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Securitas India- a knowledge leader in security services.

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Securitas India Brochure

  1. 1. A knowledge leader in security
  2. 2. 2 Global Presence Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 • Argentina • Estonia • Peru • Taiwan • Austria • Finland • Poland • Thailand • Belgium • France • Portugal • The Netherlands • Canada • Germany • Romania • Turkey • Chile • Hong Kong • Saudi Arabia • U.S • China • Hungary • Serbia • U.K/Ireland • Colombia • India • South Africa • United Arab Emirates • Czech Republic • Luxembourg • Spain • Uruguay • Denmark • Mexico • Sweden • Egypt • Norway • Switzerland
  3. 3. Securitas Worldwide 3 Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 Securitas AB ‘‘ Business relations are local, but knowledge is global.
  4. 4. 44 Securitas India Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 Securitas India Strengths Winning Edge Securitas India, is one of the leading security services ?Access to Securitas' global network in 40 § providers in India with an established network in over countries 150 cities supported by 12,000 highly trained ?Securitas' workforce of 240,000 worldwide § employees. As part of a large global brand, we offer ?National footprint in over 150 Indian cities with § world-class security solutions backed by decades of 12,000 employees international experience and expertise. Securitas India § point contact for national, regional and ?Single is poised to redefine delivery standards and service multi-locational accounts differentiation to clients in India and to bring global § 7 control centres ?24 x knowledge and expertise to the Indian security § response teams ?Quick industry. ?Stringent recruitment standards § ?Professional training schools § Strategy ?Statutory compliant § Securitas is committed to customer service, with an ?No litigations § intent to develop trust in each community that we § political & non-unionized workforce ?Non operate in. Securitas India is aligned to develop knowledge and expertise according to the needs of Value Adds each customer segment and offer a specialized §?Contingency planning solution. §?Training calendars and refresher courses § reporting ?MIS History §?Incident reporting system Securitas India is a joint venture of Securitas AB and § security updates ?Daily Walsons Services Pvt. Ltd. Walsons was founded in § Escalation matrix for crisis management India in 1996 by Mr. Arjun Wallia, he is currently the §?Experts on risk management and loss prevention Chairman of Securitas India. His vision and dynamic leadership has taken Walsons from a garage operation at its inception to becoming one of the leading security services companies in India. He established the company to cater primarily to the business support services domain and proactively laid emphasis on re-engineering and evolving the organization's approach to meet the future needs. Walsons’ partnership with Securitas AB has positioned the company as an industry trendsetter, providing the customer with improved customer- focus and high standards of delivery and response. ‘‘ We deliver what we promise.
  5. 5. Our Services 5 Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 Our Services Security is our core business. We provide our Our intelligent vigilance mechanism is designed on customers a spectrum of customized services that modular processes, higher grade manpower and offer a complete security solution and meet the better trained personnel. This has resulted in a much specific needs of any organization. more effective overall system with better resource management and customized services to our clients. Specialized Guarding Corporate Training Executive Protection Transport Security Event Security Risk Management
  6. 6. 6 Our Services Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 Specialized Guarding Corporate Training Securitas India is proud to be a knowledge leader in Securitas India provides specialized manned the security industry. We at Securitas India have a guarding services. Our trained security personnel team of over 20 professional instructional staff. Our perform services that are individually tailored to cater instructors are best in the industry which includes to each client's needs. Training is imparted at our Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and other centers located throughout India. The curriculum senior defence and police officers. includes physical fitness training, classroom We provide training capsules to corporates based coaching, power point presentations, case studies, on their specific needs. demonstrations, role plays and table top exercises. Specialization & Training Specialization & Training Preparation of disaster management and business § Our basic training module includes capsules focused continuity plans are among our other activities at creating vigilance, awareness and knowhow; while involved with security the practical training for management staff and Training of emergency response teams § employees covers the following security aspects: Evolving emergency procedures and evacuation § §prevention, detection, control and premises ? Fire drills evacuation plans § prevention and control Fire ? Executive, residential & women security § § aid and Cardio - Pulmonary First § work place security ? Office/ Resuscitation (CPR) § management ? Crowd Defensive, tactical and evasive driving § ? Security aspects of reception and visitor § Women self defence and safety § management § rise and commercial building security High Understand various aspects of corporate, industrial § § place violence Work and personal security § top exercises to combat terrorism Table Designing cost effective security systems § The workforce is better equipped to assess activities, movements and handle sensitive situations, through mock drills and practice programs. Importantly, they are also trained to operate intelligently within the norms and culture of client sites or offices. “Today's growing complexities in societies The specialized security personnel trained and deployed by Securitas India include: Guards, Lady have raised demand for reliable and tailor- Guards, Supervisors, Marshals, Wardens and Armed made security solutions. It has become Guards. critical to develop a strong external Value Adds security mechanism, which concentrates on § client site undergoes a survey by a security Every vigilance, assesses activities and monitors specialist to determine the kind of deployment needed movement of people. All branch managers § level risk analyses are conducted for sensitive High at Securitas India are trained professionals sites who refine the services to offer innovative, § manuals and site/ post specific standard Crisis operating procedures are developed tailored and cost effective solutions that Training calendars are prepared and discussed with § will benefit the customers.” client
  7. 7. 8 Our Services Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 Event Security Risk Management Securitas India understands the critical aspects Securitas India provides a complete solution of risk involved in event security protocol. This involves management and loss prevention by : meticulous advance planning, in-depth analysis of § Identifying, assessing, conceptualizing, designing vulnerabilities, understanding the detailed program and implementing security solutions with the organizers, sanitization of venue and § assessment, risk analysis and Threat vehicles, and more. recommendations for up-gradation of security measures at the facility Specialization & Training § Independent security audits of complexes and We use well-trained and specialized security recommendations personnel to partner with you. They are generally § Provision of trained, uniformed and responsive between 30 to 45 years of age; typically a mix of security personnel youth and experience who are qualified to monitor, § managements to formulate/upgrade crisis Assist analyze and initiate response. management, emergency response and business Backend operations normally involve intelligence continuity plans and manuals gathering, handling of electronic & technical equipment, crowd control, media response, Specialization & Training coordination with government agencies, local law We conduct awareness capsules and practical enforcement agencies, fire stations and medical training for management staff and employees on the personnel. following security aspects: ? § prevention, detection, control and premises Fire Three Tier System evacuation plans We structure our security solutions for event security § Executive, residential and women security based on a 'Three Tier System' comprising of three § Office/work place security levels: external, internal and core. This approach § Security aspects of reception and visitor allows us to divide and fix responsibility and management accountability for greater control with reduced § Understand various aspects of corporate, industrial chances for variances. and personal security such as - Disaster management Monitoring Business continuity Security for high-level events can include access Business intelligence control for perimeter and auditorium, crowd and Awareness training parking control, explosives sweeps with canine patrol Corporate solutions and executive protection. Malls & retails The monitoring equipment could range from close protection weapons, escort vehicles, radio sets, surveillance cameras, door frame & hand-held metal detectors, under vehicle surveillance system, baggage scanners, pepper spray, alarm systems, super zoom surveillance binoculars, vapor analyzers among others. “Every industry has its own, specific security Assignments We provide a complete range of security services and challenges. We can leverage our extensive solutions to meet a client's specific needs for knowledge in security with insight into corporate events, annual general meetings, fashion shows , product launches, concerts, trade shows & specific industry - related challenges, enabling exhibitions, sport events and others. us to provide added value for our customers.”
  8. 8. 10 Our Services Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 Executive Protection Transport Security Our vigilant security professional is trained to protect Securitas India has developed processes that any individual exposed to threat. Such individuals minimize operational irregularities in transport include high profile persons, celebrities, eminent management and ensure the safety of employees. personalities from various walks of life, industrialists Transport is mostly an external operation and and others. involves a number of inherent problems such as: Executive protection requires special skill sets § Mileage mismanagement & misuse of cabs such as vigilance, sixth sense, body language, § Breaking of traffic laws by drivers proactive approach, calmness and presence of mind. § Car breakdowns & accidents At Securitas India, the executive protection personnel § External threats such as carjacking, tailing and are specially trained to develop these skills, thereby harassment enabling them to handle all kinds of threat perceptions and intelligence gathering. All the above risks are beyond the organization's direct control. Since there are huge cost implications Specialization & Training involved, it is imperative for the company to have an Security professionals provided for executive audit function in place that allows the organization to protection are mostly from experienced backgrounds control and monitor such costs. like NSG, defence, and police personnel who have taken early retirement. They are generally between Specialization & Training 30 to 45 years of age. In addition to their past The escort and transport security personnel are professional expertise, these persons are trained in imparted with specialized training to anticipate martial arts and the techniques of close combat. This vulnerabilities, react in emergency situations keeping training is imparted at our training centers spread in mind safety of the employee, traffic control and throughout India. The curriculum is based on fleet management. international training standards and procedures for Our trained and vigilant security personnel are executive protection. skilled in providing: Security personnel are trained to handle various § Inspection of the operating condition of the vehicles complex situations and are imparted specific § Checking of relevant documents of the vehicles instruction on crowd management, interpersonal § wise allocation of vehicles for employees Route skills, martial arts, fire safety and first aid § ?Preparation of daily MIS based on the distance covered by the vehicles and other areas of Liaising operations Securitas India has a team of retired police officers § ?Providing door to door escort services to all female who assist in establishing close liaison with employees government agencies since certain kinds of executive § reaction team and escalation handling matrix ?Quick protection is a state subject. designed to meet various types of emergencies Assignments Securitas India has successfully handled a number of assignments providing personal and executive protection to high profile customers. The company has always taken care to keep intrusion or disturbance of their customers' normal day-to-day “As security consultant, Securitas is able to functioning to a minimum, without compromising on assess the effectiveness and advise their safety and efficiency. Executive protection is provided to government customers about safety equipment they officials, delegations, politicians, models, celebrities, need in order to best protect their dignitaries, diplomats, religious leaders, etc. employees, visitors and property.”
