game Direct Voucher E-Money Offline B2B Billing Providers Providers Device Distribution (Tsel, Flexi, (Tsel, (Delima, T- Manufactures Channels Speedy) Telkom) Cash, etc) Service Enabler B2B2C
  • 15. Key Trends in GamesKey Trends in Media
  • 16. Digitisation is creating major shifts within themedia value chain ...Media Value Chain – Convergence Trends around Digitisation Non-Exhaustive Content Content Content User Creation Packaging Delivery Device Content creators and aggregators moving into content delivery Content delivery companies launching their own devices Equipment manufacturers moving into content packaging and delivery Content aggregators moving across the entire value chain Telcos moving into content 3 60 packaging Individual creative artists taking on their own packaging and delivery 16
  • 17. Digital Video EcosystemSource :, 2012 17
  • 18. And so the TIME ecosystem continues to undergosubstantial change – the boundaries are becomingincreasingly blurred Evolving ecosystem Automotive Utilities Telecommunications Consumer Banking & Electronics Insurance Media & Information Entertainment Technology Media & Health Advertising Care Source: A.T. Kearney A.T. Kearney Telkom MultiMedia 01-Feb-2012 18
  • 19. Overall, digitisation is facilitating access to newaudiences and personalised services, hence growingthe pie‘ overall After digitization Blockbusters Content Grades ‘in Scope’ – First broadcast Before and After Digitization Archives Hits Before digitization End of catalogue 1 Blockbusters Numerized Archives First Broadcast Niche Content 2 Archives Hits User-Generated Value Content Creation End of Threshold catalogue Archives 1 Existing content that is now economically viable to distribute 2 New content finding an audience thanks to the internet 19
  • 20. How About The Indonesia Market?Indonesia Media Summary Profile 20
  • 21. Signs indicate there is a tremendous market opportunityavailable, driven by buoyant consumer demand for media Media Opportunity in Indonesia 20.3 hrs of TV/ Increasing xx week (#1 in SEA, Attractiveness 29% growth in Intense of Media Increasing 2x Malaysia) online advertising Media Sector Advertising 8.3 hrs of radio/ Usage Spend(1) week 19% growth in (#1 in SEA) multi-channel TV Rising advertising Consumer 6th highest number of Twitter users globally Spend(1) 10% growth in (Jakarta is ranked the newspaper 13th tweet-city) advertising 41m Facebook users = 22% growth in 10% growth pay TV in online 6% growth in 90% of Indonesian subscriptions gaming spend online users (#1 in SE magazine Asia) advertising 12% growth in #3 country in 78% digital music sales Global Consumer Internet- Confidence Index 12% enabled phone growth in penetration 6% growth in 8% growth in DVD out-of-home (#2 after newspaper sales sales – despite the advertising Singapore (with most other ongoing prevalence in SEA ) markets in decline) of piracy (1) All Consumer and advertising spend data relates to 2010-2014 annual CAGR Source: Nielsen, PWC Media & Entertainment outlook, A.T. Kearney analysis Telkom_M&E_strategy_kickoff_111122 6
  • 22. TV and newspapers dominate the Indonesian Medialandscape Indonesia Media Market Size (IDR Trillion) 2011 Market Size Rp. 2016 Market Size Rp. 53 tr 93 tr Online Online Music 1% Music 3% 2% Other 1% Other OOH 6% OOH 4% 3% 2% Magazines Magazines 5% TV 4% TV 32% Gaming 38% 5% Gaming 7% Newspapers 45% Newspapers 42% Although newspapers still have a large share of revenues the industryhas weak med-long term prospects, the growth will be on TV and Online 22
  • 23. Advertising accounts for ~66% of the total revenuessize in 2011 23
  • 24. Indonesia’s media market continues to grow at a strongoverall rate of 12%, led by TV, Music, and online segments 24
