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Aquent - Interviewing 101
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Aquent - Interviewing 101


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Interviewing 101
  • 2. Interviewing 101 Agenda • Know Yourself • Being Prepared • Types of Interviews • Interview Tips • Common questions – how to answer & what to ask • Questions?
  • 3. Interviewing 101 Know Yourself Before You Interview • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses • What is your passion? What drives you? • Don’t look for any job, look for the right job • What factors will you consider before accepting a job? • Challenge? Career path? Salary? Commute?
  • 4. Interviewing 101 The Boy Scouts had it right – Be Prepared • Do some research about: • The potential employer • The group • The manager • Do you know the latest news in your field? • Research yourself: • Your resume • Linked In
  • 5. Interviewing 101 Types of Interviews • Phone Screen • One-on-One • Panel Interview • Interview Loop • Who is your audience? • Staffing Recruiter • Corporate Recruiter • HR Representative • Hiring Manager • Potential Peers
  • 6. Interviewing 101 Acing the Phone Interview • Get out of the hammock • Be enthusiastic • Smile • Never interrupt • Avoid negative words • Take notes • Recap your fit for the job • Ask about next steps • Say thank you
  • 7. What should you do OR not do on the day of your interview?
  • 8. Interviewing 101 Day of the Interview – you should: • Be “scent” sensitive • Brush your teeth • No smoking • Know the dress code • If in doubt, always overdress (ask your agent) • Show up early, leave time for: • Traffic, parking, checking in with reception • Spit out your gum • Leave coffee, soda, water in your car • Turn off your cell phone
  • 9. Interviewing 101 RELAX! • No one is at their best in an interview • Interviews are a mutual exchange of information • The interviewer has a stake in your interview as well • Hiring managers are not necessarily great interviewers
  • 10. Interviewing 101 • Many employers ask “behavioral” questions • Take time to determine your answer • Slow Down! • Pay attention to the question and make sure you answer it • Do not ramble • Ask: “Did I answer your question?” Giving your best answer
  • 11. Interviewing 101 • Why are you leaving your current position? • Why are you interested in this position? • What is your ideal opportunity? • Where do you see yourself in five years? • Why are you interested in contracting? • Why should I hire you? • Give thought to these questions before you interview! Other common Questions
  • 12. Interviewing 101 • You’re prepared for what to say in the interview, but what do you say walking down the hall, in the elevator, etc….. • Be yourself • Start with “How are you?” Listen to the answer • If asked “How are you?”, don’t launch into ills, complaints or burdens. This leaves a bad first impression. • Error on the side of being too positive: “I’m great, thanks!”, “I’m excited to be interviewing for this position”, “I just had a great vacation”, etc. • Find a common thread and weave a rug out of personal connections. What else do I say to this person?
  • 13. Interviewing 101 • Don’t misrepresent your experience or skill level • If you’re a writer, bring writing samples • If you’re a designer, bring your portfolio • If you’re a project manager, bring a project plan, flow chart, or other deliverable you’ve created • Make it as easy as possible for someone to hire you! • Prepare and send thank you notes • Email is okay What else?
  • 14. Questions?