Storymakers 2014: Creating a Breakout Story (Hosted by TechSoup)


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Learn how your nonprofit, library, or foundation can create better digital stories with advice from some of the most well-seasoned storytellers and creators in social good storymaking.

From Michael Hoffman of See3 and the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards, to Joe Lambert of the Center for Digital Storytelling, we'll discuss the ingredients of a break out story and where to turn for inspiration in a cluttered landscape.

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  • This is one point which will always trump production value and quality. A real moment and genuine emotion are truly powerful. If you try to fake it your audience will know it instinctively, and then you will have lost them.
  • The viewer will always encounter your story in the here and now. How does it connect to this? Keep an eye on politics, culture and other current events and find stories that connect to yours.
  • Feelings make people act. Avoid policy talk and intellectualized language.
  • Linda compels the audience to speak out.
    Our partners at Sonke Gender Justice Network have received government funding in part because government representatives were impressed by the digital stories—the Western Cape Department of Health has funded them over the last five years for a total of about R10 Million or $1.3M USD.
  • Storymakers 2014: Creating a Breakout Story (Hosted by TechSoup)

    1. 1. Storymakers Round-Table: Creating a Break-Out Story August 14, 2014
    2. 2. Using ReadyTalk • Chat to ask questions • All lines are muted • If you lose your Internet connection, reconnect using the link emailed to you. • If you lose your phone connection, re-dial the phone number and re-join. • ReadyTalk support: 800-843-9166 Your audio will play through your computer’s speakers.
    3. 3. • This seminar will be available on the TechSoup website along with past webinar presentations: webinars • You will receive a link to this presentation, recording, and links. • Twitter hashtag: #techsoup or #storymakers2014 You are being recorded…
    4. 4. Storymakers Round-Table: Creating a Break-Out Story With Michael Hoffman, See3 And Joe Lambert, Center for Digital Storytelling August 14, 2014
    5. 5. Presenters Becky Wiegand Webinar Program Manager TechSoup Assisting with chat and Storymakers questions: Ale Bezdikian, TechSoup Michael Hoffman Founder and CEO See3 Joe Lambert Founder and Executive Director Center for Digital Storytelling
    6. 6. • Introduction to TechSoup • Participant Polls – What kind of storyteller are you? – How do you collect stories from community? • Storymakers • Why stories matter • Ingredients and strategy for break-out stories • Q&A Today’s Agenda:
    7. 7. TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a clear focus: connecting fellow nonprofits, charities, public libraries, and foundations with tech products and services, plus learning resources to make informed decisions about technology. Who Is TechSoup?
    8. 8. Who Is TechSoup? • Since 1987, TechSoup donation programs have served more than 210,000 charitable organizations. • We’ve distributed more than 11 million software and hardware donations and enabled recipients to save more than US$3.75 billion in IT expenses in 60+ countries around the world. • We reach more than 400,000 nonprofit, library, and philanthropy subscribers in the United States with our newsletters each year.
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    10. 10. • How do you think of yourself as storyteller? – Total beginner – I use stories all the time in my life and work, but don’t create them as digital stories – I’ve created a few digital stories, or less – I’ve created a lot of digital stories – I’ve never created a digital story – I don’t think of myself as a storyteller – We have a deep culture of storytelling at our org Participant Poll
    11. 11. • How have you worked to collect the stories of people you serve? – We don’t – Surveys – Interview clients – Make media about clients served – Have clients share their own stories Participant Poll
    12. 12. Storymakers 2014 2012 TSDigs Photo Winner, Fitness for Africa
    13. 13. Education + Community
    14. 14. Submit Your Story! Enter August 26 - September 26, 2014 2 minute YouTube Video Vine/Instagram Short Video 5 photo Flickr Slideshow
    15. 15. $13,000 Cash Prizes
    16. 16. Storymakers Events • 8/26-9/26: Submissions Open • 8/27: Storymakers Super-Short Videos: Vine, Instagram, and More! • 9/4: Storymakers Global Tweet Chat • 9/10: Storymakers Get Your Story Noticed! • 9/17: Storymakers: Tell Your Library’s Story • Varies: In-Person N2 Local Events WorldWide! • 10/1: Judging Begins • 10/29: Gala Awards Event
    17. 17. What is all this storytelling stuff and why does it matter?
    20. 20. ““Storytelling is the brain’sStorytelling is the brain’s way of making sense ofway of making sense of our actions”our actions” He calls the storytellingHe calls the storytelling side of the brainside of the brain ““The Interpreter”The Interpreter” MICHAEL S. GAZZANIGA Professor of Psychology, UC Santa Barbara, Cognitive Neuroscience
    21. 21. ““Public narrative is a leadership practice.Public narrative is a leadership practice. To lead is to accept responsibility forTo lead is to accept responsibility for enabling others to achieve purpose in theenabling others to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty.face of uncertainty. Through narrative we can learn to accessThrough narrative we can learn to access moral resources we need to makemoral resources we need to make choices we must in response to thechoices we must in response to the challenges of an uncertain world.”challenges of an uncertain world.” - Marshall Ganz
    22. 22. What is all this storytelling stuff and why does it matter?
    23. 23. Joe Lambert, Founder/Executive Director Center for Digital Storytelling
    24. 24. Why Story… • Promotes individual awareness and healing • Inspires hope and resilience • Connects us with community & support • Provides us with information
    25. 25. Why Digital Stories? • New technologies make it easy to make • Easy to share through countless social media venues • Provides more intimate connection for audiences to organizations • Provides conversation starters for education, organizing and policy campaigns • Becomes a qualitative research and assessment tool
    26. 26. How do we use story as the center of strategy? What ingredients inspire a breakout story?
    27. 27. Who is the heroWho is the hero OF YOUR STORY?OF YOUR STORY?
    28. 28. Play video herePlay video here
    29. 29. ““Leaders can use public narrativeLeaders can use public narrative to interpret their values to others,to interpret their values to others, enable one’s community toenable one’s community to experience values it shares andexperience values it shares and inspire others to act on challengesinspire others to act on challenges to their values. It is learning how toto their values. It is learning how to tell a story of self, a story of us ,tell a story of self, a story of us , and a story of now.”and a story of now.” - Marshall Ganz
    31. 31. INVISIBLE CHILDREN Example:
    32. 32. MICHAEL HOFFMAN @michael_hoffman 773-784-7333
    33. 33. How do we use story as the center of strategy? What ingredients inspire a breakout story?
    34. 34. Four C’s Model (4 Paragraphs – 250 Words) Connect – Bring Us to a Decisive Moment Context – Situate the Event Crisis – Show us where the moment led to change Conclusion – Get us out of the story Movie- Reunion – Schuyler Swenson -
    35. 35. Strategies in public health research and practice Personal Reflection & Growth Education & Awareness Movement Building Policy AdvocacyResearch & Evaluation Digital Storytelling what can digital storytelling do?
    36. 36. GoJoven Digital Story Project
    37. 37. Asian Pacific Island Wellness Center – Banyan Tree Project
    38. 38. Exhale Digital Stories
    39. 39. Planned Parenthood Toronto – PEAK Digital Stories
    40. 40. Q & A Please type your questions in the chat window. Follow-up questions can be posted in the community forum:
    41. 41. • 8/19: Tech Donations for Boys and Girls Clubs of America • 8/21: Leveraging Social Media for Nonprofit Events • 8/27: Storymakers Super-Short Videos: Vine, Instagram, and More! • 9/4: #GivingTuesday and End-of-Year Fundraising • 9/10: Storymakers Get Your Story Noticed! • 9/17: Storymakers: Tell Your Library’s Story • 9/18: Funding Rural America: Finding Support for Small Communities Find upcoming and archived events at Upcoming Webinars
    42. 42. • See3 Communications • Center for Digital Storytelling • • Storymakers Resources Resources
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