Event ticket proposal by ayojak


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Event ticket proposal by ayojak

  1. 1. www.ayojak.co.za
  2. 2.  Ayojak is a leading solution solution that offers a suite of technology solutions & services for online event ticket selling. Youll find us providing services for conference registrations, club events, festivals, seminars and workshops. We even offer social network promotion tools for free so that you get the maximum attendance for your events. ◦ We offer the most comprehensive range of services ◦ Led by innovation & value for money ◦ Supported by a strong technical backbone ◦ Are passionate about customer service ◦ We are trusted by big event organizers in SA, UK, India & Brazil ◦ Most importantly our system is secure for attendees/ ticket buyers & “You” our customer
  3. 3. 1. Customize all aspects of your online ticketing  Customized and branded event ticket site, so that your attendees can buy tickets directly from your site(s).  Buyers can purchase tickets quickly and easily using all credit cards, debit cards, and cash cards.  We give you the tools to allow you to constantly engage with your attendees through social media.  Collect rich data from your buyers/ attendees and sell out your event weeks prior to the event.
  4. 4. 2. Ayojak is ONLY event solution which provides both online and cashpayment solution for ticket selling.  Online payment processing (Credit card: Visa, Master card, Diners Club card , Cash card, Net banking, Debit card)  Cash payment solution - Ticket buyer can book ticket online and pay cash later at event.  Cash on Delivery - We provide cash on delivery option i.e. Ayojak manages sending ticket to buyers home and collect cash.  IVR payment solution – Coming soon
  5. 5. 3. Ayojak has powerful built-in sales & marketing solution.  Discount - Increase your sales or push sale by using discount solution like early bird pricing, bulk ticket discount, discount code integrated with ticketing.  Widgets – Increase your reach to target audience over web by integrating ‘Buy Ticket’ widget in web sites of various channel partners.
  6. 6. 4. We print and can also advise on printing Part of our service is printing secure customised perforated paper tickets, PVC and wristbands. Our pricing is the most competitive in the market Our attention to detail will show your attendee that you care about every aspect of your event
  7. 7.  Nombasa Mcuba, African Show Amazingly easy to use and faster event setup tools in Ayojak, it will be pleasing experience to organise event.” Refiloe Ramogase, Peroni (Moyos Analogue Nite) “Ayojak is a powerful event solution, though it may look simple but I started using, I was surprised by its extensive solutions.”
  8. 8. Ayojak TeamE: info@ayojak.co.zaM: +27 82 785 4434