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Seattle Youth Commission 2009-2010 Youth Violence Presentation

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  • Youth violence affects everyone. If people are not aware of the problems with youth violence, there is no way to stop the cycle.Based on statistical evidence from the Student Peace Alliance, Prevention – meaning we want to stop the cycle of violence before it starts.
  • Family first aid organization History of gang involvement – family, friends, or other associatesLack of parental involvement – parents don’t know where their kids areLow emotional connection – not adequate trust or dependencyA poor functioning family - fights, agression
  • Youth Voices gathered at community meetings in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Ballard, and Central areas.Youth Input gathered in our schools and communities.InterviewsMariko LockhartSue GoodwinJeron GatesNicole FranklinCassie: “To collect research on youth violence, we gathered youth voices from community meetings held in the northeast, southeast, southwest, ballard, and central areas; youth input in our schools and communities; and we sent out interviews to marikolockhart, sue goodwin, jeron gates, and nicolefranklin, all who are executives working with youth violence prevention. “
  • Cassie: “our primary question is…”
  • - Mention that it is detailed more in the briefingMothers tend to play a greater role in a child's life. We would like to increase the presence of a male role model.Throughout this process, we have worked closely with the Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. Rather than attempting to re-create a program that has already been initiated, we have conducted interviews and found that adding a Young Father’s Coalition would be most beneficial to the initiative. The coalition would be held at community centers around Seattle in areas most prone to violence. Food would be provided for the young father’s and a volunteer from an organization would lead the discussions.
  • Violence Prevention GoalCreate a place for young fathers to talk openly, celebrate the role they play, and learn from each other.Serve families of youth placed at risk while strengthening relationships between parents and teens.Endan ongoing cycle of poor leadership and violence.Partner with organizations - Seattle parks and recreation (programming space)(church groups, programs, and councils) Flecia: make sure that when you mention the organizations, you say that it is where we our getting our volunteers from. They share the same core values.
  • Youth violence affects everyone regardless of race. If we are going to help prevent youth violence, we need to support fathers in providing a positive foundation and childhood for their children. A young father’s coalition will help to strengthen connections between fathers and children, help to create stronger families and support system for teens.
  • Youth Violence Prevention presentation

    1. 1. Seattle Youth Commission 2010Youth Violence Prevention<br />Yongyong Li, CasandraBarojas, <br />ZabiaColovos, Samuel Fentahun, FleciahMburu<br />
    2. 2. Overview<br />Issue<br />Youth Violence<br />Back-story<br />Research<br />Interviews<br />Solution<br />Active partnership proposal<br />
    3. 3. What is the Issue?<br /><ul><li>Youth Violence
    4. 4. 5,686 youth nationally from ages 10-24 were murdered in 2005.
    5. 5. How to deal with prevention rather than intervention
    6. 6. Seattle youth programs are not focused on prevention
    7. 7. Programs appear to be focused on intervention</li></li></ul><li>Background<br /> Causes of youth violence begin primarily in the household<br />Lack of financial stability<br />History of gang involvement<br />Lack of parental involvement<br />Low emotional connection between parents and child<br />A poorly functioning family<br />Lack of support from:<br />Parents<br />Teachers<br />Mentors<br />Peers<br />
    8. 8. Research<br />Youth Voices<br />Youth Input<br />Interviews<br />
    9. 9. Primary Question : Is there anything that should be added or fixed regarding the Youth Violence Prevention Initiative?<br />“…We also would like to be able to provide services and support to families of the youth we serve. It is challenging to work with youth without the capacity to address some of the issues they are dealing with at home.”<br /> - Mariko Lockhart<br /> “…Parks could jumpstart a citywide impact in creating broader ‘Beloved Communities’ focusing on youth placed-at-risk, strengthening families and developing a more seamless approach in programs. “<br /> - Sue Goodwin, Jeron Gates, & Nicole Franklin<br />
    10. 10. Active Prevention Proposal ‘Increase Male Involvement’ <br /><ul><li>Young Father’s Coalition
    11. 11. Young father’s between the age of 15 – 25
    12. 12. Father figures
    13. 13. Held at community centers
    14. 14. Meetings held every other week
    15. 15. Food/refreshments
    16. 16. Volunteer discussion leader
    17. 17. Why Young Father’s?
    18. 18. End the cycle of violence
    19. 19. Help create good role models for children
    20. 20. Men tend to be more violent</li></li></ul><li>Young Father’s Coalition<br />Violence Prevention Goal<br />Create<br />Serve<br />End<br />Recommended steps for implementation<br />Partner with organizations with core values to supporting fathers and families to create a volunteer base.<br />Work closely with Seattle Parks and Recreation<br />Formalize program as part of Seattle YVPI <br />
    21. 21. Budget<br />Seattle’s Youth Violence Prevention Initiative is allotted $3,936,719. $730,031 are currently unspent.<br />Reallocate $25,000 per year from YVPI to fund the Young Father’s Coalition.<br />$25,000 covers the following costs:<br />Venue (cost would be reduced if held in a Seattle Parks Community Center) <br />Young Father’s Coalition Discussion leader/mentor (Volunteer)<br />Young Father’s Coalition Coordinator (Paid)<br />Outreach/Promotion materials – Multiple languages<br />Food/Refreshments/Celebrations<br />
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