  9. 9. 12 Our Approach Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 Our Approach To ensure we deliver quality service and meet our Supervision client's expectations, we emphasize on: A well worked out supervision process to ensure § Recruitment & selection that our quality standards are being met & delivered § Training through our services. It includes: § Supervision § Continuous supervision through patrolling staff § response teams Quick § Surprise night checks by middle & senior management Recruitment & Selection Our strict & stringent selection parameters Quick Response Team include: § quick response teams deputed across India Our § Physical & medical fitness are equipped with communication tools, vehicles, § Education, qualification & skills armed guards and trained security personnel § Background screening / antecedent verification § vehicles are operational 24x7 in close QRT coordination with the control room to provide Training assistance to our valued customers in times of Securitas India's training facilities and infrastructure emergency and crisis situation are unmatched in the security industry. Training is a core focus of our operations; well-trained Control Centre professionals provide superior and satisfied services § 7 control room 24 x to clients. § response Rapid § hours of basic training as per Private Security 160 Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA) 2005 §assignment training or on job training for 2 to Pre nse Team 7 days po es § Armed guard training as per Private Security R | k c Agencies Regulation Act 2005 Qui ity Control Ce cur l § Refresher training for at least two days for existing security staff Se tro Pa | § Specialized training for segments: hospitality, s es healthcare, retail, manufacturing plants, transport nt c re and warehousing Ac 24 x 7 | § On-site training / specific training at the client ’s site at regular intervals Training Academy § Bangalore “The goal of a security program is often to § Delhi detect, deter and report. Our security guards have the same goal. Our people Training Centre § Chandigarh serve as the eyes and ears of our customers. § Chennai An effective security program consists of § Gurgaon § Hyderabad different elements, whether systems or § Kolkata people, which serve to enhance each other. § Mumbai Together they make up the Physical § Noida § Pune Protection System (PPS) at Securitas”
  10. 10. 14 Customer Segments Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 Customer Segments By focusing on providing security solutions tailored to fit each customer's needs, Securitas India is redefining delivery standards and bringing service differentiation to its clients. We provide services to a wide range of customers in the following industries and segments: Cultural § Banking § Education § Events § Financial § “At Securitas India, customer care is at the Healthcare § Hospitality § core of our service philosophy and has Insurance § always been a tradition. To ensure we IT/ITES § deliver the highest quality of service that Manufacturing & industrial § meets our client's expectations, we § & entertainment Media emphasize on the principle of giving more § & properties Office than expected. In other words:"delivering Residential § § estate Real what we promise”. In order to meet this Retail § goal we make it a point to KNOW our Telecommunications § customers.”
  11. 11. 15 Our Presence in India Control Centre (24 x 7): +91 - 124 - 4423888 Corporate Office Noida Gurgaon Securitas India Securitas India Securitas India 461, Udyog Vihar E-8, Ground Floor 461, Udyog Vihar Phase V Sector 3, Noida Phase V Gurgaon - 122016 Uttar Pradesh - 201301 Gurgaon - 122016 Tel: +91-124-4718888 Tel: +91-120-4423888 Tel: +91-124-4423888 Delhi Mumbai Pune Securitas India Securitas India Securitas India 59/15, 1st Floor , Satyam House 4/5, Ground Floor, Shivkrupa Bldg. Hema Villa Apartments, 1194/I-4B Kalkajee, Near Balajee Estate H - Wing, Old Nagardas Cross Road Near Dyaneshwar Paduka Chowk New Delhi - 110019 Andheri - East , Mumbai - 400069 Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005 Tel: +91-11-44238800 Tel: +91-22-44238888 Tel: +91-20-41438888 Hyderabad Kolkata Chandigarh Securitas India Securitas India Securitas India 6-3-887, MCP Arcade Plot no. J-5, Ground Floor SCO 72 1st Floor, B - Block Block EP & GP, Sector V First & Second Floor Somagiguda Salt Lake City Sector 38C Hyderabad - 500082 Kolkata - 700091 Chandigarh - 160036 Tel: +91-40-44238888 Tel: +91-33-44238888 Tel: +91-172-4423888 Bangalore Chennai Securitas India Securitas India 103/A, Motati Meadows Krishnasree Enclave , No. 44 1st Floor Bennaganahalli First Floor, First Main Road Old Madras Road Gandhi Nagar, Adyar Bangalore - 560093 Chennai - 600020 Tel: +91-80-44238888 Tel: +91-44-44238888
  12. 12. Securitas India 461, Udyog Vihar, Phase V Gurgaon - 122016 Haryana, India Tel: +91-124-4718888 Fax: +91-124-2349444 Control Centre: +91-124-4423888 E-mail: