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  1. 1. Marke&ng:  Sebas&ano  Crascì  Ma2a  Fachine2  Viola  Serafini   7  o:obre  2011  Copy:  Davide  Calvi  Chiara  Lazzaroni  Aurora  Licandro  
  2. 2. BRAND  !   Gille:e   is   a   Procter   &   Gamble   mark,   at   the   moment   it   is   used   for  security  razors  and  personal  care  products.  !   The  brand  structures  his  products  basing  on  the  morning  shaving  ritual.  There  are  three  moments:  before,    during  and  aSer  shaving.    !   Gille:e   gives   great   importance   to   the   brand   centrality;   the   logo   and  the  brand  name.  In  fact  we  find  the  brand  name  in  all  the  products.  !   The  packages  are  designed  to  answer  to  the  target  expecta&ons.  We  always  find  men’s  strong  signs,  like  chroma&sm,  frequently  in  blue  and  grey,    bold  and  metallic  fonts.  
  3. 3. DISTRIBUTIONS  CHANNELS  !    GDO  ! Perfumery   and   herbalist’s   shops:   the   selec&ve   channel   focus   on   the  fragrance  extensions,  because  every  man  essence  has  also  an  aSershave  with  the  same  smell.    ! Pharmacy:  sell  par&cular  products  for  people  who  have  specific  problems  like  irritable  skin,  allergy,  ecc.  this  products  are  oSen  made  with  natural  ingredients.    
  4. 4. THE  PRICE  !   The  price  changes  according  to:  types  of  razors,  number  of  razors  in  the  pack  or  features.  !   Mousse,  foam  and  gel  are  posi&onated  in  a  limited  range  between  2  and  4  euros.  ! ASershaves  prices  can  fluctuate  up  to  6  –  7  euros  
  6. 6. !   Gille:e  is  the  leader  brand  in  Italy,  ahead  of  Wilkinson  and  BIC  !   Share  of  the  market:  !   54,5%  in  volume  !   77,8%  in  value  !   First   posi&on   also   for   the   selling   of   foams   and   soaps   before   and  aSer  shaving  (more  than  20%  →  source:  mark-­‐  !   Turnover:  about  €  140  mio.  !   The  market  is  facing  a  decreasing  period.  The  disposable  segment  is  s&ll  growing,  thanks  to  the  technical  innova&on.    MARKET  1/2  
  7. 7. MARKET  2/2  Share ofvalueVar. point(2009)Share ofvolumeVar. point(2009)Gillette 77,8 -1,1 54,5 -1,7Wilkinson 11,5 +0,4 13,6 -0,3Bic 8,1 +0,4 20,7 +0,6Altri 2,6 +0,4 11,1 +1,4AT  28/03/2010   Source:  Nielsen  
  8. 8. Compe&tors:  !   In   1772   Henry   Nock   founds   his   steelworks   in  London.  !   In   1804   James   Wilkinson   inherit   the   ac&vity  giving  it  his  name.  !   In   1898   they   launch   the   first   razor,   the   “Pall  Mall”   which   sa&sfy   the   expecta&ons   of   the  consumers  for  its  design  and  brilliant  handliness.  !   In   2001   they   launch   “Xtreme   3”   the   first   three  bladed  disposable  razor.  !   In   2004   they   invented   “Four”   the   first   four  bladed  razor.  
  9. 9. Compe&tors:  ! Created   in   1945   in   France   by   Marcel   Bich,   it  revolu&onized   consumer’s   everyday   life,  introducing   innova&ve   products   such   as  disposable  pencils,  lighters  and  razors.  ! It   offers   a   full   range   of   products   planned   to  sa&sfy  the  consumers  requirements,  both  man  and  women.  ! It’s  a  big  actor  in  the  disposable  market.  !   In  1975  they  launched  the  first  disposable  Bic  razor  (the  BIC  Orange)  which  is  the  most  sold  Bic  razor.  ! Every   day,   consumers   all   over   the   world,   buy  more  than  11  million  Bic  razors.  
