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What's in My Keyword Research Ttoolbox


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Smx West 2014 Session #Smx #31C - What’S In My Keyword Research Toolbox By Christine Churchill @Keyrelevance Of Keyrelevance

Smx West 2014 Session #Smx #31C - What’S In My Keyword Research Toolbox By Christine Churchill @Keyrelevance Of Keyrelevance

Published in: Marketing
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  • 1. @ChrisChurchill What’s in My Keyword Research Toolbox? Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 1 Christine Churchill President, KeyRelevance @KeyRelevance @ChrisChurchill
  • 2. @ChrisChurchill • President of KeyRelevance, LLC • Member of Founding Board of Directors of Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) • Member of the Board of Directors of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Organization (DFWSEM) • Columnist at Search Engine Land & Web Marketing Today • Longtime Speaker & Instructor, Search Engine Strategies, PubCon, and Search Marketing Expo Conferences • Masters Degree and over 15 years online marketing experience Speaker: Christine Churchill Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC
  • 3. @ChrisChurchill Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 3 Three of My Favorite Keyword Tools • Searchmetrics • Google Trends • Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool
  • 4. @ChrisChurchill Searchmetrics It’s a suite of tools, not just one Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 4 Provides overview of: -Traffic, -Organic rankings, -Keywords, -PPC activity, -Links, -Universal search & -Social media activity Tabs allow you to go in depth on rankings, competitors, universal search, etc. Visibility timeline shows historical estimated traffic
  • 5. @ChrisChurchill Keyword Data Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 5 Shows what keywords are bringing traffic and keyword metrics Keyword groupings are quick way to identify categories of keywords. For example, Potential are keywords not on first page but close and have traffic potential
  • 6. @ChrisChurchill Keyword Rankings Potential Phrases – not in top 10 Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 6 Filter Capability allows easy sorting through large keyword lists
  • 7. @ChrisChurchill SEO Visibility Calculation that uses keyword search volume and ranking Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 7 Can compare visibility of multiple domains
  • 8. @ChrisChurchill Competitor Landscape Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 8 These numbers are hot links to keyword lists Shows relative size of competitors
  • 9. @ChrisChurchill Competitive Intelligence Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 9 Colorful visuals highlight details of keyword data: Allow you to quickly compare domains
  • 10. @ChrisChurchill Head-to-Head Keyword Comparison Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 10
  • 11. @ChrisChurchill Universal Search Insights Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 11 Shows what universal search elements site is using to get traffic Shows keywords targeted in videos and images
  • 12. @ChrisChurchill PPC Insights Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 12 Provides insights into competitors online strategies, their budgets, ads, & keywords Paid Visibility score is a measure of how frequently and prominently a domain appears in paid search results based on weekly data
  • 13. @ChrisChurchill Link Insights Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 13 Gives comprehensive link data on sites Can see most common anchor text, types of links, domains linking, etc
  • 14. @ChrisChurchill Social Insights Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 14 Shows activity on different social channels Can see where they are most active Can see the links that are being shared & liked
  • 15. @ChrisChurchill Keyword Research Insights Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 15 Shows keyword lists of similar and related keywords (note the link to long tail list of additional phrases) Shows keyword popularity & other metrics Also shows which sites are ranking for each term and if their position has moved
  • 16. @ChrisChurchill Searchmetrics Suite Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 16 Can set up “Projects” to monitor closely Can connect Analytics and GWT for deeper keyword information
  • 17. @ChrisChurchill Keyword Traffic Potentials Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 17 Identifies low- hanging keyword fruit. Reveals keywords that attract traffic and are ranking, but outside the top ten.
  • 18. @ChrisChurchill Content Optimization By Providing Site Optimization Tips & Identifying Co-Occurrence Terms Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 18
  • 19. @ChrisChurchill Searchmetrics Traffic Insights Tool - helps fill in “not provided” keyword data Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 19 Correlates traffic to keyword data so you can see which pages are attracting significant traffic or conversions. Makes it easy to analyze the performance of keywords which are ranking for those URLs. Helps you make better business decisions. Insights fills in some of the missing Not Provided keyword data because it maps keywords bringing traffic to performance.
  • 20. @ChrisChurchill Searchmetrics Summary Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 20
  • 21. @ChrisChurchill Google Trends Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 21 Ideal for: -Keyword trends -Comparing keywords -Estimating relative traffic -Seasonality or cyclic trends -Monitor Brand awarenessGoogle Trends shows "normalized" or relative level of interest for a keyword
  • 22. @ChrisChurchill Google Trends Offers Choice of Search, Geo-location, Time & Category Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 22
  • 23. @ChrisChurchill Google Trends Shows Geographic Source of Keywords Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 23 Geographical insights allow you to target the best phrase on a regional campaign Provides examples of top & rising phrases
  • 24. @ChrisChurchill Top Charts – Part of Trends Tool Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 24 Great for brainstorming ideas for new content ideas
  • 25. @ChrisChurchill Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 25 Gives quantitative measure of difficulty: - Allows you to quickly check competitive landscape - Can help you decide if your site can compete before committing resources
  • 26. @ChrisChurchill Difficulty Tool Shows Linkage Data of Ranking Sites Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 26 Shows you link metrics of ranking sites If you don’t have similar or better metrics you will have a hard time ranking for that term
  • 27. @ChrisChurchill Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 27 Thank You! Christine Churchill 972-429-1222 @KeyRelevance @ChrisChurchill