  • 25. FTA, Pay TV and online segments have the highestgrowth together with moderate-high profitability Media Category Attractiveness Summary Indonesia Market Size: Size of bubble denotes High Online Music Social Networking relative 2010 revenues in 15x Search Rp. tr Online Games FTA (13tr) Radio >10 Physical Games OOH TDA ion Books EV/EBIT Valuati 3-4 Pay TV B2B Cinema Maga- Online Portals 2-3 zines 1-2 News- papers <1 Low (23tr) Avg. EBITDA % 2x Low High 0- 10- 20- 2% Growth 20% 10% 20% 30% 30- 2011-2016 CAGR 40% >40% Size & Growth: Indonesia; Profitability & Valuation: International Players Sources: A.T. Kearney Analysis Telkom_M&E_strategy_external analysis 36 25
  • 26. TV will remain the most attractive segmentSummary Insights on Size, Growth, Profitability, Valuation TV will continue to TV will continue to be the medium of choice for advertisers as 1 dominate media in CAGR continues to grow at ~15% Indonesia Online and digital Online and digital segments have highest growths of between 2 segments demonstrate 20%-60%; however, impact by 2016 will still be limited given strong growth current small size of online / digital market Despite the emergence of the online market cutting into the Print is declining, yet 3 remains sizable print share, print still contributes to over 30% of market size in 2016 Valuations are highest Valuations for gaming and online advertising segment is the 4 in Online and Gaming strongest amongst media segments at 11x-14x category 26
  • 27. The new Kings of Media ? Old Kings New Kings Name: R. Murdoch Name: M. Zuckerberg Age: 80 Age: 27 Net Worth: $7.6 billion Net Worth: $17.5 billion Focus: TV, Movies, Publishing Focus: Social media Background: Philosophy, Politics, Background: Engineering Economics Name: T. Turner Name: L. Page/S. Brin Age: 73 Age: 28 Net Worth: $2.1 billion Net Worth: $33.4 billion Focus: TV, Radio Focus: Search, Music, TV Background: Classics, Economics Background: Computer Science Name: A. Lagardère Name: J. Bezos Age: 50 Age: 47 Net Worth: $2.4 billion Net Worth: $19.1 billion Focus: Publishing Focus: Music, Video, Devices Background: Economics Background: Computer Science A.T. Kearney Telkom MultiMedia 01-Feb-2012 5 27
  • 28. The Next hit can come from anywhere ! - Japanese hologram pop star, Hatsune Miku Who is she? Key Lessons Initially 2-D animated spokesmodel for Think outside the box – creatively Vocaloid, an audio synthesizer and innovatively program – now a 3D superstar! Creativity is not just in terms of Has become an international star content creation, but also in ‒ Video game (Sega) delivery and partnerships ‒ Manga series ‒ Social networking site ‒ Likeness was launched into space ‒ 2012 Olympics performance poll ‒ Official Japanese sponsor for Toyota Corolla 12 28
  • 30. Thank…. Plihara PersatuanMenangkan PersainganJayalah Telkom Indonesia …….
  • 31. The Future Trend of TV TV will be an digital device-connected like any other! Users will choose their programming on TV streams and watch where they go! Simple standards that allow content to be published to TV will evolve Any connected device shall be able to provide TV experience Dynamics of Television Industry will change tremendously! 31
  • 32. Toward The King of Digital Society IDN 2015 id-Con: Covergence Digital Innovation SDP APPLICATION Application Server Single Subscriber id-Ring: Nationwide BB Backbone id-Access:2015:15 M Household True1 M AP Wifi Broadband Access Broadband for Business Broadband for Broadband for Broadband for Digital Society: & Government Home Community mobility InDiSo & InDiCo 32
  • 33. TELKOM Architecture on Digital Media 33
  • 34. Strategy Implementation of Digital Media 2013 Launch Launch Single Launch Launch IPTV eEntertainment MLTV OTT Portal 1. SD-IPTV 1. Music 1. Mobile (Low-BitRate) 2. eBooks 2. Desktop/ 2. HD-IPTV 3. Games Laptop (High-BitRate) 4. eStore 3. SMART TV 5. eRadio Aug 2013 Nov 2012 Feb 2013 Jun 2013 34