  10. 10. Compe&tors  -­‐  Communica&on  ! Both   Wilkinson   and   BIC   have   increased   their   marke&ng  strategy    adap&ng  it  to  the  new  web  standards.  ! Both  created  brilliant  viral  campaigns  which  became  popular  among  net  users  all  over  the  world  and  generated  millions  of  views.    
  11. 11. Wilkinson  case  history  1/4  2007,France,  Wilkinson  become  popular  with  a  2-­‐minute  Hollywood-­‐like  blockbuster  trailer  in  3D  anima&on,  posted  on  selected  websites  and  blogs.    They  also  created  a  partnership  with  a  radio  sta&on  and  a  TV  channel.    Today  it  has  5.600.000  visualiza&ons  in  youtube.    FIGHT  FOR  KISSES  h:p://                
  12. 12. Wilkinson  case  history  2/4  Beyond  the  video  there  is  also  a  facebook  applica&on  (the  first  in  Italy)    and  a  specific  site  with  the  advergame.  You  have  to  register  on  the  game  site  and  then  you  can  play  choosing  to  be  the  Dad  or  the  Baby,  figh&ng  for  Mom’s  affec&on.  www.y-­‐    
  13. 13. Wilkinson  case  history  3/4  !   The  buzz  and  massive  free  PR  generated  by  the  concept  Fight  For  Kisses  were  equivalent  to  12  &mes  the  media  budget  invested  on  the  opera&on.  !   Website   visitors:   10.900.000   coming   from   220   countries   (between  September  10th  and  December  12th  2007  /  source:  Google  Analy&cs).  !   400  000  downloads  of  the  advergame.  !   6  millions  views  of  the  Trailer  on  Youtube  and  dailymo&on.  !   5000   French   and   interna&onal   blogs   enhanced   the   campaign.   Free  exposi&on  on  na&onal  TV  and  na&onal  and  interna&onal  radios.  !   On   the   business   side,   Wilkinson   gained   5.4   points   of   share   of   market  (volume)  on  the  disposable  segment  and  became  the  new  segment  leader.  
  14. 14. Wilkinson  case  history  4/4    •  RASA  IL  PRATINO    Follow  in  2011  by    •  CHIOMETTE  PERFETTE    Which  in  four  months  has  reached  11.000  visualiza&ons.  2010,  in  Italy  they  uploaded  a  new  video,  this  &me  for  female  consumers,  which  today  has  about  567.600  visualiza&ons.  
  15. 15. BIC  case  history  April  2011,  BIC  launch  a  video  on  the  web.  WTF  Insane  Human  Curling  by  BIC  Flex  3    h:p://­‐tI      ! This  video  has  now  about  2.300.000  visualiza&ons.  !   Beyond   the   video   they   created   a  game  on  its  youtube  channel  and  a  facebook  page  which  has  now  7600  likers.  
  16. 16. Other  razors  communica&ons  !   2009  Braun  launchs  a  campaign  on  bus  and  tram.    ! There  were  two  s&ckers  posi&oned  on  the  plazorm  which  separates  the  carriages;  the  plazorm  move  up  and  down  and  Braun  PocketGo  simulated  the  shaving  thanks  to  the  direc&ons  change  of  the  vehicle.        
  17. 17. Unconven&onal  Gille:e  Campaign  1/3  •  2009  Gille:e  did  an  ambient  in  a  hockey  camp  with  an  ice  cleaner.    
