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A choose your own adventure game for Science by MariK

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Choose your adventure game

  1. 1. CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE GAME~A game through a Science lab @ NIST~ By… You will know at the last part…
  2. 2. Your task• Start off by playing the game. You may need to be a bit patient on some slides as a video needs to load.• What is the aim of the game? What does it teach you about the elements?• Add at least 4 more elements and their properties to the story.• The boxes are just shapes that I have added text to and then I have clicked on the Action button in the insert menu. To add a video, copy the embed code from youtube (you need the old embed code on the tick boxes) and then in powerpoint insert a video from a website.• If you cannot figure out how to make it in powerpoint, do it as a small written book with instructions to turn to a particular page.
  3. 3. In a dark science lab, in the back of the room, there is a smelly cupboard. The cupboard has a lock, but it looks like someone has opened it. Don’t look Unlock the inside, its toocupboard and scary and look inside smelly
  4. 4. WHAT?!You’ve given up on this story already…. You’ve not found out anything about the elements yet. Go back to the start and be an inquisitive scientist
  5. 5. The smell seems to be coming from several boxes, glass bottles and containers in a tray.Close the cupboard door quickly and Pull the tray out and put it on a table hope nobody notices.
  6. 6. There is a glass bottle, it has the letters Na written on it. Inside there is a liquid and something shiny sitting in the liquid. On the outside there seems to be a hazard label but its torn. Pour the liquid down the sink Why would something be kept in aand pick up the shiny thing with liquid? Maybe I should do some my fingers. research.
  7. 7. Find out what NOT A CLEVER IDEA  happens if the liquid substance – Sodium- touches water, even just a bit of sweat on your hands by watching the video below or with the link: http://www.youtub DWbknpiVk What do you think the liquid was that you poured away if it’s not water?  TRY AGAIN>>> Go back
  8. 8. Na – Sodium –Highly explosive Find out what happens if Na touches water, even just a bit of sweat on your hands by watching the video below or with the link: ?v=uqDWbknpiVk What do you think the liquid was that you poured away if it’s not water? NEXT
  9. 9. In the tray there was also a heavy block. It has a rusty smell to it. Someof the red rusty powder breaks off. There is a magnet in the tray. When the magnet comes close to the heavy block it…. Quickly moves Nothingtowards the happens magnet
  10. 10. It is…. IRON One of the magnetic elements. Which two other elements in the periodic table are magnetic? group in theperiodic table are they in? Next
  11. 11.  Nope you’re WRONG. It was…IRONOne of the magnetic elements, so it quickly moves toward othermagnetic substances.Which two other elements in the periodic table are magnetic? http://www.chemicalelements.c om/groups/transition.html Which group in the periodic table are they in? Next
  12. 12. In the tray there is a brown pale liquid in a tightly sealed tube. The tube has some symbols on it. When I hold it in my hands I see a brown gas start to appear.The melting point of the liquid must bequite high if I can turn it into a gas in my hands.The boiling point of the liquid must bequite low if I can turn it into a gas in my hands.
  13. 13. WHAT?!Liquids don’t melt!And the temperature of my hands is about 37 degreesCelsius which is not that high. Go back and have another go.
  14. 14. It is…. BROMINE (Br) Next
  15. 15. In the tray there is another small sealed jar. There is a liquid inside, but it looks shiny.Maybe it’s a metal, but aren’t allmetals solid? Maybe I need to do Maybe it’s from another planet. some research
  16. 16. That’s a science joke :-PHa ha ha h-ha……….. We’re not very good at jokes… The reason it’s a bad joke and not very funny, isbecause the element is Mercury (another planet …. Getit?....No not very funny) Next
  17. 17. MERCURY Only watch the first 30 seconds. Next
  18. 18. There are 5 small balloons filled with gases. They look allthe same at first butsome are tied to the tray to stop them floating away.Maybe they all belong to Maybe they have the same group in the nothing in common. periodic table
  19. 19. WHAT?!They are all gases, so of course they have something in common Next
  20. 20. They were… NOBLE GLASSES Watch the video here:
  21. 21. WHEN YOU LOOKED CLOSLEY TO THE NOBLE GLASSES… It says something on the glasses! Have a closer look. Go into INTO DARK the dark THE room as it saysGO DOOR NEXT Don’t ROOM follow the direction . Go and play!
  22. 22. You’ve come into a the dark room and youbarely see a thing. But you can see, just one light. You don’t know whyGo and have a closer lights are there and it’s look. spooky. Run away from this room.
  23. 23. WHAT?! You only have that much interest in SCIENCE? I can’t believe it. You shouldn’t even have tried this adventure. Go to the principles office!!! – just joking :-P Go back and try Game Over again.
  24. 24. You find out that the shining light were many colorful glowing sticks. You look closer into it and see that there is something inside that makes it glow. What is this thing?I want to find out more. I’ll do a bit of research again. What ever I don’t care.It’s still interesting, I am going to play with it!
