'Tis the (shopping) season


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The holiday season presents a great opportunity for small businesses. Here are five quick tips for small businesses to engage customers and have a successful holiday season.

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  • http://www.cnbc.com/id/49993064http://independentretailer.com/2013/09/17/get-the-most-out-of-small-business-saturday/http://www.forbes.com/sites/sundaysteinkirchner/2012/11/29/small-business-saturday-what-worked-and-what-didnt/
  • According to Dr. SonjaLyubomirsky, published author and Psychology professor at UC Riverside, “being kind and generous leads you to perceive others more positively and more charitably, which fosters a heightened sense of interdependence and cooperation in your social community.”http://svedf.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/how-to-take-advantage-of-the-holiday-season-get-more-business/
  • ‘most likes’ promotions – people share them on SM, with friends and family, many of whom may be in your target audience as well!Collect customer info so you can turn holiday shoppers into regular customers!
  • It’s about FUN and EXCITEMENT too!
  • multiple day promotions, deals that build on themselves, etc
  • http://money.msn.com/identity-theft/10-ways-to-avoid-holiday-hackinghttp://blog.cloudflare.com/hackers-love-the-holidayshttp://www.nfib.com/business-resources/business-resources-item?cmsid=48052http://www.nrf.com/modules.php?name=News&op=viewlive&sp_id=1472
  • 'Tis the (shopping) season

    1. 1. ‘Tis the (shopping) season Five steps to ensure your business a happy holiday season
    2. 2. About SecurityMetrics { • • • Data security and compliance solutions Assisted over 1 million businesses with PCI & HIPAA compliance 24/7/365 award winning merchant support
    3. 3. ‘Tis the (shopping) season • Up to 40% of small business annual sales take place in Nov & Dec • 3.9% estimated increase in holiday spending over 2012 • $602 billion projected holiday spending in 2013
    4. 4. Here are five things you can do to ensure a happy and profitable holiday season for your business.
    5. 5. #1 • • • • Know Your Shopping Holidays Black Friday (Nov 29) Cyber Monday (Dec 2) Free Shipping Day (Dec 18) Consumers have different expectations on these days, so don’t let them down!
    6. 6. Holiday Tips Take advantage of Small Business Saturday • November 30, 2013 • $5.5 billion spent in 2012 • Day dedicated for consumers to shop at local small businesses • One day you don’t have to compete with the big guys – make it count! { Don’t Be a Grinch! According to AMEX, great customer service can increase sales by 13% }
    7. 7. #2 Support a Charity • Host a food drive, donations drive, secret Santa, etc. • Chance to do good and meet new prospects • Supporting a cause with customers creates goodwill – Psychologically proven to strengthen consumer’s opinion of you!
    8. 8. Charity Tips • Consider local charities to reinforce your connection with the community • Use your storefront as the charity home base • Offer vouchers and discounts for donations – Encourages people to shop at your store • Be social! Share pictures of event on social media Update Your Website 65% of consumers plan to browse online before they go into a store to buy { }
    9. 9. #3 Holiday Contests • User submitted holiday contests – Photo, short story, video • Get creative! • Share submissions – Social media, website, at your business
    10. 10. Contest Tips • Find a contest that makes sense for your business and audience • Incorporate your products and services (if possible) • Make your contest ‘shareable’ • Use contests to grow subscription and contact lists!
    11. 11. #4 Sales Promotions • It’s not all about discounts, it’s about FUN and EXCITEMENT too! • Use a variety of promotions to engage customers – Mystery discounts – Doorbusters – Special gifts with purchase
    12. 12. Promotion Tips • Give them a reason to come back – 12 days of Christmas promotion (a new product discounted each day) – Try shorter, more frequent offers (pay attention or they miss the sale) • Collect customer data! – Turn holiday shoppers into return customers! { Beat the Rush 34% of small businesses are planning holiday promotions beginning on or before Thanksgiving Day }
    13. 13. #5 Holiday Security • High season for cyber security breaches • Perfect scenario for hackers – Large number of card transactions – Additional strain on website/systems – Chaos of holiday season distracts employees • Payment card breaches result in lost sales, brand damage, significant financial penalties!
    14. 14. Security Tips • Reset system passwords • Update software and systems • Review security procedures with staff • Check for card data with discovery tools • Test website and network with vulnerability scanning • Contact SecurityMetrics for a free security consultation! { } Cyber Threats Downed websites during Cyber Monday cost merchants $500,000 per hour
    15. 15. Thank you. { 877.364.9168 www.securitymetrics.com