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Full presentation of the League of Romanian Students Abroad: mission, objectives, projects, results.

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League of Romanian Students Abroad_Full Presentation_PPT_EN

  1. 1. 1. About LSRS a. LSRS: Mission, Vision, and Principles b. LSRS Highlights c. LSRS in numbers d. LSRS Strategic Directions 2. LSRS Projects 3. LSRS Members 4. LSRS Social Media Annex: LSRS in few images Summary
  2. 2. 1. About LSRS
  3. 3. The League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS) offers an open framework for dialogue and action to Romanian students and graduates of universities around the world. LSRS promotes the initiative, professionalism and solidarity of its members, as valuable representatives of Romania, and a positive attitude for their return to Romania in the long-term. The main objective of LSRS is to promote the academic, professional, social, civic, and cultural rights and interests of its members, and to catalyze their contribution to the development of Romania. LSRS is an independent, apolitical, non-profit organization. LSRS’ Mission 4
  4. 4. LSRS’ Vision LSRS BELIEVES IN... The value, strength, and potential of a solid community of Romanian students and graduates from around the world. Every Romanian’s chance to pursue the best education available. The potential of its members to transform Romania. AND SEEKS TO... Form a strong community of Romanian students and graduates, and facilitate their contribution to Romania's long-term development. 5
  5. 5. LSRS’ Principles: VIPS 6
  6. 6.  January 8, 2009: LSRS is officially founded and launched, becoming the first organization that aims to unite Romanian students and graduates from around the world. There are 20.000+ Romanian students abroad (UNESCO) and their numbers are growing fast  March 12, 2009: LSRS and the Romanian Senate sign a Memorandum. It is the first time when a Romanian institution recognizes the strategic importance of the community of Romanian students and graduates from around the world  March 2009: Events organized by LSRS Branches for local Romanian student communities begin: conferences, book releases, expositions, Romanian movie nights, December 1st (National Day), contests, etc. 50+ events all over the world each year  Summer of 2009: Caravana LSRS goes through Romania, offering free, hands-on training sessions to high school and college students interested in studying abroad. Between 2009 and 2012, the LSRS Caravan visits 30+ cities in Romania and offers support to 5.000+ young Romanians LSRS Highlights (1) 7
  7. 7.  January 2010: LSRS organizes the Gala of Romanian Students Abroad, the first and only event dedicated exclusively to the recognition of the merits of Romanian students from around the world. Each year, the Gala attracts over 500 Romanian students from top universities, along with notable representatives of Romanian society (professors, public servants, entrepreneurs, bankers, journalists, civic society activists, etc.)  May 2011: LSRS launches GoStudy, the most complex, free academic consultancy program for Romanians interested in studying abroad. Included services: Mentorship, Experience Sharing, Caravana LSRS, Wiki LSRS portal (operational since 2009). Thousands of young Romanians come to LSRS as a first step to their successful admission at top universities abroad  August 12-15, 2011: LSRS gathers at Forumul România Jună (Young Romania Forum), with support from the Romanian National Bank, 300+ emerging and senior experts. After three days of debates, they sketch a vision for Romania in 2030, the first of its kind. The event celebrates 140 years since the First Congress of Romanian Students Everywhere (held in Putna, 1871) LSRS Highlights (2) 8
  8. 8.  January 2012: LSRS’ official launch of C.A.E.S.A.R. (Center for Accessing the Expertise of Students and Alumni from Romania) – a think tank that reunites Romanian experts from all over the world. C.A.E.S.A.R.’s purpose is to unite the global community of Romanian experts in a joint effort aimed at promoting the sustainable development of Romania.  June-July 2012: The first two C.A.E.S.A.R. Colloquia: Environment 2030, in partnership with the National Forest Association, and HiTech, held at the Romanian Banking Institute. Over 200 young professionals discuss several strategic topics: natural disasters management, IT, and cyber security.  June 28-29, 2012: LSRS organizes Hai Acasă! - its first major career-focused event, fully dedicated to Romanian students and graduates of foreign universities. 200+ LSRS members and top employers take part. Corporate partners included: Deloitte, UniCredit iriac Bank, BRD, McKinsey & Co., GrȚ oup Renault Romania, Genpact, Bestjobs, the Competition Council, and many more. LSRS Highlights (3) 9
