Tips For Setting Your PPC Program Up for Success Out of the Gate by Matthew Umbro

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Smx West 2014 Session #Smx #21B - Keeping Your Edge Sharp: Revisiting Fundamentals Of Paid Searchpresentation Tips For Setting Your Ppc Program Up For Success Out Of The Gate By Matthew Umbro …

Smx West 2014 Session #Smx #21B - Keeping Your Edge Sharp: Revisiting Fundamentals Of Paid Searchpresentation Tips For Setting Your Ppc Program Up For Success Out Of The Gate By Matthew Umbro @Matt_Umbro Of Exclusive Concepts

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  • 1. Setting Your PPC for Success Out of the Gate Matthew Umbro Director of Paid Search at Exclusive Concepts Founder of PPCChat March 12, 2014 Title #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 2. Agenda #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro • The Basics • Conversion Tracking • Campaign Settings • Keywords & Ad Copy • Sitelinks
  • 3. The Basics #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 4. The Basics #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 5. The Basics #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 6. The Basics #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 7. The Basics - Checklist #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro  Ensure Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Merchant Center accounts are linked  Set up auto tagging in AdWords  Tag Bing Ads URLs  Decide which notifications to receive – especially billing and disapproved ad alerts
  • 8. Conversion Tracking #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 9. Conversion Tracking #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 10. Conversion Tracking #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 11. Conversion Tracking #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 12. Conversion Tracking #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 13. Conversion Tracking - Checklist #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro  Decide whether to track all conversions or only unique  Set up unique conversions for each goal  If tracking revenue, include order subtotal variable in conversion codes  Test conversion code(s) are working before going live
  • 14. Quick Poll #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro Which setting (locations, ad schedule or devices) can have bid modifiers at the ad group level?
  • 15. Campaign Settings #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 16. Campaign Settings #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 17. Campaign Settings #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 18. Campaign Settings #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 19. Campaign Settings #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 20. Campaign Settings #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 21. Campaign Settings #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 22. Campaign Settings #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 23. Campaign Settings - Checklist #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro  Determine from the beginning whether you will target mobile devices and which operating systems (Bing Ads)  Add specific locations in order to view data directly in settings tab  Add Spanish as a targeted language for bilingual speakers  Accelerate your ad delivery while rotating ads indefinitely  Do turn on plurals, misspellings, and other close variants
  • 24. Keywords & Ad Copy #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro *Image from
  • 25. Keywords & Ad Copy #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro content/uploads/2008/02/worlds-biggest-negative-keyword-list.txt
  • 26. Quick Poll #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro How many of you write mobile ads differently from desktop ads (and I’m not just talking about checking off the mobile preference button)?
  • 27. Keywords & Ad Copy #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 28. Keywords & Ad Copy #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 29. Keywords & Ad Copy - Checklist #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro  Write at least 4 ads per ad group, 2 desktop and 2 mobile (mobile specific checked off)  Mobile ad description lines should be under 60 characters  Mobile ads should have clear and quick call to action (eg: Buy Now!, Fast Mobile Checkout!)  Bing Ads allows for 71 character description  At least 1 ad in every ad group should have an extended headline  All display URLs should use proper casing
  • 30. Sitelinks #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 31. Sitelinks #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 32. Sitelinks #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro
  • 33. Sitelinks - Checklist #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro  Write at least 6 sitelinks for every campaign  Write ad group level sitelinks for top impression ad groups  Write sitelink descriptions only for branded campaigns  Write desktop specific and mobile specific sitelinks  Desktop sitelinks should be no more than 22 characters and mobile sitelinks no more than 17
  • 34. Thank you! #SMX #21B @Matt_Umbro