10NTC.Ask The Transactional Moment: Optimizing the Ask

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  • [post during set-up]
  • Katya asks for audience response: any particular topics to start? Number of fundraisers at your organization?


  • 1. The Transactional Moment:
    Optimizing the “Ask”
    Jana Byington-Smith, CFRE jana@secondgift.info
    Second Gift Twitter: JForTheMoney
    Robert Weiner robert@rlweiner.com
    Robert L. Weiner Consulting Twitter: robert_weiner
    Katya Andresen katya.andresen@networkforgood.org
    Network for Good Twitter: katyaN4G
    Friday, April 10, 2010
    1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
    International Ballroom B
    Session 155
  • 2. What do you want to learn during this session?
  • 3. 3 ideas to start a discussion
    Prepare to ask, but ask!
    Gather money, donors and information, but ask!
    Say thanks to the donor as the donor would like, then get ready to ask again!
  • 4. Session Premise: Donor Retention
    Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP)
    Retaining dollars
    Retaining donors
  • 5. So we’re on the same page
    Lybunts, sybunts and the never-givers
    Retain, grow, loss
    What is an ‘ask’?
  • 6. Know your prospects and donors, but…
    Proactive research
    Predictive analytics
    …do not wait for perfect information to make the ask!
  • 7. Who gets your best ask?
    © Jana Byington-Smith
  • 8. The best technology for the best ask
    Meeting in person
    SMS mobile
    Direct mail
  • The Four Stories of a Great Ask
    Answer the questions:
    Why are you asking me to give?
    What is the impact of my gift?
    Why now?
    Who says I should give?
  • 16. Info to collect if you can
    Biographic targeted for audience (don’t forget the nuns!)
    How much and how will they give
    How do they want to be recognized
    How will they know you used their gifts well
  • 17. But recognize you can’t always get it
    Proliferating ways to give online
    You’re not the messenger all the time
    Third parties may be handling the transaction
  • 18. The gift hole
    Deal with it
    Access the reports you can
    Recognize how/where the donor gave
  • 19. You’ve asked – now what?
    Did you get a gift commitment?
    Did you get a maybe?
    Did you get an outright ‘no’?
    Did you get no response at all?
  • 20. Gift Commitment
    Outright gift
    “sustained” – multi-payment pledge
    Pledge (and when is it in default?)
    Who, what, when, where, how to say thanks
  • 21. Thank You Basics
    Say thanks right away
    Be personal (segment)
    Give the donor the credit (his or her achievement, not yours)
    Show (don’t tell) where the donor’s money went
    Repeat. And again. All year long.
  • 22. Development Services Post-Ask
    Critical to donor relations and retention.
    Correct, timely receipt or thank-you letter?
    Name(s) spelled correctly?
    Properly handling pledges, honorary & memorial, or event donations?
    Any donor restrictions on how $$ can be used?
    Any policy issues? Can you actually accept & use the gift?
  • 23. Development Services Post-Ask
    Any follow-up evaluation/reporting (to funders, endowment donors, scholarship donors)?
    Will fundraisers be notified that their prospects gave?
    Will donors be resolicited at the right level? At the right time? Using the channel they respond to (email, direct mail, phone)?
    Can you analyze what worked? How did your donors give (online, offline) & to which appeals, messages, channels?
  • 24. The Circle of (Ask) Life
    © Jana Byington-Smith
  • 25. Questions? Clarifications?Ideas?
  • 26. Thanks!
    More resources:
    Twitter: katyaN4G, robert_weiner, JForTheMoney
    Network for Good’s fundraising123.org, SecondGift.info and RLWeiner.com for additional reading lists and research
    Your own providers’ research
    FEP site
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