  9. 9.  January 2013: LSRS launches SMART Diaspora, a national-level strategy for supporting Romania’s brain regain. The strategy, based on the experience of other countries and drawing from open debates organized in 15 LSRS Branches around the world, aims at transforming Romania into an attractive career destination, facilitating the return of Romanians abroad to Romania, supporting their integration into Romania’s public and private sectors, and consolidating Romania’s relationships with its Diaspora.  May 2013: LSRS launches two projects dedicated to Romanian students and graduates of foreign universities: SMART Internships, a program of internships in public institutions (the first of its kind), and the second edition of the Hai Acasă! carrer event.  June-October 2013: LSRS organizes two more C.A.E.S.A.R. Colloquia: Tourism in Romania 2030, in partenership with Young SKAL Bucharest, and The Romanian Cultural Entrepreneurship at Home and Abroad, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department for Romanians Abroad.  2014: LSRS continues the implementation of its landmark activities: the Gala of Romanian Students Abroad, Hai Acasă!, SMART Internships, Caravana LSRS, GoStudy LSRS, projects in all LSRS Branches, and C.A.E.S.A.R. projects. LSRS Highlights (4) 10
  10. 10. 5 years of LSRS... in numbers  8.500+ LSRS members – students and graduates from over 50 countries  300+ active LSRS volunteers  37 LSRS branches all over the world  18.000+ LSRS fans (Facebook)  50.000+ total reach social media (Facebook, Blogs, Forum, Twitter)  500.000+ LSRS online visitors (lsrs.ro, wiki.lsrs.ro, gostudy.lsrs.ro)  10.000+ offline LSRS projects’ beneficiaries every year (Branches events, Gala, Caravana, C.A.E.S.A.R., Hai Acasă!, career events) 11
  11. 11. LSRS’ Vision: Synthesis CORE: Gala, Caravana, GoStudy, Hai Acasă!, C.A.E.S.A.R., National Day, Legal advisory services Secondary: Vary from year to year (max. 3) -Diaspora’s organizations -Romanian NGOs -Student Organizations -Romanian Embassies -Romanian decision-makers -Corporate environment -Media -Press releases -Advertising campaigns -Conferences -Young Romania Forum -C.A.E.S.A.R (Cocktails, MeMo, etc.) -Recruiting -HR Management and internal communication -Financing (LSRS+, 2%, project-based fundraising) -Branches
  12. 12. ICE: LSRS’ strategic directions Communit y Membership Branches www.lsrs.ro LSRS Online Forum Legal advisory Global projects Social media Education wiki.lsrs.ro Caravana LSRS Experience Sharing Mentorship Caravana LSRS Face2Facebook Impact Hai Acasă! C.A.E.S.A.R. LSRS Gala Business Consulting Young Romania Forum SMART Diaspora 13
  13. 13. 2. LSRS Projects
  14. 14. Major LSRS projects and programs LSRS Branches and Subsidiaries
  15. 15. Gala of Romanian Students Abroad  Description: The Gala is the major event celebrating the exceptional accomplishments of the best Romanian students abroad. The President of the Romanian Academy chairs the Jury every year. The event gathers hundreds of Romanian students and graduates from around the world and important personalities of Romanian society  Date: Yearly (January 8)  Location: Bucharest  Beneficiaries & impact: 500+ Romanian students and graduates from 30+ countries. Public recognition for the best Romanian students of the year. Hundreds of media appearances and involvement of the most important decision-makers in the country (the President, the Government, the Parliament, major companies, civil society, mass-media) 16
  16. 16. LSRS – a global organization  Description: Every year, LSRS branches and subsidiaries around the world organize 50+ projects targeting local communities of students and graduates  Examples: Conferences and panels, expositions and book launches, Romanian movie nights, contests, National Day celebrations, cultural evenings, useful information guides for students, social events  Location: 37+ LSRS Branches (dark green) and LSRS subsidiaries (light green)  Beneficiaries & impact: 10.000+ young Romanians. Our programs are aimed at consolidating young Diaspora communities, promoting a positive image for Romania, solving problems specific to international students (visa, housing, legal issues, etc.) 17 LSRS Branches and Subsidiaries
  17. 17. Hai Acasă!  Description: Hai Acasă! is a career platform for young Romanians abroad interested in professional opportunities in Romania. Hai Acasa! connects top employers from the local market and Romanian human capital from around the world  Components: Annual event (job fair, employee presentations, training seminars) & online platform  Location: Bucharest, Romania & global  Beneficiaries & impact: 5000+ eligible LSRS members, top employers from Romania. The program promotes the transfer of skills and global expertise toward Romania, in the long run 18
