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Google adwords for nonprofits 20131229
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Google adwords for nonprofits 20131229


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How a non-profit can use Google Grants and Google AdWords to dramatically increase fundraising, volunteers and issue awareness

How a non-profit can use Google Grants and Google AdWords to dramatically increase fundraising, volunteers and issue awareness

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design

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  • Need to add:Case StudiesConclusion at end w graph & statsScreenshots of actual non-profit ads
  • Search clicks tend to be highly targeted & valuable, compared to, say, listens of a radio ad
  • Capped at (10,000/30) per day, and orgs can get up to 50,000 if they use it well
  • Hire a pro! But should know the basics anyway
  • Hire a pro! But should know the basics anyway
  • Also how to organize content.Edit to non-profit audience?
  • Hardto read
  • Hardto read
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1
    • 2. Who’s this Carl guy? • • • • • • Manage SEO/SEM/lead-automation campaigns for local and national businesses of over $120k/month, Board member/co-founder of the Seattle SEO Network Community organizer in area/industry Frequent poster and speaker on online marketing Experience as both an employee in agencies and non-agency environments as well as owning a small business give insight into the online marketing needs of business people of all stripes. Individually Google Analytics and AdWords certified, company is Google AdWords and Engage certified. 2
    • 3. Outline 1. Intro to Google AdWords 2. Intro to Google Grants 3. What can non-profits use it for? 4. Eligibility & applying 5. Setting up AdWords 6. Review 7. More resources
    • 4. What is Google AdWords? • Paid advertisements that appear at the top and to the right of search results on Your Nonprofit Imagine your nonprofit here, right when a user is searching for your cause. 4
    • 5. Search terms and ads • Advertisements are related to the search terms (“keywords”) you enter into Google (or Bing) 5
    • 6. How do AdWords ads work? • Users click on the ads that are relevant to their search query and are taken to the advertiser's website 6
    • 7. Google makes $ when a searcher clicks your ad and visits your site • Google charges you each time your ad is clicked • You set a maximum amount spent per click (bid) • You set the daily limit (budget) 7
    • 8. What is Google Grants? • Program created in 2003 • Provides nonprofits with up to $10,000 per month in free advertising on Google • Supports over 8,000 grantees • Donated over $800 million in free ads 8
    • 9. What can I do with AdWords? Organizations use their grants to: Solicit donations Recruit volunteers and staff Promote events Raise awareness of their mission or cause • ...and much more • • • • 9
    • 10. Google Grants 10
    • 11. Eligibility Groups must be • 501c(3) (or foreign equivalent) • Have quality website Cannot be • Political, hospital, school/university, gov‟t org • More than one URL (each requires separate GG application) Further restrictions • Must log in once/month • Cannot host ads on website • Cannot trigger Google‟s “For Profit” filter 11
    • 12. Applying Groups must be • Go to and follow instructions • After create GG account, create Adwords account, then paste AW # into final GG application form. THEN application completed. Will need • EIN • Preferably a branded email ( • Patience – Can take up to 3 mo for approval Other Google Freebies for non-profits: • YouTube for Non-Profits • Google Apps • One Today mobile fundraising 12
    • 13. Restrictions • • • • • • Daily budget of up to $330 ($10,000/mo) Maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) up to $2 Only keyword-targeted search ads Only on Must log-in once a month Must follow normal Adwords quality guidelines • Best to hire an agency or seek free expert help • AW will prompt you to add credit card data every time, but if entered, account switches to paid & cannot be switched back. New Adwords account will have to be created & account data transferred 13
    • 14. How do I use AdWords? 14
    • 15. Tips for Success 1. Structure the PPC account (& website content) in “buckets” aimed at your target market 2. Use keyword research tools to expand your list of core search terms 3. Use landing pages targeted to the visitor 4. Monitor account performance 5. Optimize 6. Get help! 15
    • 16. Structure ad campaigns hieratically 16
    • 17. Keyword Discovery Tool – Google Keyword Tool • Use the Keyword Tool to get new keyword ideas. Select an option below to enter a few descriptive words or phrases, or type in your website's URL. • Keep keyword lists focused, just 15-30 keywords per ad group. • Ideally, keywords should be present in the ad copy and the actual page content 17
    • 18. Ensure landing pages are tailored to each campaign Don‟t just drop this valuable traffic off at the site‟s homepage. Have a page with a focused message and clear call-to-action, such as a short email collection form: 18
    • 19. Flip the Switch 19
    • 20. Ongoing Optimization • Run multiple versions of ads and go through multiple trials • Move budget to higher performing campaigns – Restructure poorly performing campaigns • Keyword first – Place your keyword in the actual ad. Google will automatically bold it • Call to action – E.g. Donate Here, Volunteer Now, Sign Up Now • Punctuate the end of the first description line – Ads above the search results run across one line 20
    • 21. Review: Campaign Checklist 21
    • 22. Utilize Free Local Resources! 22
    • 23. Questions? 206.349.8112
    • 24. Optional Slides w Additional Info
    • 25. The power of online marketing • 94% of consumers research products online before buying and 60% use search engines as their go-to online shopping resource. – Source: 2010 Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Survey • 97% use online media when researching products or services in their local area. – Source: March 2010 BIA/Keisey Consumer Tracking Study • 75% who are looking for a store, price or product information search online before or during a shopping trip. – Source: 2010 Deloitte LLP Survey 25
    • 26. Benefits of online marketing • Make immediate changes – Keep your marketing efforts agile and responsive • Track real-time results – Measure the impact of your marketing as you go • Target specific demographics – Reach people interested in your services – Keeps prices down and effectiveness up • Scalability – Grow or shrink your ad reach to meet your needs 26
    • 27. The power of Google • 66.4% of Internet searches are done on Google – Source: comScore March 2012 U.S. Search Engine Rankings • 12,200,000,000 searches on Google in March 2012 – Source: comScore March 2012 U.S. Search Engine Rankings • Google had 44% of global Internet ad market in 2010 - more than Microsoft, Yahoo!, Facebook and AOL combined – Source: ZenithOptimedia report December 5th, 2011 27
    • 28. Benefits of Google • Market share – Google has a dominant portion of the ad market • Cost (especially for nonprofits!) – Free for nonprofits • Ads tied to keywords in searches – Connect with people as they are searching for you • Tools to measure the impact – Measure and optimize your ads in real time 28
    • 29. Keyword Match Types Use this match With this type... punctuation... Example broad match • To trigger your ad on... none synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations adopt kittens chicago broad match modifier +keyword close variations but not synonyms or related searches +adopt +kittens +chicago phrase match "keyword" a phrase "adopt kittens" chicago exact match [keyword] an exact term or phrase [adopt kittens chicago] negative match -keyword searches without -puppies the term 29
    • 30. Keyword Discovery Tool – Search Query Report • This report shows performance data for the search queries that triggered your ads & received clicks • Add keywords with high click volume to your list • Add negative keywords Example: the report shows your ad appeared on the keyword ‘volunteer army.’ Add –army as a negative keyword 30
    • 31. Many other Keyword Discovery Tools Finding new keywords to target is essential part of setting up and ongoing optimization on PPC campaign. Some ways to find more keywords: • Use competitive intelligence tool like SEMrush or Spyfu to find what your competitors are bidding on. • Look on your website‟s Site Search report • Manually inspect your competitors sites for ideas • Brainstorm! 31
    • 32. Measuring performance • Is my account performing well? – Review performance statistics for your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords 32
    • 33. How to identify problem areas 1 • Campaign Statistics – Sort data by Quality Score, Clickthrough Rate (CTR), and Cost – You may need to enable the Quality Score (QS) column in your account 1-4 is poor QS; 5-7 is okay; 8-10 is great! 33
    • 34. How to identify problem areas 2 • Campaign Statistics – Identify problem areas • „Poor‟ Quality Scores • CTRs below 1% • High-cost with poor Quality Score or low CTR – Target these areas for optimization CTR <1% & Poor QS so optimize! 34