  18. 18. ! February  2011,  Gille:e  placed    on  a  building  wall    in  Soho,  New  York,  a   big   poster   with   the   face   of   the  Baseball   champion,   Derek   Jeter,  Yankees  captain.  !   The  poster  was  painted  every  day  showing  the  shaving  ritual:  the  first  day   shabby,   the   second   day   with  foam,   the   third   day   shaved,   the  ritual  repeats  every  three  day.  Unconven&onal  Gille:e  Campaign  2/3  
  19. 19. ! June   2011,   Gille:e   created   a  giant   poster   of   the   tennis  champion   Roger   Federer   on   a  football   field   in   London   using  3.000   liters   of   green   and   white  ecologic  paint  .  ! Then  the  2.800  mq2  portrait  was  decorated   with   1.000   liters   of  foam  then  the  shave  started,  first  with  a  par&cular  lawn  mower  to  remove  the  foam,  then  with  a  big  Proglide   razor   copy   for   the  finishing.  Unconven&onal  Gille:e  Campaign  3/3  h:p://  
  20. 20. CONTEST  HISTORY  !   The   contest   was   created   in   2008   in   order   to   find   new   young   football  champions  !   Gille:e  wants  to  celebrate  skills  and  values  of  the  Future  Champion  !   In   2008   this   contest   was   realized   with   four   athletes   coming   from   four  different   sports   (Giovinco   →   Football;   Datome   →   basketball;   Bone2   →  Volleyball;  Belo2  →  Swimming)  ! Since   2009   the   categories   were   deleted   to   focus   the   a:en&on   only   on  football  players  because  of  their  fame  ! During   the   years   the   campaign   has   been   more   addressed   on   the  unconven&onal  media  
  21. 21. OBJECTIVES  ! Reinforce   the   emo&onal   legacy   between   Gille:e   Brand   and   the   young  target  !   Rise  the  notoriety  of  the  campaign  “Gille:e  Future  Champion” among  the  users  ! Hold  a  huge  interest  of  the  journalists  about  the  contest  ! Try  to  involve  not  only  experts  but  also  bloggers  and  influencers  !   Involve  guys  and  the  users  through  unconven&onal  media  and  events  that  could  a:ract  the  a:en&on  
  22. 22. TARGET  !   STRATEGIC   TARGET:   Men   18-­‐34   wet   shavers,   seeking   high   performance  grooming  products.  !   POME  (Point  of  entry  users):  15-­‐24  year  old  !   Young  adults:  25-­‐34  year  old  ! Increase  interest  and  awareness  of  Brand  Gille:e  among  the  entry  users  !   Rise  the  iden&fica&on  in  par&cular  of  the  POME  in  the  players  chosen  for  the  contest  ! Push  them  vo&ng  one  of  the  selected  players  on  the  website  through  an  holis&c  programme/plan  that  lasts  over  the  whole  contest  
  23. 23. CAMPAIGN  2008  ! Adv  television  to  point  out  the  characters  close  to  the  products  ! Realiza&on  of  4  short  viral  videos  of  each  player  ! Crea&on  of  4  MySpace  profiles  in  order  to  increase  the  intera&on  with  the  target  !   Opening  of  a  Facebook  group  to  support  the  campaign  ! Structure  used  also  in  other  countries  for  the  same  contest    
  24. 24. CAMPAIGN  2009  !   Strong  Adv  television  in  associa&on  with  the  new  razor  !   Penetra&on   on   Facebook   with   a   specific   group  for  the  contest  !   Crea&on   of   a   viral   video   on   Youtube   (“Il  Monotriangolare”)   to   exploit   the   skills   of   the  three  players  !   Spread   of   three   short   viral   video   (one   for   each  contender)   linking   thier   ac&vity   with   Gille:e  products  !   Realiza&on   of   a   advergame   on   internet   and  Facebook  based  on  the  Monotriangolare  idea  
  25. 25. CAMPAIGN  2010  ! Par&cular  focus  of  the  strategy  on  the  web  2.0  with  the  transforma&on  of  a  normal  PR  campaign  in  a  digital  ini&a&ve    !   Contest   launch   with   a   web   press   conference   in   which   were   involved   55  italian  journalists  and  bloggers  !   Strong  ac&vity  of  media  rela&ons  on  and  off-­‐line  ! Viral  videos  with  the  three  players  and  spread  of  short  videos  linked  to  the  Gille:e  products  like  in  2009  ! Crea&on   of   an   advergame   put   on   Facebook   and   opening   of   the   official  italian  Gille:e  (7.088  fan  during  the  first  two  months)  !   Awards  Ceremony  made  thourgh  a  classic  press  conference  followed  by  50  partecipants,  with  Marco  Materazzi  as  special  guest,  and  live  updates  plus  photostreaming  on  the  Facebook  page  
  26. 26. •  In  Italy  smartphone  possess  between  15  and  24  years  old  people  is  ge2ng  close  to  tradi&onal  mobile  phone  possess.  Source:  Nielsen  Mobile  Media  2010  (Featured  Insight  )    Italy  has  the  most  smartphone  penetra&on  between  15  and  24  years  old  than  other  Countries    Why  smartphone  app?  