  18. 18. Business Consulting Case Study Event (BCCSE)  Description: BCCSE is an annual recruiting event for top graduates, who are selected based on a case study competition. The graduates solve case studies in teams and are evaluated by representatives of top recruiting companies in real time. The case studies come from top universities (HBS, Stanford GSB, and others)  Date and location: Annual event, Bucharest  Beneficiaries & impact: 20-30% of participants receive job offers (for full-time positions, part-time or summer internships). Participants are pre- screened by LSRS. The event can be adapted to various fields (consultancy, banking, marketing, communication, media, information technology, and others) based on the partner companies’ preferences 19
  19. 19. Caravana LSRS  Description: Caravana is a major annual project enabling Romanian students and graduates from abroad to hold free workshops in Romanian high schools and universities. This program offers direct counseling to all students interested in studying abroad  Date: Annual (summer/fall)  Location: 30+ Romanian cities  Beneficiaries & impact: 5000+ beneficiaries from Romanian high schools and universities. Caravana brings essential information about studying abroad to young Romanian people from all over the country. The event puts the students in direct contact with peers who have already succeeded in the admission process to top universities 20
  20. 20. GoStudy Platform  Description: GoStudy is the most comprehensive collection of free counseling services for Romanians interested in studying abroad: - Mentorship program: Every year, 150+ Romanian students and graduates from abroad help high- school graduates prepare their admission files (essays, standardized tests, required documents, etc.) - Wiki LSRS: The largest online portal with information about studying abroad, from current to future students. Over 1.700.000 visits since its launch - Caravana Face2Facebook: The online version of Caravana LSRS, including virtual Q&As and free seminars  Beneficiaries & impact: 150.000+ beneficiaries of GoStudy LSRS services. The services are free and accessible to everybody interested, worldwide 21
  21. 21. C.A.E.S.A.R. – Center for Accessing the Expertise of Students and Alumni from Romania www.caesar-romania.eu  Description: C.A.E.S.A.R. is a think tank for Romanian experts from around the world. It is a growth platform for young researchers, a recognition platform for Romanian experts from home and abroad, and a knowledge platform in areas that constitute priorities for Romania’s future.  Project: Networking events, high-level conferences, colloquia, specialized surveys, global academic collaborations, publications, advocacy, social impact campaigns  Location: Global  Beneficiaries & impact : 1.000+ young experts are part of the C.A.E.S.A.R. network. C.A.E.S.A.R. generates public policy recommendations, long- term strategies, and white papers of national interest. 22
  22. 22. C.A.E.S.A.R. Colloquia  Environment 2030: This colloquium was organized in partnership with the National Forestry Association. Its main objective was to produce a management strategy for natural disasters in Romania until 2030  HiTech: This colloquium was organized in partnership with the Romanian Banking Institute, covering two key topics: the development of Romania’s IT industry and cyber security. Participants included entrepreneurs, IT experts, CTOs, investors, and professors  Location: Romania & global  Beneficiaries & impact : 100+ emerging experts (per colloquium) generated public strategies and policies for decision-makers in Romania 23
  23. 23. C.A.E.S.A.R. Colloquia  Tourism in Romania 2030: This colloquium was organized in partenership with Young SKAL Bucharest. The group of experts had the objective of drawing a public policy strategy for the promotion and development of Romania’s tourism until 2030  Romanian Cultural Entrepreneurship at H ome and Abroad: This colloquium brought together successful Romanian entrepreneurs from the culture sector, entrepreneurs interested in investing in Romanian culture, and young Romanians seeking to pursue a career in this field  Location: Romania & global  Beneficiaries & impact : 100+ emerging experts (per colloquium) generated public strategies and policies for decision-makers in Romania 24
  24. 24. Spotlight: România Jună (Young Romania Forum)  Description: Forumul România Jună (Young Romania Forum), organized in Bucharest under the auspices of the Romanian National Bank, defined the young generation’s vision for Romania in 2030 – a first effort of its kind. 300+ experts in 10 expertise groups discussed, over the span of three days, the priorities, obstacles, and opportunities for Romania by 2030.  Beneficiaries & impact: The first major forum focused on defining a long-term vision for Romania (2011-2030). The conclusions are published in „Programul România Jună: România în 3Decenii” and were presented at the 2012 Gala. Many NGOs and political parties adopted the recommendations expressed at the Forum 25
  25. 25. 3. LSRS Members
  26. 26. 8.500+ LSRS members (2014) Data about LSRS members (1) 27 Students Graduates PhD or postdoctoral courses Other university programs Economics and management IT and engineering Law and criminology Human studies Marketing and communication Architecture, art, and drama Veterinary medicine, biology, and biotechnology Distribution of the types of university programs of LSRS members Majors chosen by LSRS members
  27. 27. Data about LSRS members (2) Continents 28 Europe (top 8) North America Europe Asia Africa North America South America Oceania Great Britain Denmark Italy Spain France Germany Netherlands Austria United States of America Canada
  28. 28. 4. LSRS Social Media
  29. 29. LSRS Social Media 1 2 4 5 6 7 3 30
  30. 30. 8.500+ membrs 100.000+ annual visitors Article posting in the News section, visible on homepage Advertising opportunities: partner logo (dynamic display on the homepage and separate listing in the Partners section) www.lsrs.ro1 31
  31. 31.  lsrs.ro/forum  4.000+ monthly visitors  8.500+ members  2.000 threads  5.000 posts Advertising opportunities: announcement and debates on topics of interest to partners and the community LSRS Forum2 32
  32. 32.  LSRS – 17.500+ fans; 25.000+ total weekly reach  LSRS Group – 5.500+ members  LSRS Branches – 20+ groups (5.000+ members) Advertising opportunities: announcements on one or more LSRS pages LSRS Facebook3 33
  33. 33. LSRS Blogs: blog.lsrs.ro, gostudy.lsrs.ro4  LSRS Blog: 1.000+ monthly visitors  GoStudy LSRS: 2.000+ monthly visitors Advertising opportunities: announcements on one or more LSRS blogs 34
  34. 34. Hai Acasă! platform5  Hai Acasă! – Professional opportunities portal, available to all LSRS members (8.500+) and to the wider public  LSRS “headhunting”: customized recruiting effort, based on employers’ needs Advertising opportunities: career ads, customized recruiting, partner’s logo 35
  35. 35. Wiki LSRS6  Wiki LSRS: 1.786.174 views (January 2014)  1.247 pages  39.717 edits  12.722 registered users Advertising opportunities: Post ad on one or more pages of Wiki LSRS, if relevant 36
  36. 36. LSRS Newsletter7  Monthly newsletter sent to 8.500+ members  Also available on LSRS’ website, under the Resources/Newsletter section Advertising opportunities: ads, articles, and interviews in the LSRS Newsletter 37
  37. 37. Appendix: LSRS in a few images
  38. 38.  Magna cum Laudae, Harvard University. Highest Honors in art history  PhD in French and Japanese Art from Columbia University, New York, recipient of the Columbia Teaching Fellowship, the Jill MacCormick Fellowship, and the Alliance Program Doctoral Mobility Grant. As a researcher, Sonia published in contemporary art magazines and presented at international conferences  As an artist, poet, and playwright, she had seven solo exhibitions and dozens of group exhibitions, received 12 literary awards, and has been published in dozens of magazines and anthologies (in English, Italian, Japanese, Croatian, Russian, and Hindi) "It is an honor to receive this recognition from such a distinguished jury. This award encourages me to go further on the path that I have chosen and continue to try to do well what I am doing. I am impressed by the mission and the excellent work of the League of Romanian Students Abroad and I support the professionalism and enthusiasm this organization encourages. An event like the LSRS Gala builds a relationship of trust between young people and Romanian society" Sonia Cristina Coman Grand Prize Winner Best Romanian Student in the World 2014 LSRS Gala Gala of Romanian Students Abroad
  39. 39. • Post-doctoral fellow, Department for Neurobiology, Stanford University • Fellow of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt • Post-doctoral fellowship from the International Brain Research Organization, with the distinction "Outstanding“ • "Sammy Kuo" Award for Excellence in Neuroscience Research • Award for Innovative Post-doctoral Research in the Standford Faculty of Medicine "I feel very honored to receive this award. I would like to thank the jury and League of Romanian Students Abroad (...). All these Romanians educated abroad have to contribute to the renewal of academic ranks and politics. I sincerely thank you for this award and I congratulate all the winners of this Gala." Sergiu Pa caș Grand Prize Winner Best Romanian Student in the World 2013 LSRS Gala Gala of Romanian Students Abroad