  25. 25. You find out that in this glowing substance, there was a chemical called Neon. NEON There was gas inside the tubes, with electrons following, making it glow. You realize that they are also used –Ne- in Advertisements. Watch the video of how to make neon advertisement boards:Boiling Point: - 246.1 Degrees CelsiusMelting Point: - 248.6 Degrees Celsius. Next
  26. 26. MAGNESIUM boil? Wow, I am interested to know. Maybe I should do some research: What .au/page/ma/Magnesium Is my Read the whole site. Boiling MAGNESIUM boil? Wow, I Temperature? am interested to know. I am going to do an experiment because it will be much fun that way! You finally get to go out of the Dark room. Butthere, waits you another chemical called MAGNESIUM , with a question on. There are no adults near you.
  27. 27. You find the Boiling Temperature of theMagnesium realize that it is pretty high. You arerelieved that you didn’t do an experiment.Watch this video to learn the danger aboutMagnesium: Next
  28. 28.  NOT A CLEVER IDEA You played with the glowingstick, which was actually a glowingglass tube with NEON GAS in it, withelectrons passing by, making the stickglow.You accidently break the glass tubeand get electrocuted. Now you can’teven do Science experiments that youliked to do!  TRY AGAIN>>> Go back
  29. 29. You got a match and a candle, and a pot, full of water. Youthen poured in a random amount of magnesium without asafety goggle.You saw the reaction to the magnesium and while gettinginterested, you dropped some magnesium on your handinto the candle and started burning.What do you do? You quickly get water and extinguish the fire because you don’t want to get in trouble. Call a Science teacher in the Teacher’s room, even though you are not allowed in.
  30. 30. You rushed towards the Science Teacher’s room and asked for help because there was a fire. You got in a huge trouble because you did an experiment without adult assistance, but the teacher put sand on the burning flame and told you never to use water to extinguishMagnesium fire because it will react violently: Read this for info. Next
  31. 31.  A VERY DANGEROUS IDEA You poured a huge amount of water to extinguishthe fire, but Unfortunately, Magnesium reacts veryviolently with Water. See the video:Also visit this website: that you won’t do this again.Burning Magnesium with strongbrightness: Go back and have a second chance.
  32. 32. You now find your self outside on a balcony, and it is already night. You think to yourself that time had passed so fast. Suddenly, you hear a boom and you see bright light going up in front of you and a nice fire work goes up. You are getting bored on the simple fire works that comes up all the time and all of a sudden there is a different sound from the fire works and when you look up, the light turned into words and asked you a Question: WHAT IS USED INSIDE ME??? Then after that another went up, as it was reminding you. THIS IS FOR HW! Go and research on thisNever mind, I don’t like website: Home works. I’ll do it after I finish watching beautiful Fireworks. And read only the “Application” bit
  33. 33. Soon, the fire works ended and youwere very sleepy so you went home… On the following day, you tell theteacher that you didn’t do your home work and you get in trouble. Well, I now have time, I am going to do it. Go to this website then click this box.
  34. 34. It is… SULPHUR -S-Atomic Number: 16Atomic mass: 32Boiling Point: 444.6 Degrees CelsiusMelting Point: 119.05 Degrees Celsius NEXT
  35. 35. You go out of the room, and the you are asked by the teacher to turn on the brightest lamp in the class room. You see that the lamp is actually very light and high powered. When you try to turn on the switch, you saw a little sticky note, with a question on: Maybe I should do some research: Read only ApplicationsI am not really interested, so I am just going to pretend I never saw that sticky note.
  36. 36. WHAT?!You only havethat muchinterest in Go back and become moreSCIENCE???? of a Keen scientistI can’t believeyou!!!
  37. 37. It is… SCANDIUM –SC- You go back to turn off the light this time, and discover moreinformation on the sticky note. Who on earth put this though??? NEXT
  38. 38. YOUR FINAL CHALLENGE… Mari and a Mari, and boy Fah The NIST Science Ms. Perry teacher & Mari team Ms. Perry A group of and Mr. Unknown Riley Scientists The IB Mari & a people game company
  39. 39. You are, CORRECT!!! CORRECT!!!Yes, Mari and Ms. Perry created this. Ms. Perrycreated the first bit and I (Mari) added fourmore chemical elements on it, so that the gamewill be continued and will be ended!!!Well Done with the Adventure and I hope youhad FUN!!!  NEXT
  40. 40. Sorry, but you are wrong. WRONG!!!The answer, was “Mari and Ms. Perry”.Ms. Perry created the first half of the adventuregame and I (Mari in Y8D) created the secondhalf of the adventure game, by adding the last 4chemical elements on.Well Done with the Adventure and I hope youhad FUN as well as LEARNED!  NEXT
  41. 41. GAME OVERI thought you were more better than this….  Try again
  42. 42. THE END  Try again