My course reflection show 1


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Reflection on an Educational Technology course.

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My course reflection show 1

  1. 1. When this course was first introduced, I thought of it as a repetition of courses that I did during my diploma program. (Tech Tie 1 and 2). As the course progresses to my surprise, those courses were more of an introduction to what we were about to do. I then started to wonder if I would be able to do some of the coursework that we were assigned. Hearing about the Web 2.0 tools that we had to create made me think twice about my assumptions. I even started to wonder if this was the subject that I loved. But that was another assumption. From To
  2. 2. My darkened state was lit when we were asked to show how some simple tools such as cellular phone, cameras and so on, could be used to captivate the students interest. It reminded me of how technology savvy the 21st century learners are. As a result the educators have to keep in tuned to effectively teach the students we have today. I was starting to get what the course is all about and my frustration had fled. One of the good part of this course was showing us how much more fun creating a PowerPoint can be. Tools that we are use to and taught we knew about, turned out to be lacking on our part.
  3. 3. We were given opportunities to showcase what we have learnt through the many interactive activities that were done in class. Different materials were introduced to us highlighting the importance of integrating technology in our classroom and the agencies that have been put in place to facilitate these integrations. There is one thing that I will never forget and that is; this is the 21st century the ‘Technology Age’ and our students will learn quite differently from how we did. Keeping this in mind, it is my duty to always be abreast of the changes that are taking place in the new world.
  4. 4. During this course I have learnt about how to implement a number of technological tools in my classroom. These tools can be easily incorporated in our lessons and make our lesson more effective for our students. This will work as we are living in the era of technology or the age of web 2.0, and the world of our students. The ISTE-T promotes helping teachers with the use of technology in the classroom. This however, globalizes teachers and students while encouraging teachers to learn along with their students. It also allows the teachers to create their own tools.
  5. 5. Using web 2.0 tools also encourages students to develop strong organizational skills. In my research, it is stated that, when constructing an interactive timeline, building an interesting blog, or an easily navigable website, a student must create a well- organized design. Fortunately, web 2.0 caters to a range of abilities. For instance, some website editing software, like site maker, offer templates, which makes the process significantly easier than having to start from scratch. Audacity, an online interactive web diagram, impressed me with its collaborative aspect; students can chat online as they build the diagram.
  6. 6. As I learned to use these tools I was told by my lecturer that I should not be afraid to do test and trials with them. “Don’t be afraid to press those links or buttons that you are not sure about”, she would say. Now I’m an explorer of these tools. Using these tools correctly can do wonders for my classroom. The teaching of any subject can have a good result with the use of technology. Not only will this gain my students interest but they can learn easily. NO MORENO MORE BUT MORE SOBUT MORE SO