  40. 40.  Post-doctoral researcher at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, expert in Natural Language Processing  European PhD with highest mark (10), given by a commission of 9 highly respected members of the European Commission  Author of over 50 publications. From 2010, head organizer of the Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis "It is a wonderful feeling to see that my efforts, which have been rewarded abroad, are also appreciated at home. It is a great honor to receive this award, especially when I know that there are many Romanians abroad who have exceptional results. Ambition, dedication, perseverance, and excellence, which we acquired through the Romanian schooling system, are truly some of the highest attributes on our business cards when we go abroad." Alexandra Balahur–Dobrescu Grand Prize Winner Best Romanian Student in the World 2012 LSRS Gala Gala of Romanian Students Abroad
  41. 41.  Magna cum Laude from Mount Holyoke College, USA, specialized in biochemistry. High Honors for thesis in quantic chemistry  PhD in cellular and chromosomal biology at Cornell University. Research focused on trying to understand the mechanisms which trigger cancer. Publication record includes articles in Science magazine “The award I received this evening represents a great honor. I am delighted that someone from my country appreciates my work and I am also delighted that those who appreciate my work are people whom I greatly respect and admire. So far, my work has been appreciated more by people from around the world, and less by Romanians. When I found out about the League’s mission and saw the quality of the people who are leading it… I knew that Romania has a chance.” Cristina Ghenoiu Grand Prize Winner Best Romanian Student in the World 2011 LSRS Gala Gala of Romanian Students Abroad
  42. 42. "My desire is for those who study abroad to stay in touch with their country, to return here, to bring their experiences and knowledge back here. I would like to see those who return to their country bring with them new mentalities and new ideas, which we all need so much. The meeting this evening and all I have heard here gives me more reason to hope and be optimistic and to support my fellow peers who are studying or have finished their studies abroad. I would wish that they remain patriotic and love their country wherever they may choose to stay, and I hope that most of them will return to help it as much as those who now reside in it. Through you we can improve the image of this country and the need for people like you is stringent in this country. We await, we await, we await you.” Prof. Dr. Ionel Haiduc President of the Romanian Academy President of LSRS Gala Jury Gala of Romanian Students Abroad
  43. 43. The Youth Romanian Forum "The organizers’ interest in encouraging Romanians who study abroad to return to Romania after graduation drew my attention. If this objective gains strength, it will be the ultimate proof of your generation’s desire to take responsibility for Romania's future. The 1848 generation, which envisaged and achieved the Union of the Romanian Principalities, was inspired and led by young visionaries who returned home after studying abroad. I like to believe that today’s meeting represents a real engagement for its organizers, and a fruitful event for the Romania of today and of tomorrow. I salute LSRS’ initiative to collaborate with student organizations back home. This forum may be the project that will transform this collaboration from an occasional one to a permanent one, that will give it the power of influence and action." Prof. Dr. Mugur Isărescu Governor of Romania’s National Bank The Young Romania Forum Opening
  44. 44. Caravana LSRS Testimonials from participants at LSRS’s Caravana “The students who made the presentation explained everything in a pleasant manner and we were able to understand their message and assimilate all the information they provided for us.” “The type of information we were given is what made the difference, we understood much better what studying abroad is all about, and we learned a lot about opportunities we didn’t know existed. You made me curious to find out more and to discover where I might go for my studies.” “It is useful and important to learn from other Romanian students who studied abroad and I believe that this Caravan should be organized all over the country, because there are so many students who would love to learn more about the topics that you covered.” “I was very much looking forward to the Caravan’s arrival in our town; I’ve been thinking for a while now about studying abroad, in the US or the UK. The speakers were keen to help us understand the advantages and disadvantages of studying in a specific country.” “The presentations were very useful and interesting and I believe that it is an advantage for us to know the opportunities that we have and to learn from other people’s experiences.”
  45. 45. Hai Acasă! LSRS’ Career Fair
  46. 46. Whyus? Because we care about Romania’s future Because we take responsibility for a better tomorrow Because we are young, capable and motivated Because we can bring authentic change Because „everything that is through us,
  47. 47. Contact person Adina Vin anț Executive Director adina.vintan@lsrs.ro +40 722 697 550