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  • 488 companies – 2009 – 78% from Americas17% large, 31% mid size, 52% small50% of companies were high tech - Fair Assessment?Would you agree with these definitions?
  • How many feel these are accurate challenges? Any other challenges you feel are more precedent? Which one of the Top 5 will have the most impact on your ability to achieve your revenue #’s?


  • 1. 1 RECRUIT, HIRE, COACH, LEAD Seattle Sales Leadership Roundtable Co-Hosts:
  • 2. 2 Ground Rules:  Engage, Exchange, Interact  Create a safe environment  Respect confidentiality
  • 3. 3 Future Meetings  Participants  Hosts, Organizers  Meeting Location  Preferred Dates  Focus Topics [ Candidates ]  Performance Management  Sales Model & Organization  Connected Sales & Marketing  Hiring & Recruiting  Coaching & Training During our discussion we tentatively agreed to our next meeting date in early February. Several participants offered to host future meetings: - Adobe - Tableau - Quantum THANK YOU!
  • 4. 4 4 Agenda  Benchmark Performance  Case Studies – F5 Networks  Recruiting  Hiring & Retention  Diagnostic  Coaching*  Leadership*  Open Discussion  Action Steps *Due to time constraints, content from the “Coaching” and “Leadership” modules is not included in this deck and will be discussed at a future SSL Roundtable.
  • 5. How do you define World Class sales performance?  >87% of sales representatives are achieving quota  >17% year over year increase in sales revenue  >7% year over year improvement in lead conversion rate  Win/loss performance improvement of >6% year over year 5 Source: Aberdeen Group HOW DOES YOUR SALES TEAM MEASURE UP?
  • 6. 2013 Inside Sales Top 5 Challenges 6
  • 7. Paul Leto Director, Americas Inside Sales F5 HIRING AND RETENTION BEST PRACTICES
  • 8. F5 Americas Inside Sales Team 52 Inside Sales Representatives 4 Direct Inside Sales Managers 3 Inside Sales Systems Engineers 10 Reps Departed F5 in Last 3 Years 7 Reps Promoted Within F5 in Last 3 Years 11 Additive Headcount in Last 3 Years 3-4 Week Average Time to Fill Open Positions
  • 9. Identifying Candidates • Referrals from Internal F5 Employees • LinkedIn Searches by Managers • Shown Prior Interest in F5 • Former Candidates
  • 10. Prescreening Candidates 1. What attracted you to the company? 2. How does past experience relate to success with this position? 3. Brief overview of best job ever and why. 4. What would need to change with current employer to keep you there? 5. What do you expect to be doing in this job? 6. What life goals could you achieve through this position? 7. Where did you rank in last 2 sales positions? 1. What criteria are you using? 2. What could you have done to rank higher? 3. What specifically did you do that put you at (near) the top? 8. What is the minimum OTE that you would expect for an inside sales position?
  • 11. Retention Ideas • Develop tiers to provide mobility within role • I/II • Senior • Lead • Create training that advances knowledge • Offer opportunity to lead/participate in key projects • Request participation in feedback panels • Widely communicate “wins” • Career development effort • Show true passion for their success • Treat employees with respect and as professionals
  • 12. Future Topics – Candidates: 13 Topic Topic Facilitator Performance Management - Metrics, KPIs and Performance Measurement Sales Management Career Development - Empowerment & Delegating - Promoting Reps into Manager/Lead Roles Josh Vitello/Tableau Connected Sales & Marketing Coaching & Training Tres Cozine/dotAIN Tools & Technology for Sales Scott Franklin/Quantum Incentive Compensation Design Managing Millennials Cathleen Poissant Overlay Model – Segmentation For Sales Kirk Johnson/Lenati Sales Metrics and Comp Structure Michelle McGowan/Adobe The Changing Role of Sales Aimie Vargas/Zift Solutions
  • 13. 14 THANK YOU! Seattle Sales Leadership Roundtable Co-Hosts: