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a presentation that disscus about the concept of "value" and Twitter Vs Art at the age of tech.

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  • Hello everyone – for those who already know me – Hello Again, and for those who are not – well, I’m @SecretArtist (I’m sorry but I can’t give you anymore info – little curiosity never hart anyone – beside that entire human kind, you know - that story with Ive and the forbidden fruit – but that’s another story –as you know, you can find it all in the bible). So, why ART and Twitter ? Well, in both it fulfill some kind of a passion - “I need to do it and express myself – since I get some kind of a strange feeling of satisfaction when I twit (or I do ART) with that little hope that maybe someone will hear me, get my point and I will get little appreciated.” In both - nobody really need this “product” – (if we can call art or twitter “a product”) but sure they produce culture, community and some really nice revenue to people that know how to work them well and pass their message/idea (or invest in them) – in 2007 the world wide art market rolled 30 Billion $$$ and lately my mate Jeff said on Fox news that it worth more then a billion. And you know – I do ART and I do Twit - so I though to show you at the next couple minutes some ART and pass you some ideas and maybe some inspiration.
  • So on the left – it’s my Artist statement – a document in which you write what you are doing and why – and that is the first line from it - “ I’m an Artist I create Value and meaning to things I do and make.” ( well, I try most of the time…) – if people don’t understand what you are trying to say and if it has some value for their life – it doesn’t worth anything. We got to understand couple things about this term “Value” which is the essence of our existence Funny is valuable Knowledge is data Experience That’s the work by Piero Manzoni – the funny story behind this work (beside the story which I don’t know about how the hek he manage to sell this) is that after Piero killed himself the value of his work kept on rising, and one time when they moved it from one museum to another it broke – “no problem, - there is an insurance to this art work” – when they called the insurance they said – “why the hek should we pay 30,000 $ for some artist’s shit….
  • If people need something, interested in (which means that it’s Valuable to them) – they would search for it – it turns out that lots of people twit about shit and you can refresh and refresh and it would keep on spilling … but there is something more interesting…
  • – you wouldn’t think that nobody would search for it, but I guess that some people hope that someone would look for their Shit – otherwise they won’t hashtag it …. (and as you can see on the screen they do it all around the world …)
  • So enough shit – lets go back again to ART, data, communication, and key words (or hashtaging) 2 years ago when I was in an art Residency in Italy I got a chance to hear a lecture from Alterazioni video group, these 2 nice guys that told us about their residency in China. When they got there they have discover that some words when you search from them on-line in china or when they try write them on IM – there are no result for them or then can’t use send them – (‘cus of Chinese great wall of fire and their “great” team of censorship people that work 24/7 and monitor the internet)
  • So they created a list of the these forbidden words. it’s interesting to imagine what will happen to our society and collective knowledge if all of a sudden there won’t be any search result for “RIOT” or “ANTI SOCIAL” or Corrupt (and if that will happen will people stop searching for sex ?)
  • So they started spreading the word (by printing them on tons of plastic bags and hand them away) … it might seems to you pretty simple but the Chinese take for garneted that there is no result and data for searching for “Popular Opinion”, “jesus christ”, “Airplane Crash” or “masturbation”. And it’s very important since in both creativity and innovation you never take things for granted….
  • then their final move – the exhibition – with the big question - how publicize this data to people that you don’t speak their language in a creative way without getting busted by the police and disappearing in the Chinese prison for good … So they created big paintings (based on the old art work of the painter Alighiero Boetti with a QR code for URL back doors for free access to the web without the Chinese great wall of fire.
  • The opposite thing -from getting data into China happen last year on May 12’ – when the news about the earthquake speared out so fast and in such a diversed way that it went through the “great Chinese fire wall” without them managing to stop it
  • And that’s an event that happened only on Twitter – WorkIT conference which happened on April 1 2009 and created pretty good amount of buzz and made other people that weren’t part of that secret joined these twits later – and now 6 months later – nothing where is all that data that was transformed ?
  • That’s a little project of mine – creating a data list of ART opencalls (which is an phrase for art opportunities) and also here there is not data from 8 days ago ??? In art there is a saying – “make art live long” - lots of things gather their value through time – right now twitter does work this way it since there is so much going on on it and even when you tag it – it doesn’t last that much. But there are things that we say in common – the connect us all.
