Five Tips to Raise More Money with Video


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See3's got five simple tips for using video to raise more money in your end-of-year fundraising drive and hit your 2013 goals.

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  • HOFF 30 SEC (next slide)
  • Our clients include the American Cancer Society, Sierra Club, UNICEF, American Jewish World Service, Amnesty International, Refugees International, and many others. (NEXT SLIDE)
  • In today’s Webinar: We’ve got five distinct ways you can ensure a real return on investment for your video program. We’ll talk about planning, analytics, and distribution strategies you can use to raise more. And we’ll end with some time for questions
  • A lot of folks instinctively understand that great video can have a big impact. But we realized that there just isn’t a lot of data out there to prove it. That’s why we conducted the IntoFocus Nonprofit Video Survey, in partnership with YouTube and Edelman, to find out how nonprofits are using video, the impact it’s having, and where there’s room for improvement. - Half of all internet content is video. Every month 4 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube. Every year more than 350 million videos are shared on Twitter. And more and more, than content is going mobile — traveling with viewers wherever they go.
  • It is a human truth that people are moved to action through seeing the stories of adversity and positive change.   Honest, compelling stories break through the clutter.  They create identification and aspiration to move people
  • The most effective nonprofit videos build relationships — with the folks who already know and support your work, and with the people who just stumble across your organization for the first time.
  • Building that connection means different things for different people. If you’re trying to build your list, sharing your founding story or introducing your beneficiaries, might be a good way to go. For people who are higher up the ladder of engagement, a more one-on-one, personal message — introducing a staff member or telling donor stories — can help those folks feel like a part of the action.
  • Follow the stories of your beneficiaries to demonstrate how the money you raise is having a real, human impact
  • A two-way street of communication between donor and staff
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you have a message to share! Take advantage of the great work happening in your world (just like we are for this tip). Beth Kanter, friend of See3 and author of The Networked Nonprofit, frequently talks with NGOs about how they can use content curation to reach a broader audience — and we’d like to pass that wisdom on to you.
  • There are lots of coalitions out there partnering on days of action and campaigns — but how often do they make good use of each others’ digital resources? If you belong to a coalition, formally or informally, don’t miss the opportunity to share, reblog, and repurpose the great video content out there in your field. The folks working in gun violence prevention are a great example of this, buddying up for days of action and highlighting each others’ work. It’s a cost-effective and quick way to keep a stream of content flowing that can both drive folks back to your fundraising page and illustrate why your issue is so important.
  • Another great option: making use of documentary content to generate buzz and dollars around your issue. Folks are making documentaries about any and all topics these days — and thanks to the internet and dropping costs, they’re available everywhere! Check out traditional outlets like PBS, the BBC, and ITVS for titles — or just consult your netflix queue!
  • See3 has partnered with Kindling Group to produce a documentary about homelessness called @home, and we’re working with the nation’s major homeless service organizations — highlighting their work in webisodes, retweeting their content, and collaborating on events. If there’s a film coming out about your issue area, make sure to capitalize on its success!
  • Beth likes to say that when you cultivate content, you should seek, sense, and share. Put real manpower into combing the internet for new content – google alerts on relevant keywords, and following likeminded organizations on Twitter and Facbeook, are great ways to find new videos. SENSE – NOT SURE WHAT THAT MEANS. Finally, only share the content that really gives added value to your program — content your followers will find really compelling. And make sure there’s two-way collaboration: comment and like folks’ content, too, and they’ll do the same for you.
  • I like to talk about how it’s our job to make your supporter the hero of your organization’s story. And one of the best ways to empower your biggest fans to be the hero is to ask them to share your amazing work. And it’s a low-bar ask, ESPECIALLY when you make it easy to share — providing compelling language, using optimized buttons, and paying attention to your metadata. There IS a connection between non-financial asks and donations. Nobody wants to just be an ATM
  • Another way to encourage your supporters to share is to actually make them central to your video campaign. Follow their story, and their work with your organization — letting them explain why they’ve got your back, in their own words. DC Central Kitchen produced a video that follows one of its volunteers on his rounds across the city, dropping off healthy food in food deserts. He and the other folks benefiting from their work share, in the first person, why DC Central Kitchen is making their neighborhoods healthier.
  • Taking that one step further, new platforms and tools for creating user-generated video content can turn your donors and supporters into the producers. It’s cost effective, and can generate a great volume of content. Plus, it’s sure to be authentic.
  • But not everyone’s sure where to start when collecting user-gen content and putting it to use. See3 created a new smartphone app called Propelit to harness the power of user-generated content for good. It’s a great tool for EOY fundraising — giving your supporters the opportunity to make and share fundraising asks, or to share their favorite program run by your organization. Propelit is currently being beta tested; if you’re interested in learning more, contact us at
  • We helped the American Cancer Society help its supporters organize and fundraise for their individual walks by creating an interactive, personalized video campaign. Instead of having to make a direct money ask, ACS constituents could create a video, highlighting their own support for ACS, and share it with friends and family. With annotations and an ask built in at the end, the video did the soliciting for them. The video got 100,000 views and was shared 50,000 times, and raised nearly 10 times what it cost to make.
  • Here’s what Upworthy tells us: You do not understand the internet. You do not know how to make something go viral and get it in front of a million people. And neither does Upworthy. BUT, by testing different ways to frame your incredible content, your chances of shooting the moon are going to be much, much better.
  • Make sure every last detail of your video is framed just how you want it, and optimized for interaction: Share text, description, headline, screenshot, annotations — everything counts.
  • But seriously, get the creative juices flowing. Your video’s headline is THAT important.
  • Your best donors and supporters deserve a little something extra — and the offer of premium content can also bring new monthly or recurring donors on board. People love a behind-the-scenes look at what makes your organization tick, and the chance for dialogue with your leaders. Google Hangouts with monthly donors or high-dollar donors A special video message from your leadership or a celebrity thanking them for their generous support For any piece of content, providing a separate ask from the main list — rather than asking for another donation, saying thank you and asking them to share
  • YouTube offers free livestreaming services to nonprofits — another option to try for your next livestreamed event.
  • You can take a video you already made, turn it into a 30-second ad lickety split, and put a little money behind some simple online ads — and can get a great return on your investment in building up your fundraising list, at a time when lots of people are looking to donate.
  • Options: Google Hangouts, Youtube for nonprofits, live tweeting
  • Five Tips to Raise More Money with Video

    1. 1 5 ways to raise more with video 
 "Michael Hoffman! CEO, See3 Communications!
    2. 2 About Michael Hoffman" •  Online marketing and communications specialist •  Founded See3 Communications to merge video and the web for nonprofits and causes! •  Former senior nonprofit fundraiser and political consultant
    3. 3 See3 Communications" video online engagement web design + development
    4. 4! Today s webinar" It’s pretty straightforward…! ! We’ll cover five simple ways to ! raise more $$$ with video.!
    5. 5 Fundraising has a life cycle:" Awareness & Identification" Solicitation" Acknowledge" Engagement" Stewardship"
    6. 6 Awareness & Identification" Solicitation" Acknowledge"Engagement" Stewardship" A video that thanks " A video that asks for money" Awareness of the issue. " A video that shows why donors should double down" A video that shows where the money went and how your donation helped "
    7. 7 Video! Why MATTERS…"
    8. 8 Who’s watching video online?"" THE INTOFOCUS VIDEO REPORT" Everyone. Everywhere. All the time.
    9. 9 Why Storytelling Matters" •  People are often moved to action by seeing the stories of adversity and positive change! ! •  Honest, compelling stories break through the clutter! •  Make your supporter the hero, and move them to action! !
    10. 10 PULL BACK THE CURTAIN Tip #1
    11. 11 Make some introductions:" •  Your founding story! •  Your staff! •  Your beneficiaries! •  Your donors and supporters!
    12. 12 
 The power of the founding story:!
    13. 13 Illustrate your impact" Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!!
    14. 14 Or, just say thanks!" Charity: Water “Thank You” Campaign!!
    15. 15 Put it into action:! •  Make a Thanksgiving “thank you” video! •  Introduce your staff with easy-to-make iPhone videos! •  Record a fundraising appeal from your executive director!
    16. 16 CURATE Tip #2
    17. 17 The art of recycling" (Thanks Beth!)!
    18. 18 Buddy up!"
    19. 19
    20. 20 Documentaries: @home"
    21. 21 Seek, sense, share"
    22. 22 Put it into action:! •  Mix up your email schedule with curated content! •  Try a “best of” video series on social media! •  Host documentary watch parties!
    24. 24 Ask #1: Share" Turn your supporters into cheerleaders.
    25. 25 In their own words DC Central Kitchen!! !
    26. 26 Ask #2: Create" User-generated content:! ! •  Free! •  From the heart! •  Individual appeals!
    27. 27 Email to learn more"
    28. 28 Ask #3: Organize" American Cancer Society!
    29. 29 Put it into action:! •  Segment your emails and ask recent donors to share video content.! •  Ask supporters to record video fundraising appeals.! !
    30. 30 FRAMING Tip #4 YOUR " VIDEO " HERE"
    31. 31 The lesson of Upworthy:"
    32. 32 No slacking!"
    33. 33 Headline #1: Reinvent the Toilet! The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation! Test test test test test test test"
    34. 34 Headline #2: ! >> over 600,000 views! More at: that-one-thing-go-viral-just-kidding
    35. 35 25 headlines. Seriously." Upworthy’s claim:" ! Your first headline will be crap.! ! 2-24 will be OK! ! And headline #25 will be GOLD!! !
    36. 36 Put it into action:! •  As much as humanly possible, test your language, buttons, headlines, etc.! •  Frame everything — no detail is too small.! •  And write 25 headlines, EVERY TIME.! !
    37. 37 GO LIVE Tip #5
    38. 38 Online events" •  Livestreaming! •  Live video blogging (Vine, Instagram)! •  Live discussions and forums: Google Hangouts, Reddit. etc.!
    39. 39 …EVERYBODY’s doing it"
    40. 40 Premium content" For the donor who has everything…!
    41. 41 Live on YouTube Nonprofit"
    42. 42 Put it into action:! •  Try a Google Hangout with staff in the field.! •  Livestream your annual fundraising gala and solicit donations online, too.! •  Experiment with premium content for recurring donors.! !
    43. 43 Tools, Tactics & DISTRIBUTION
    44. Distribution" •  Your website is your channel! Use it effectively.! •  Leverage your existing email audience with video alerts and stories of us! Video boosts open rates 13% and boosts conversions 21% (MediaPost, 2012)!
    45. Explore simple, easy to use tools for paid video advertising:! ! •  Scalable and cost-effective! •  Sophisticated targeting! •  Turn-key video views! •  AdWords for Video (A.K.A. YouTube TrueView)! •  TubeMogul premium service! Use ads for new leads"
    46. 46 Are you a member?! livestreaming Call to action overlays annotations Donate button YouTube Nonprofit Program!
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