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Run Walk Ride Film Festival 2011


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  • 1. Run Walk Ride Film Festival
    A Closer Look at the World of Online Video for Fundraising
    Run Walk Ride Conference 2011
    Presented by Michael Hoffman, CEO, See3 Communications
    Michael Hoffman: See3 Communications
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  • 3. Why am I standing here?
    • See3’s Co-Founder and CEO
    • 4. Former nonprofit fundraiser
    • 5. Former managing director of venture capital firm
    • 6. Started internet companies back in bubble #1
    • 7. Making the web deliver ROI for nonprofits
    • 8. Doesn’t run, walk or ride enough
    See3 Communications is an interactive communications agency that works exclusively with nonprofits, foundations, associations, and social causes. We specialize in online strategies and campaigns, video production, and web design & development.
  • 9. Meet Tim
    Hey Guys!
    Tim’s a real mensch. Every year he runs in a fundraising event and does everything he can to really make his participation count. He’s also gotten pretty media savvy lately.
  • 10. Tim Made a Video
    But this year Tim didn’t just run. Tim wanted his run to have more impact and reach more people who could donate. Tim wanted a multiplier. So he made a video.
    It was easy, really.
  • 11. …And He Shared It Online
  • 12. And People Were Watching
    Thanks for your donation!
    This time Tim raised more dollars than he had raised in all his previous runs combined. His cause benefited and he learned a valuable lesson: Video raises money
  • 13. A Simple Equation
  • 14. Some More Numbers for You
    • In December 2010 ComScore reported that 85% of US internet users watched online video, 88.6 million people watched online video on an average single day, up 32% from December 2009 and the average American spent more than 14 hours watching online video (ComScore, February 2011)
    • 15. More than 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute
    • 16. There are as many people over 55 watching video on YouTube as there are under 18.
    • 17. Cisco predicts that 90% of the web’s data will be video within
    four years
  • 18. For-Profits Understand This
    • Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. (Comscore, August 2010)
    • 19. Zappos reports a 6% to 30% increase in sales for products with video. (ReelSEO, December 2009)
    Fundraisers Can Use This
    • Video means increased conversions
  • Events are Using Video
  • 20. These Videos are Great!
    • Event fundraisers are utilizing video more than every before
    • 21. Just this small collection of videos adds up to over 110,000 views on YouTube alone
    • 22. Runners/Walkers/Riders are making their own video just as much as organizations are creating this content
    • 23. Videos are a multiplier. Video is letting these single day events live online forever – building awareness, recruiting volunteers, and driving donations
    • 24. The Run/Walk/Ride community has established a model for event videos
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
    • New and fresh approaches and appeals
    • 25. New ways for any sized organization or any participant to create and share video
    • 26. New ways to make your videos interactive and personal
    • 27. See what’s out there
  • Set Your Video Apart
    • What can you do differently this year? Content is everywhere and much of it is cookie cutter. Make your video something you’d want to watch for a few minutes (or less)
    • 28. Don’t be afraid to use humor
    • 29. Empower your participants to get your message out
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  • 30. Make Your Video Personal
    • Personalized video makes your audience a part of the story
    • 31. A 1:1 connection that appeals to the way people identify with causes
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  • 32. Watch More Video!
    • Go online and see what others in the Run/Walk/Ride space are doing! Creativity is key and there’s nothing wrong with looking to your peers for inspiration
    • 33. If you see great online video anywhere – think about how you can adapt a style or approach to tell the narrative of your event
    • 34. Sign up for the Daily DoGooder and get great examples of the best and most interesting uses of online video delivered to your inbox every day – no more last minute searching
  • 35. And Keep Making Great Stuff
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  • 36. Thank You!
    Twitter: @Michael_Hoffman
    Phone: +1773-784-7333
    The slidedeck and links will be
    available after this session at