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How to Turn Your Website into a Conversion Machine
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How to Turn Your Website into a Conversion Machine



You've got a website (it's the 21st century, after all). But if your site isn't optimized to the umpteenth degree, you're leaving money, action, and impact on the table. ...

You've got a website (it's the 21st century, after all). But if your site isn't optimized to the umpteenth degree, you're leaving money, action, and impact on the table.

This See3 slideshare reviews best practices and covers some great tips for turning your website into a conversion machine — turning bystanders into advocates, and window shoppers into donors. Included are tricks for making better forms, effective page design, mobile optimization, personalization, and more — a new toolbox for making your website a more engaging and impactful experience for your supporters.



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How to Turn Your Website into a Conversion Machine Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Optimizing Conversions 1
  • 2. Presented By & Mark Roth Director of Web Services Megan Lee Web Project Manager 2
  • 3. See3 Communications video web design + development online engagement 3
  • 4. Today’s Webinar • Introduction to Conversion Optimization • Setting the Baseline & Building the Case • Approaches to Optimization • Tips & Ideas • Questions and Answers 4
  • 5. Shifting Paradigm = New Realities YESTERDAY: TODAY: 5
  • 6. What Are Your Goals? Image source: walldime.com 6
  • 7. What is “Conversion Optimization” ? Image source: Visualwebsiteoptimizer.com 7
  • 8. Discover the Rate of Conversion Image source: vikrampawar.wordpress.com 8
  • 9. Discover the Rate of Conversion Conversion Rate = total actions unique visitors X 100 1% 1.5% 1000 visitors 10 donors 15 donors 5000 visitors 50 donors 75 donors 9
  • 10. Discover the Rate of Conversion Image source: lakebiblechurch.com 10
  • 11. What Is Impacting Your Conversions? 11
  • 12. 6 Key Factors 1. Value proposition 2. Relevance 3. Clarity 4. Anxiety 5. Distraction 6. Urgency Image source: widerfunnel.com & Qualaroo.com 12
  • 13. Create a Listening Culture Image source: erinsumm.com 13
  • 14. Create a Testing Culture Image source: enjoylifefoodsblog.com 14
  • 15. Create a Testing Culture      Email Subject Lines Page Design & Usability Value Proposition - Copy Writing Headline Copy Points of “Friction” Image source: maxymiser.com 15
  • 16. Culture + Process Tame the H.I.P.P.O. Be BOLD = No Meak Tweak Make Decisions Based On Merit Image source: Unbounce.com 16
  • 17. CAUTION Image source: keepcalmstudio.com 17
  • 18. Common Methods Image source: unbounce.com 2012 Report 18
  • 19. Common Methods In order of popularity: 1. A/B Testing 2. Copy Optimization 3. Customer Journey Analysis 4. Online Survey/Customer Feedback 5. Usability Testing 6. Competitor Benchmarking 7. Segmentation 8. Event-Triggered Email 9. Multivariate Testing 10. Expert Usability Reviews Image source: unbounce.com 2012 Report 19
  • 20. S.M.A.R.T. Goals Image source: breakingmuscle.com 20
  • 21. KPIs / Measurement / Analytics Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - William Bruce Cameron 21
  • 22. KPIs / Measurement / Analytics Image source: wearesocialmedia.gr 22
  • 23. Know Your Target Audience Image source: 12manage.com 23
  • 24. Customer Feedback / Surveys Image source: Qualaroo.com 24
  • 25. Browser & Device Testing Image source: Qualaroo.com 25
  • 26. Two Approaches • Persuasion • Usability Not a path where you chose one or the other. You need to train both to see improvements. 26
  • 27. Persuasion • Understand the visitors • Find where your goals meet your audiences interests to be able to add value. • Can be helped by creating urgency, providing social proof, building trust and credibility. Image source: ccintertactica.org via newtactics.org 27
  • 28. Usability • Again, start by understanding the visitors • Remove distractions and “friction” • Can be helped by testing the “happy path” to find any usability issues in the core functionality. Image source: designermag.org 28
  • 29. The Drunk Test Video notes: Blurry Vision – website should be clear even without words Attention Poor – guide them and say it twice! Emotional – they will abandon quickly so make the process easy to avoid. Watch full video Video Source: squareweave Drunk but not Dumb 29
  • 30. Landing Pages Start with your landings pages because they serve a specific purpose and goal. They frequently are driving users to some sort of conversion: Donation, sign up, etc. Persuasion Tips: Clear headlines, emphasis on call to action & urgency, supporting content to build credibility. Usability Tips: Image Source – quicksprout.com Reduce anxiety and distraction. Allow users to quickly orient themselves. 30
  • 31. Calls to Action This is where you users says – “I intend to convert!” in the CRO process so it is very important. Persuasion Tips: Use descriptive verbs, focus on the visitors impact not the org. Test your text. Avoid Click Here and Submit. Usability Tips: Buttons and contrasting or unique colors. Make it pop for those who scan. Leverage negative space around the button. Image Source – unicefusa.org 31
  • 32. Forms Persuasion Tips: Usability Tips: Make your case beforehand. Use optimistic language. In case of donations, use an optimistic default donor amount. Video is very effective. If the form is not on the landing page, reduce the # of steps to get to it. Reduce # of fields Make field sizes large enough Demonstrate security if collecting sensitive info (https, security badges) Image Source - oxfamireland.org via unbounce.com 32
  • 33. A Cautionary Tale The fact that “badforms.com” exists is indication enough that forms are a big deal to people. Some bonus usability tips: Avoid fields that don’t work or don’t prepopulate when they can. Put fields in a logical order for your users. Image Source – badforms.com 33
  • 34. Site Speed This is all usability but it is so you have OPPORTUNITY to be persuasive. Don’t fail before you’ve even started. Don’t just test from your desk at work. Test mobile, test different connection speeds. Consider where your users may log on from and test there. Optimize code, consider faster servers/hosting packages. Image Source – developers.google.com 34
  • 35. So if they convert Then what? Thank them and give them a new action. All of those distractions you wanted to show them before, now is your chance! 35
  • 36. Okay, but what should I do Now? 36
  • 37. Pick One What is your biggest pain point? Landing pages, calls to action, forms? Brainstorm improvements for that pain point. 37
  • 38. Then test! Persuasion testing: Test headlines with a subset of your list. A/B test your calls to action. Usability testing: Jakob Nielsen says “The best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running as many small tests as you can afford.” Watch a small group of users on a regular basis to uncover the majority of site usability issues. Image Source – nngroup.com 38
  • 39. The biggest thing is to start TRYING NOW. 39
  • 40. Resources Recommended Reading - Examples, tips & ideas – http://unbounce.com/landing-page-examples/your-landing-page-sucks/ – https://blog.kissmetrics.com/ – http://www.marketingexperiments.com/blog – http://ssl.gstatic.com/think/docs/digital-non-profits-study_research-studies.pdf Software Tools Mentioned – Google Analytics - http://google.com/analytics - free analytics for your site – CrazyEgg - http://crazyegg.com - popular heatmap software – Clicktale - http://clicktale.com - user heatmaps & visitor recordings – UserTesting.com - http://UserTesting.com - hire people to test your site – Feedback Army - http://feedbackarmy.com/ - cheap & simple user testing from real people – Ethnio - http://ethn.io - recruit testing participants via smart popup survey – Qualaroo - http://qualaroo.com – smart popups/simple surveys – 40 Nuggets - https://40nuggets.com - Smart Popups/behavior triggers – Optimizely – http://optimizely.com - simple UI testing – FoldTester - http://foldtester.com - view where the fold hits your page – Unbounce - http://unbounce.com - build, publish & A/B test landing pages – CallTracking Metrics - https://calltrackingmetrics.com - Call Tracking – Browser Shots - http://browsershots.org - browsers & mobile device testing – Sauce Labs - https://saucelabs.com - browser & mobile device testing 40
  • 41. Thank You! Partner with us to help optimize your web experience info@see3.com www.See3.com (773) 784-7333 41