  • One of the interesting things that Dan Zarrella (an award-winning social, search, and viral marketing scientist ) write in his Blog is that we adopt ideas, content and products because they are good at getting adopted. “good” for who ? That is a big question of perspective I believe – and as we can see above with the little creative Twistori - as humanity we all have some basic things in common – we all love, hate, believe, feel and wish.
  • That is why it’s is so easy for us to adopt Religion (or twitter…) that help us so much to love, hate, believe, feel and wish and that might be one of the reasons that this art work by Adi Ness a remaking of Michelangelo's work mange to be so popular
  • Another interesting saying that come out from this Article is “The first rule of memes, as it is for genes, is that replication is not necessarily for the good of anything; replicators flourish because they are good at … replicating!” – and for those who don’t know this is some work by the Israeli graffiti artist Klone
  • In grafitti Slang spearing your work all around town by stenciling it’s called “bombing”
  • and writing you name all around town – long ago before someone thought about Twitter – was named “tagging” – in these works only some walls got hurt and some canvases got “damaged” – so next time before you twit think what kinda “good” you make, how do you replicate it and most important –
  • who do you share it with - in an increasing world of user generated content it is most important the groups and communities that you are in touch with – I was working on the presentation on Yom Kippor (yeah, my first sin of the year - working on Yom Kippor….) and here you can see all the rest of the Jewish twitters and some other Art fellows …
  • And at the end – we all just to make a point - in two ways – as an artist I’m trying to pass an Idea, and feeling an experience to the viewer and piece of knowledge some times – a MeMe – same thing on Twitter with the only difference that you have 140 characters to play with. The other way of making a point – is making some profit – in the art world a red point symbolize that the Art piece been sold – you walk into the gallery and there are lots of red dots on the wall – well then the artist make it !
  • “ nowadays people know the price of everything and the Value of nothing” – Oscar wilde So yeah – this is my work – that’s the garbage of the Carmel Market at the end of the day right where is was on the floor just before the tractor came to clean it up. I was working on this set of photos for couple week till I found what I was looking for. And it was really funny one time when one of the sells men got pissed at me – cursing me and throwing some veggies over me (it looked really wired for him that someone is in the middle of all that Shit taking photos. So I got up and went over him and showed him the little preview on my camera. Then he looked at the shit, looked back at my camera and called his buddies “hey David, Moshe come over here – look what this guy is doing. So I manage to do my job – to show the guy that works in the Market the beautify of the garbage the lays under his nose. And yeah 2 years after I got the red dot for it – a nice lady bought it for a 1000$ - what does the garbage of the Carmel Market really worth ? – I don’t know ? How much does twitter worth ? – no clue ! But at least we are having some good time and share some valuable things with each other So thanks for you time.
  • Art & twitter

    1. 1. ART & Twitter @SecretArtist
    2. 2. I’m an Artist I create Value and meaning to things I do and make. Artist's Shit No. 014 out of 90 - Piero Manzoni (Italian, 1933-1963) 124,000 Euro
    3. 3. Artist's Shit No. 014 Piero Manzoni (Italian, 1933-1963) I’m an Artist I create Value and meaning to things I do and make.
    4. 4. Artist's Shit No. 014 Piero Manzoni (Italian, 1933-1963) I’m an Artist I create Value and meaning to things I do and make.
    5. 5. @SecretArtist Alterazioni video
    6. 6. @SecretArtist Alterazioni video
    7. 7. @SecretArtist Alterazioni video anti social worker digital print dimensions 70x40 cm. 2006 light riot digital print dimensions 70x40 cm. 2006
    8. 8. @SecretArtist Alterazioni video Is Not Permitted to Talk about the Truth embroidery ryon on linen 105 x 105 cm. 2008
    9. 9. Robert Scoble 12 May 2008
    10. 10. WorkIT09
    11. 11. #opencall
    12. 13. The last feast , Adi Ness - 264,000$
    13. 14. Barefoot . . . by Klone
    14. 15. Bombing Middle England, Banksy, £102,000
    15. 16. Bomb Hugger, Banksy £31,200
    16. 18. אמן
    17. 19. Tangerine boat (Tiger after a deer), Secret Artist, 2006.
    18. 20. @SecretArtist