Idiocracy - Education in the Middle East
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Idiocracy - Education in the Middle East

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Why is education in the middle east failing

Why is education in the middle east failing

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  • 1. Idiocracy And the Middle East
  • 2. If you are from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and even Lebanon… … before you get mad at this presentation and its author, see this movie… This movie is about your future if things continue as they are at present.
  • 3. Why is your birthplace going to look like this in a few years?
  • 4. Because Your Education is Bad According to the OECD (and if you are an average Middle Easterner you will NOT know what the OECD is…), oil and rich natural resources do not mix very well… Despite your wealth, you are dumb. You cannot solve elementary practical problems and your literacy rate is below average. See this chart: eforinternationalstudentassessmentpisa/49881940. pdf
  • 5. The Situation at Present… y/friedman-pass-the-books-hold-the-oil.html?_r=0 To sum up in a very simplistic way what Friedman wants to (but does not) say in the article above, kids are lazy and bored because of dumb parents. Kids lack parental attention and their families leave it to the school system and (frequently illiterate) maids to care for them. What is more, their brains are on low power from fast foods and quick, easy pleasure (movies, computer games, pads, tabs, consoles…)
  • 6. Meanwhile, in Kuwait… s/tabid/96/smid/414/ArticleID/204122/reftab/ 36/t/16000-citizens-on-waitinglist/Default.aspx 16,000 people are on waiting lists for work. Despite their wealth, Kuwaitis are jobless… because they do not have the necessary skills and diplomas needed on the job market. Who is responsible for this? YOUR FAILING EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM which is after your money and promises you greatness but gives you a worthless diploma instead?
  • 7. What can you do? • Nothing… • Unless… – You take your education into your own hands – You take your child’s education into your own hands – You throw your laziness out with the trash and – Stop taking pride in being a junkie of the fast food industry and in being lazy