Using Social Media to Grow Your Small Business


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Many businesses use social media to grow revenue, increase barnd presence, build loyalty, and increase search engine optimization (SEO). Don't get left behind!

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

  1. 1. Using Social Media to GROW Your Small Business
  2. 2. Social media • Grows business revenue • Increases brand presence • Entices return customers • Builds loyalty • Increases search engine optimization
  3. 3. 74% of small business owners feel online social networking outweighs in-person networking. - Manta
  4. 4. Marketing experts say it's essential for even the smallest of companies to dive in.
  5. 5. How do you start?
  6. 6. Set goals “I want to increase online traffic by 10% by offering promotion codes via Facebook.” “I want to get solid relationships with 20 former clients next month via LinkedIn.”
  7. 7. Examples of good social media goals: –Increase in website traffic –New leads –Market awareness
  8. 8. Start small Choose one platform to focus on initially to develop a deep engagement level.
  9. 9. Conduct market research. The platform your customers use the most is the platform you want to start with.
  10. 10. Start conversations • Ask open ended questions • Ask for feedback on a new product • Ask opinions on industry news • Get people talking about things that matter to them
  11. 11. For example, if you’re a dog groomer, ask your followers to share funny pictures of their dogs.
  12. 12. Add value • Contribute valuable documents, videos, and pictures • Become the industry authority on your subject
  13. 13. Say you want to sell a weight loss program. You could add value through: • How to articles • Interviews • Webinars • Video tutorials • Industry reports
  14. 14. Don’t sell If people think they’re being sold to, they will block or unfollow you.
  15. 15. • Don’t act like a corporation. Be human! • Be friendly. Be casual. Have opinions.
  16. 16. Be regular • • Post regularly But remember, quality over quantity
  17. 17. Allocate time for social media (about 15 minutes per day is enough).
  18. 18. Give reasons Give customers a reason to interact with you…and reward them for it.
  19. 19. Use social media for: • Contests • Prizes • Giveaways • Coupons
  20. 20. Use employees • 50% of customers expect businesses to provide customer support on Facebook but only 23% do! • In addition to customer service, employees can also contribute/respond to posts on your behalf
  21. 21. • Employees are your most powerful brand evangelists • Say you had 5 employees, and each had 200 followers. If each employee posted one post about your company, they would have a collective reach of 1,000 people!
  22. 22. Be safe • Don’t forget social media security policies • They help keep your business safe
  23. 23. Social media policies act as risk management rules and protect employers against leaked confidential information and liability from inappropriate material.
  24. 24. If you start regularly interacting with customers by adding value on social media, you will see your goals succeed.
  25. 25. Need policy help? 877.364.9168