  27. 27. COSTS/1  Tensile structure 77,5 mq 7.800€15 rental vans 1.050€10 rental table football 500€10 maxi stickers 200€Catering for 100 people 5.000€15 people staff 1.050€TOTAL 15.600€LAUNCH EVENTRental FrecciaRossa hall 3.000€10 people staff 500€Piccinini presence 1.500€Catering for 100 people 5.000€TOTAL 10.000€AWARD CEREMONYApp Smartphone 25.000€30.000 stickers with free Qrcode 4.500€TOTAL 29.500€OTHERSSet 55.000€Rental proiectors + people 40.000€Rental 8 cameras + 8 people 15.000€Post-production 25.000€Director 5.000€Art Director 2.500€Make up artist 1.000€Editor 1.500€TOTAL 145.000€VIDEOCLIP REALIZATION25 metres tall inflatables (6 in total) 15.000€3 rental kiosks 1.200€10 maxi stickers 200€6 people staff 420€66 tickets stadium + benefits 3.300€TOTAL 20.120€EVENT AT THE STADIUMS
  28. 28. COSTS/2  Gazzetta dello SportSportMediasetTuttoMercatoWeb 4 days at the end of september and 4 days at the beginning of decemberPLANNING INTERNET BANNERSDay launch and 06/11/1120-21/09/11 for Milan - Udinese and 15-16/10/11 for Atalanta - UdineseDays Costs500.000 Gazzetta dello Sport app downloaded 2 50.000€250.000 SportMediaset app downloaded 2 25.000€TOTAL 75.000€SMARTPHONE BANNERS (ESTIMATES)Costs2 days on Gazzetta dello Sport (50 € for 1000 impressions) 50.530€4 days on SportMediaset (50 € for 1000 impressions) 48.440€8 days on TuttoMercatoWeb (35 € for 1000 impressions) 45.540€TOTAL 144.510€INTERNET BANNERS910.127Unique Contacts per day (Audiweb 2010)505.293242.196162.638
  29. 29. TOTAL  COSTS  Launch event 15.600€Event at the stadium 20.120€Videoclip realization 145.000€Award ceremony 10.000€Internet banners 144.510€Smartphone banners 75.000€Others 29.500€TOTAL 439.730€RESUME
  30. 30. CONTACTS/1  Internet site Unique audience month (Audiweb 2010) Banner life Forecast viewersGazzetta dello Sport 298.000 2 days 48.000Sport Mediaset 160.000 4 days 25.000Tutto Mercato Web 210.000 8 days 37.000TOTAL 668.000 14 days 110.000UNIQUE BANNER CONTACTS CORE TARGETInternet site Unique contacts per day (Audiweb 2010) Banner life Forecast ViewersGazzetta dello Sport 505.000 2 days 252.500Sport Mediaset 242.000 4 days 242.000Tutto Mercato Web 162.000 8 days 324.000TOTAL 909.000 14 days 818.500BANNER CONTACTS
  31. 31. CONTACTS/2  Viewers45.00020.00020.000TOTAL 85.000GUERRILLA STADIUM CONTACTS (06/11/2011)Atalanta - SienaGiuseppe MeazzaFriuliAtleti Azzurri dItaliaMatch StadiumMilan - CataniaUdinese - CagliariYoutube Smartphone Launch event Award ceremony500.000 150.000 25.000 10.000OTHER CONTACTS
  32. 32. TOTAL  CONTACTS  Internet banner 818.000Smartphone banner 150.000Guerrilla stadium 85.000Youtube 500.000Launch event 25.000Award ceremony 10.000TOTAL 1.588.000TOTAL CONTACTS