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Food grown in nutrient deficient soil lacks the essential elements that our bodies need to stay healthy. Studies show that the nutritional values in food have declined at an alarming rate. These declining nutritional values coupled with the loss of essential minerals lead to malnutrition which can lead to disease.

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The Way To Wellness

  1. 1. The Way to WellnessBetter Nutrition For Healthy Living This article is for informational purpose only and not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
  2. 2. Health ChallengesWe face numerous health challenges each and every dayand it gets worse with each passing year.It’s more challenging than ever to provide the bodywith the nutrition it needs.Preventative healthcare is more effective and moreaffordable than crisis medicine.
  3. 3. Nutrient DeficientStudies confirm that over the last 50 years we’ve seensignificant declines in the nutrient content of our food.Protein (-6%), Calcium (-16%)Phosphorus (-9%), Iron (-15%),Riboflavin (-38%), Vitamin C (-20%)Broccoli lost 63% of its nutritional value.Food grown in nutrient deficient soil lacks the essentialelements that our bodies need to stay healthy.
  4. 4. Eye Opening Facts1 in 3 Americans will get cancer in their lifetime and 1in 4 will die from it.The number one killer in America is Hearth disease.Millions are affected by various immune systemdisorders.Chronic fatigue affects an estimated 5.8 million people.Type 2 diabetes has doubled in the last 30 years.
  5. 5. How Can We Restore Good Health?Supplementation - 35% of Americans takenutritional supplements.Since we can’t rely upon our fresh produce you andyour family will benefit by adding nutritionalsupplements to your daily diet.What kind of supplements?
  6. 6. Liquid Dietary Supplements Liquids have distinct advantages: Highly absorbable - liquid products get to the right parts of our body quickly and are naturally easier to process making them ideal. Convenience - liquid supplements taste great and are easy to digest. Especially great for kids and people who have difficulty swallowing pills.
  7. 7. Nourish YourselfYour body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself backinto balance.Feed your body the right things and nourish it all theway to wellness. Learn How Email: | Tel: (424) 248-8055
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